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Digital marketing content writing examples

Content writing is one of the most important tasks in marketing. Many people think that this means just writing articles for blogs or websites. The idea is somewhat wrong. If you write a YouTube video script, it also falls into this category.

This article is mainly about marketing content. So if you want to know about online literature, academic discussions and journalistic content, then this is not applicable for you.

What is content writing?

The process of planning, writing and editing web content for the purpose of digital marketing is called content writing.

You can write web content in different formats. 

  1. Blog post
  2. Social media posts
  3. Video script
  4. Description of YouTube videos
  5. Copy of advertisement
  6. Copy of website
  7. Copy of landing page
  8. Email Newsletter
  9. Review
  10. White paper
  11. Case study
  12. Ebook
  13. Outline and script of the podcast

Note that there is a specific process for copying ads, websites and landing pages - Copy writing. Its purpose, type, and usage are very different from the other formats listed above. So there is no discussion on this in the present article.

Where does a content writer work?

  • Magazines and journals;
  • Online portals and commercial blogs;
  • Advertising agency;
  • Online marketplace;

Various TV channels now print daily news as well as other articles in their online versions. They usually collect these articles from freelance writers.

If you want to work independently, you can choose any online marketplace. For example, there are many opportunities to work as a content writer on popular sites like Freelancer or Fever.

Many organizations nowadays create content for branding purposes. They usually publish these content on social media and online. However, job opportunities are still limited in this case.

What is the future of content writing?

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Because content is needed first to ensure digital presence of anything or presence on the internet.

In 1998, Bill Gates said, "Content is king." That may be the case because many other jobs can be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence, but writing has not yet been possible.

How many types of writing work or content writing can there be?

There are different types of writing or content writing work. Notable among them are:

  1. SEO and content writing
  2. Web Content Writing
  3. Affiliate Content Writing
  4. Blog writing
  5. Technical content writing
  6. E-book writing
  7. Product review writing
  8. Product Description Writing
  9. Academic content writing
  10. Proofreading and editing
  11. Short article writing or snippet writing
  12. Rewriting
  13. Press release writing
  14. CV or resume writing
  15. Translation
  16. Transcription or text writing from audio and video
  17. Soft copywriting from any book or hard copy
  18. Company newsletter writing
  19. Company e-mail writing
  20. Company ad or brochure writing
  21. Script writing
  22. News content writing
  23. Summarization writing
  24. PowerPoint presentation writing etc.

Why is content writing important?

By writing good web content you 

  1. Keep an eye on potential target audiences,
  2. Gain the confidence of potential target audiences,
  3. Increase sales potential,
  4. Able to retain the trust of old customers.

As the number of Internet users grows, every business and brand wants to reach them with web content. As a content writer, you have a role to play in achieving that goal. For example, to improve the SEO of a website with content.

How to do good content writing?

  1. Adjust the purpose of the content
  2. Consider who is writing the content for
  3. Adjust the outline of the content
  4. Gather the necessary information about the content
  5. Stick to the main points of the content
  6. Write from your own style
  7. Write content that serves the target audience
  8. Keep the structure of the content clean
  9. Write content in simple language
  10. Read and edit your content again and again

1. Adjust the purpose of the content.

Before creating content you need to know what the target audience will get from your content. Then you can organize your writing with a specific purpose in mind. The purpose may be:

Inspire the target audience in any way

Helping the target audience learn something new

Resolve any issues with the target audience

Let's take a look at the Cambridge Dictionary's 'About Words' blog. It contains a lot of content on how English words and phrases can be used in different situations. The purpose is clear - to help people learn English.

2. Consider who is writing the content for.

With content you want to reach a specific target audience. So for those who are creating content, you need to have at least some idea about their likes and dislikes, needs and behaviors.

Keep these questions in mind when setting the target audience:

  1. What is the age limit of the target audience?
  2. What gender is the target audience?
  3. How much is the target audience likely to know about this?
  4. How can the target audience see this?

3. Adjust the outline of the content.

Make an outline of the content you are writing about. This will allow you to bring your key points in order. So it will take relatively less time.

Another advantage of creating an outline is that you will have a clear idea about the structure of your content.

Outline -

Divide the whole thing into several parts.

Write in one word what points will be in each part.

Suppose, you write a recipe. Your outline may be:

The name of the food

Specialties of food (taste, smell and health benefits)

Ingredients and quantity of food (based on how many people are preparing food)

Cooking steps (with approximate time)

Ways to serve food nicely

4. Gather the necessary information about the content.

You probably already know enough about the content you're going to create. But knowing a subject and presenting it reliably is not the same thing. So start collecting information about the points in the outline.

Make a note of the information collected in a separate document. In this case you can copy-paste by mentioning the references. If necessary, take the help of a note taking app.

5. Stick to the main points of the content.

It is normal for other issues to come up from any discussion. But when creating web content, make sure that your statement does not deviate from the main topic.

Let's say you are making a 10 minute video on how to buy a good laptop. In this case, the names of different brands may appear in the script. But if you keep mentioning the names of different models again and again, the conversation about their features will become complicated. So just explain the outline points. If necessary, make videos on different models later with the selected features.

6. Write from your own style.

Different content writers have different ways of expressing themselves.

Someone's language is serious.

Some people mix jokes in the content.

Someone loves to present arguments with facts and figures.

Someone's opinion is just full of emotion.

Someone brought personal experience into the content.

What is your style?

When choosing a content style, pay attention to the following:

Content is being created for which platform? Business website? Facebook? YouTube?

What language does your target audience usually speak? In a light mood or with seriousness?

The language of the user who shares the meme of Bengali movies on Facebook and the user who posts on LinkedIn about the future of the world economy is different. Even if the user is coincidentally the same person, the way he speaks is more likely to change according to the platform. So make sure your content style is platform-friendly and user-friendly.

7. Write content that serves the target audience.

It is good to be able to give a clear idea to the target audience on a topic through content. Even better is to provide information or advice that the target audience can use directly.

For example, on MS Excel you are writing a video script for a beginner level non-technical audience. In this case, without mentioning all the complex functions, discuss the 10 most used functions. Then it will be more effective for new users of MS Excel.

8. Keep the structure of the content clean.

You can treat each point of your outline as a single piece of content. Divide into subpoints if needed to explain the points.

Highlight the content step by step to keep the structure of the content clean. Using examples will make the point clear to the target audience.

9. Write content in simple language.

Tough words and extra long sentences complicate any statement. When it comes to web content, it only increases the annoyance of the target audience. So use words and sentences that are easy to understand.

You are actually communicating with the target audience through your web content. Creating a kind of relationship. So write your web content in a realistic way. If necessary, address the target audience directly.

10. Read and edit your content again and again.

You may have finished writing content in one attempt. Congratulations! But what do you call it good content?

Something may have been left out of the content outline.

Maybe better information could be given in the content.

Going beyond the main point, you may have said more.

Content may have become harder for the target audience.

The content is probably full of complex words and phrases.

It is very difficult to create good quality content in one go. More importantly, it is not mandatory for you to create good quality content in one go.

When you have finished writing the content, read it aloud. If there is a problem in any place, change that part. Do this until you clearly understand your own content. It is better to take the opinion of someone who is similar to your target audience.

Continue writing content

And like all work, there is no alternative to practice in content writing. So write regularly in different types of content formats. By doing this you will find your own style at one stage. Writing content will be easier for you in less time.

You can write content on our website regularly

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