Best free non copyrighted music for youtube


best free non copyrighted music for youtube

While not all of us work on copyright free videos, we all need more or less copyright free music.

In the last episode I discussed about copyright free videos. And today's topic, from which sites you can download completely copyright free music.

Just as it is not possible for all of us to go to certain places and make videos, it is not possible for all of us to make music. But there is no substitute for music to make a video interesting and take it to another level. Music helps viewers keep their focus on the video.

So let's get started on which sites make copyright free music very easy and without spending any money.

What is copyright free music and why is it needed?

Copyright free music is music that is open to everyone and you don't have to pay to use it.

One of the biggest problems for those of us who work with videography on YouTube or Facebook is this copyright free music. No matter what kind of video you work with, be it Creative Commons video or your own video. In all cases you will need music.

But music cannot be made for all of us. People who work on YouTube don't need to say for the second time how dangerous it is to copy anyone's music or any kind of content.

Because if you use music from anywhere, there is a 100% chance of getting a copyright claim. In my own words, YouTube had no idea about copyrighted music in the beginning. Due to which we copied and added music from everywhere to the funny videos of our channel.

But as a result, within 2/3 months of ranking the videos, a copyright claim appears on the videos on my channel. Due to which the music has to be changed later. But the problem does not end here. As a result of changing the music, the sound effects used in the video are also deleted. Which is very harmful for any video. And so for all these reasons we need copyright free music.

Some sites to download copyright free music

At a glance all the sites discussed -

  1.     YouTube Studio (Audio Library)
  2.     Mixkit
  3.     BenSound
  4.     Free-Stock-Music
  5.     Joshwoodward
  6.     Epidemic Sound

1. YouTube Studio (Audio Library)

In fact, there is no reason to worry about copyright-free music. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Because YouTube is giving you thousands of music which is absolutely copyright free and completely free.

To download music and sound effects from YouTube, first select Youtube Studio from Youtube. Now select Audio Library from the left side option in YouTube Studio. Here you will find a lot of music and sound effects in Free Music and Sound effects.

However, if all the music in the YouTube studio is free and you have to give credit for some of the music here. But there is very little music that can be credited.

You will see an icon with the YouTube logo next to all the music in the Audio Library of YouTube Studio. But there is no reason to worry. It goes without saying that you will not get the music that you have to give credit to at the present time.

In my opinion, YouTube Studio is the best for copyright free music. You will never have to make a copyright claim for music downloaded from here.

2. Mixkit

One more reason to put Mixkit in second place on the list of favorites is not just that you get copyright free music here. In addition to copyright free music, you will also find a large number of free video clips.

However, two types of licenses are used in Mixkit for video: Stock Video Free License and Stock Video Restricted License. The videos that will be given next to the Stock Video Free License can be used anywhere on YouTube or Facebook without giving any kind of credit.

However, the videos that will be next to the Stock Video Restricted License Note will only be able to use those videos for personal use. That means you can't use those videos for monetization on YouTube or Facebook. However, it is only in the case of video, there is no such obligation in the case of music.

One of the special benefits of Mixkit is that you do not need to give any credit for any type of video or music on this site. You will not only get copyright free music and videos on Mixkit. Here you will find a lot of sound effects, from Free Premiere Pro to After Effects and Final Cut Pro templates. Which is completely free and without providing any kind of credit.

Features of Mixkit at a glance -

Mixkit offers all kinds of copyright free music, videos and sound effects.

You will get different types of Editing Templates, such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro templates for free.

 No credit is required for any music, video, sound effects, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro templates used from Mixkit.

 Mixkit uses two types of licenses for video, so keep that in mind before using it. However, the music is completely free.

3. BenSound

BenSound is a more popular site for copyright free music. Here you will find enough music that you can use on your YouTube channel or Facebook page without any copyright issue. BenSound's music is completely free, but here you have to give credit for using the music.

For example, if you use any of BenSound's music on a YouTube channel or Facebook page, you should mention the name of the site along with the name of the music in the Description Box of the video. 

E.g. - Music: “Song Title” from

And if you use any of their music in the video of any website, then mention their website anywhere in the article of the site. E.g. - “Music:”

Things you can't do using BenSound's music -

You cannot use the music on their site to claim it as your own music. Although no one does it.

 You can't just download music from BenSound and upload it to any other third party site. For example - you can not download music from BenSound and upload the music to any other copyright free site or Mixkit.

Cannot upload any type of audio book or audio podcast.

You cannot create any remixes or songs using their music.

Features of BenSound at a Glance -

 All BenSound music is copyright free so you can use that music in your videos to monetize on YouTube or Facebook.

You must give them credit for using BenSound's music.

BenSound's music cannot be uploaded to any other similar third party site such as Mixkit.

Feel free to use BenSound's music on your YouTube channel or Facebook page by following the rules above.

Note: BenSound Pro also sells licenses. You can take their membership in exchange for money if you want. However, it will not be very profitable for the owners of YouTube channels or Facebook pages like us.

4. Free-Stock-Music

Free-Stock-Music, they are no less than Kame. Here you can use hundreds of royalty free music without any copyright issue. However, even though the music is copyright free, they have to give credit for using it. How to give credit is also given in a very beautiful way with each music.

Notice the image above. As you can see here, under every music you will find such writing. Below the music, they say that you can use this music anywhere on your YouTube channel video or Facebook page. However, the following text should be given as a credit in the Description Box of your video.

So use their music by giving credit as they say, then no copyright claim will come. Otherwise there will be a possibility of a copyright claim.

Features of Free-Stock-Music at a Glance -

Music from Free-Stock-Music is copyrighted by Free Music or Creative Commons. So you can use the music for commercial purposes on YouTube or Facebook.

You must give them credit for using Free-Stock-Music's music.

5. Joshwoodward

Joshwoodward is such a domain name on the one hand, an individual and an organization on the other. He is a musician by profession. All music on this website is composed by him.

Here you can find your desired music by filtering the category according to your own needs.

Although Joshwoodward's music is completely copyright free, you must give credit for using this music. To give credit here you need to share the title of the music used in the description box of your YouTube video or video on the Facebook page and also the link of the site.

They have a set of rules for giving credit to Joshwoodward -

Music - “SONG TITLE” by Josh Woodward.

Free download:

In other words, in the Description Box of your YouTube video or Facebook video, you have to add the name of the music and the link to the website in the Song title as above.

If you don't give credit in this way, there may be a possibility of a copyright claim in your video.

6. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a very popular site for copyright free music. Here you will get enough music without signing up which is completely copyright free.

There is not much to say about credit here. However, since they sell premium memberships, they should be given credit for using their music.

Epidemic Sound's music is undoubtedly very premium level. And one more interesting thing is that you will get a free trial for the first 30 days by signing up without any payment. Where you get the benefit of premium membership.

Since there is no mention of credit, use the link to their website in the Description Box of your YouTube or Facebook video.


Hope you enjoyed today's post. Today you are introduced to the copyright free music site.

If you have any problem with credit. Then of course don't forget to comment. We will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible. So we will see in the next post. Thanks.

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