Web design guidelines 2021

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Web design guidelines 2021

About web design

Do you want to build a career in the online world like yourself?

In that case website design or web design in short can be a great opportunity for you. Now the use of internet is increasing everywhere. And using the internet, a large number of small businesses, firms, online service providers and all sizes are being formed regularly. In this case, large and small companies, firms, businesses or online service providers are focusing on creating websites to promote their business on the Internet. And the hope is that the number is growing day by day. Websites can be created for any other purpose, not just for the purpose of promoting the business. Basically those who create or design these websites are called web designers. Web designing is all about the knowledge, skills and experience that a web designer uses to design a website.

Why we will learn web design?

If you think you will build a career online then you must have ideas about HTML and CSS. No matter where you work, HTML and CSS will work for you somehow. And if you want to build a career in web development, then you must learn. Web designing is the first step in learning web development.

The demand for web design

There is a huge demand for web designing in the market. But if you only learn web design then you are more likely not to get the job. You need to learn how to create dynamic websites. That means you have to learn web development. If it becomes quite difficult, you can learn WordPress in a simple way. WordPress is a web content management system. By which you can easily create dynamic website.

The future of web design

It depends on your experience. In my opinion, just learning web designing is not enough. Even if it is, it is quite troublesome. I would definitely recommend learning web design as well as WordPress. Then it is possible to earn $500 a month.

How long does it take to learn web design

And learning web design can take up to 3 months as a brand new one. However, with a little more time, it is possible to master HTML and CSS well in 2 months. Remember, however, that web design is closely related to web development. Although it takes less time to learn web designing, it can take up to 2 years to learn web development.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design:

1. How do I learn web development?

Ten Minute School has come up with a complete and practical guideline for learning web development while sitting at home. Learning web design will now be much easier for everyone from beginners to advanced.

2. What is web design?  examples : 

Website designers are called web designers. Web design is all that a web designer uses to create a website. (Example: Web design is the process of creating a website for different five star and luxury hotels)

3. Can Web Designing Be A Better Career?

As the demand for regular websites increases, so does the demand for skilled web designers Web designing can also be a great profession for building your own career at home.

4. What are the three types of websites?

  1. Static website.
  2. CMS or Dynamic Website.
  3. E-commerce website.

Frontend Web Development

Front-end development involves the layout of a website, its interactive and navigational elements such as buttons, scrollbars, images, various internal links. Proper display of websites or applications in different browsers and devices is also ensured in front-end development.

Also regular usability testing, fixing any bugs in the front-end is part of web development. To do all this, web developers need to keep in mind SEO (search engine optimization), software workflow management.

Language used in frontend web development

The first three coding languages ​​used in front-end development are -

JQuery is also widely used as a JavaScript library. Bootstrap is also a popular toolkit as a complete front-end solution. And AngularJS, Backbone, Ember, React.JS, React Native - various JavaScript frameworks are being used in different fields.


The first thing you need to know to build a website is the basic knowledge of Photoshop. You need to learn how to make different templates, pictures, posters, etc. in Photoshop beforehand. If you want to publish something on your website in the future, you will need knowledge about Photoshop first.


The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. It is basically a markup language that is used to create different types of web pages. This is the language of basic coding. If you want, you can easily create a web page by learning this language.


The full form of CSS is Cascading style sheet. With HTML you can easily build a little web site. But this CSS does the job of arranging and arranging that website beautifully. This programming language is comparatively more difficult than HTML. It will take some time to master this language well.

JavaScript (JavaScript):

JavaScript is an advanced level programming language. It is basically a language used for multimedia controlling, creating animations, and all kinds of useful work on the website. To be a skilled and professional web designer you must have knowledge and skills in this field.

These are basically all the essential skills and knowledge of web design that you need to acquire if you want to be a skilled and professional web designer.

Backend Web Development 

Back-end web development involves building and maintaining the infrastructure needed to keep the front-end running. There are basically three parts to it: server, application, database. Back-end development ensures smooth communication of code server applications and databases. Then various database management tools find, edit and save the data and send it to the front-end.

Like front-end development, back-end development also involves working with clients to meet their needs. Back-end development tasks typically involve creating, integrating and maintaining databases, creating server-side software using back-end frameworks, creating and implementing content management systems, and working properly with web server technology and operating systems.

All the websites that need to be followed

Test Your HTML Code 

=> https://html.mrlaboratory.info/

=> http://www.w3schools.com

This is called the Bible of web design learning. Because from this website you can learn everything about HTML and CSS.

= >  http://getfirebug.com/

If you are using Mozilla Firefox browser then you need to use this add-on to do Inspect Element.

=> http://getbootstrap.com

This is a framework. A great framework. Which will change your web design experience. Of course you have to learn it.

=> http://fontawesome.io/

There is no pairing of this website for using any icon as font. Don't try once.

=> http://www.google.com/fonts/

From this website you can download Google Fonts for your website.

=> http://www.dafont.com/

Another great website for downloading funds.



These websites are quite useful for finding icons. You can find and use any icon. In a word, great.

=> https://www.sublimetext.com/

This is the best code editor.

=> http://codepen.io/

A great website. So you get a lot of code. Completely free.

=> https://css-tricks.com

When you learn to code, you will get a lot of readymade code from here. Very funny website

=> http://www.os-templates.com/free-psd-templates

=> https://www.template.net/design-templates/psd/free-psd-website-templates/

You can download free PSD files from these two websites to practice.

=> https://ctrlq.org/beautifier/

After writing the code, you can use this website to sort it well. Great website

=> https://validator.w3.org/

You can check whether your written code is valid from this website.

web development bangla

Web design guidelines video

Where to get work:

As I said before, just learning HTML and CSS doesn't do much. Because now everyone wants to create a dynamic website. So you have to learn to be dynamic. Otherwise you will not be able to do perfect coding. Because when coding HTML and CSS, you have to keep in mind the dynamics. If not, there is a lot of trouble while doing dynamic. Hope you understand the matter. Find out where you can still find work.




What to do to get a work:

You need to show your client an example of your previous work. This is called a portfolio. The more professional your portfolio, the sooner you will get the job. In this case, you can buy a domain or hosting, upload the templates you created and put them with the link. That way your client will get a pretty good idea about your skills.

Creating a portfolio website with WordPress is very easy.

10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Web Development

1. DevTips

The first on our list is DevTips. It was founded in the year 2013, and since then, it has come a long way to gain 334k subscribers to its channel.

2. Learn Code-Academy

How serious are you about learning to develop websites? If you are a beginner, you are in for a treat. Learn Code-Academy Youtube channel has a 24-video playlist with detailed understandings for those who are just starting.

3. Google Chrome Developers

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in today’s time. What’s a better way than learning from the Chrome developers itself? By subscribing to their channel, you can stay updated on the latest that Chrome has to offer with What’s New in DevTools.

4. LevelUpTuts

LevelUpTuts is created with the aim to help users improve their documentation skills and provide training on web projects. It has the most in-depth, easy to follow tutorials on web development and designing. The channel covers a wide range of topics like Meteor, Sass, Stylus, Polymer 1.0, WordPress, JavaScript, and design applications like Sketch applications, etc.

5. The New Boston

With more than 2 million subscribers, New Boston is one of the most popular Youtube channels on web development. Bucky Roberts initially started this as a Youtube channel, but it has now grown into an online community.

6. Adam Khoury

Adm Khoury has been creating videos for its users for more than a decade now. Founded in 2008, the channel has come a long way to offer you detailed videos on best programming languages like JavaScript, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, ActionScript, and other technologies. It has more than 100 videos on JavaScript alone.

7. Codecourse

If you want to build your website from scratch, then Codecourse is the best place to start. Especially for beginners, it offers hundreds of videos on how to master PHP and CSS language. With their detailed step-to-step guide, you can create a website all by yourself.

8. WebDevMentors

Created in 2014, the motto of WebDevMentors is to spread knowledge for free. The channel mainly narrows down its focus on a few specialized learning. They upload a new video every single day.

9. JReam

Another decade-old Youtube channel — JReam, it is founded by Jesse Boyer. You will find regular updates on web development topics like PHY, MySQL, jQuery, Python, JavaScript, etc. It also talks about designing applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Linux, and many more.

10. Helping Develop

Last but not least, Helping Develop is another popular channel on Youtube with nearly 29k subscribers. Joseph Smith, the man behind the channel, creates videos on HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. The videos are sorted by topic, so it’s quite easy to find.

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  1. About web design
  2. Why we will learn web design?
  3. The demand for web design
  4. The future of web design
  5. How long does it take to learn web design
  6. Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design:
  7. Frontend Web Development
  8. Language used in frontend web development
  9. Photoshop:
  10. HTML:
  11. CSS:
  12. JavaScript (JavaScript):
  13. Backend Web Development 
  14. All the websites that need to be followed
  15. Web design guidelines video
  16. Where to get work:
  17. What to do to get a work:
  18. 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Web Development

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