How to Promote your YouTube Videos easily

It is essential that you work SEO and social networks . Use social networks and share your videos on them. In this you must have perseverance and work . But it's not about hanging up the link and inviting people to watch the video, but to interact, work on relationships, and be part of the youtubers community. Learn from your competition, that's not bad, quite the opposite, it's enriching.
Optimize the thumbnails of your videos . The first thing people see in a video is the thumbnail. This should offer something unique, which can be sympathy, humor, professionalism, interest, etc. The title in it is also very important.
It is important to make a good selection of labelsbecause they are the ones that are going to help you find your video.
As Borja Girón correctly states , there are two forms of SEO for YouTube videos, one for the platform itself and one for Google. For the Google platform you have to use titles, labels, descriptions, thumbnails, and internal links of YouTube videos well. In order for the video to appear in Google searches, it is important to add the video in a post and that the title is optimized for SEO.
The title must contain the keywordsnecessary to position well. The description must have 500 to 1000 words. Add all the necessary tags, search on YouTube so you know which ones are necessary. The name of the video must also have the keywords.
Take care of the comments. Answer those who make comments or questions, make some trying to raise a debate, ask them to comment on the video.
The linkbuilding can work. With 3-4 links from blogs it is easy to position yourself in the first results. Comment on competing videos or similar, this causes a link to be added to your channel. Put links in the video itself, ask them to subscribe, publish frequently (if you have time and can). Study the audience analytics that you can check on YouTube.
Upload the videos in Private mode and optimize all this before publishing the video as Public .
Treat your audience very well, with respect and attention . But don't pay attention to haters or trolls, ignore them completely and don't feed them.