How to record youtube video correctly Good recording practices

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How to record youtube video correctly

The first and fundamental thing is not to move the camera, the stability of the recording is fundamental . If it is being recorded permanently, it is convenient to use a tripod. This can be standing or table, smaller. There are also adapters that allow mobile phones to be placed on the tripod. If you are recording camera in hand, move it as little as possible, and if something is getting our attention, take it slowly, avoiding the effect of "watering the garden."

The optical zoom can be used properly to focus something visually; if it is done by jumping the drama of the scene increases.

If you record from a car you have to be careful that the driving is smooth so that the image does not jump.

If it is recorded perpendicular to who is recorded it is anormal angle , does not cause different sensations. If it is recorded from above, chopped , it gives a sense of domination of the camera and dramatization of the situation. If it is recorded from below, contrapicado , it gives the sensation that it dominates the camera and if it is a person it appears with a dominant aspect.

It is very normal that a video is not recorded whole the same day, so you have to respect the rules of continuity. If the characters change position, they have different clothes, or there is different lighting.

The composition is very important. Looking for a good framing can take time. Sometimes more dynamism is achieved by taking the character or object out of the central zone. If the vertical lines dominate, the sensation will be of energy, while if the horizontal lines do, it will be of placidity and serenity.

The lighting

The ideal lighting should be neither too strong nor too weak, diffuse and not produce shadows.

The exterior lighting can be frontal , conventional and safe; lateral , in some cases it can add interest to the subject; backlight , facing the camera, totally discouraged; and diffuse, with clouds or fog, is the ideal.

All types of spotlights and lamps can be used for interior lighting, using white surfaces such as umbrellas, cardboard, forestry, etc. as reflectors. The classic lighting requires three or more light sources, requires a complex and laborious installation. The reflected lightIt is directed against the walls and ceiling and seeks to resemble natural lighting.

When a face is illuminated with frontal light, but with a certain angle, the features appear very drawn; if done with side light, it gives a dramatic appearance, which should not be used except for terror purposes; if it is illuminated from the ceiling, the expressiveness of the features increases.


The sound of a video can be live sound , the original sound that is recorded live; re-recorded sound , processing, adding music and effects to the original sound; and bent sound , created on image recording.

Outside, we can find problems in terms of sound, such as wind, cars, works, etc., which we must avoid because, in addition to interfering with spoken language, it can be annoying for those who listen to it.

Inside, the conditions of the room can influence the sound. The local sound can give vibrant sound , the sound vibrates on the smooth and hard surfaces, or dry sound, which turns off the voice, when there are many fabrics or carpets that absorb the sound. Ideally, it should not be one thing or another, so it can be adjusted by removing or tucking carpets and curtains.

The people in a recording

The appearance of people in a recording always arouses interest and makes it not boring. But when recording them you have to follow certain rules.

When you are recording someone who is moving you have to do it in the same direction and direction, because if it does not seem to go backwards, instead of moving forward.

When two people are talking and you change your plane, you have to do it as if you were seeing the eyes of the other person with whom you are talking, because if not, it confuses the viewer and breaks the flow of the story.

The voice in the video

How to speak correctly

In order for the voice to sound correctly, it is well understood and attracted, it is necessary to speak in a similar way as a radio announcer does.

These steps are important so that everything goes well: talk calmly, prepare the script of what you are going to say, talk with emotion and that your voice is not flat, be yourself, do not speak very slowly or very run over , avoid making noise with roles or alterations, do not fear that there are silences because they are part of life, be natural and imagine that you are talking to someone , the distance to the microphone must always be the same , and vocalize well.

So that our voice is adequate, take care of cold and disease, do exercises before speaking (how to repeatnot many times or say tongue twisters), breathe correctly through your nose, do breathing exercises , do not abuse alcohol and tobacco, listen to your recorded voice and check your failures, take care of hydration, read every few minutes out loud , and above all, practice a lot .

If you want to record your voice, hear yourself or create your soundtrack, Audacity is the right program, it's free and allows you to cut, change speed, etc.

Text readers

It is best to hear a human and natural voice, but there are those who prefer to speak a machine, or simply need other voices besides yours.

Natural Reader is a program with many possibilities . There is a paid version that offers many more possibilities. It can also be used online . It has several voices of people, who sound naturally, albeit monotony, as usual in these programs.

Audio Book MakerIt is a program that converts text to audio, being able to save the result in wav or mp3. For Windows. 

Balabolka is a free program. Their voices can be saved in wav and mp3 formats, among other formats.

Responsive Voice allows you to read texts online. The voice is very feminine and the result is very good, since it sounds natural and with some emotion.

Text 2 mp3 sounds quite natural although with monotonous rhythm. Download the file in mp3.

TTSReader allows you to use it online, without downloading. It allows you to change the speed, but it doesn't sound very natural in Spanish.

CSTR  is part of a  software project from Carnegie Mellon University. The Spanish voice sounds pretty good. Festvox  can be used online. It can be saved in wav.

Text To Speech can be used online and download the file in mp3: Contemplate several languages, including Spanish, have a woman's voice, and play at normal speed, slower or faster.

Talk It! o Talk Any is a Microsoft voice modulator for children that is already a few years old. Although the results are not very there, it occupies very little and offers many possibilities, such as different types of voice (robot, Martian, fly etc.) and effects (speed, singing, different tone, etc.).

iSpeech can use the demo online. It has several possibilities.

Loquendo is a voice synthesizer that has its years and that its voice is very popular in YouTube videos. Currently it is fully paid, although it is very cheap, since the basic option does not reach € 20.

Lumen Voice is a paid application, but it allows an online demo, sounding very natural.

There are more applications that you can check in the Online tools link to convert text to voice . Some are extensions for browsers or apps, certainly very interesting, but not very useful when editing video.

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