How much can you earn as a youtuber?


How much can you earn as a youtuber?

How much can you earn as a youtuber?

There are people who earn a lot of money on YouTube. We are talking about figures of a few million dollars a year. They are English-language channels, with a lot of audience.

YouTube earnings can come from various sources. The most immediate is that of YouTube itself, which pays for advertising that is seen on your channel. The income varies from 0.20 to 3 euros per 1,000 visits. And you need many visits , 10,000 visits on your channel and certain requirements to start earning money by advertising , associating your account with Google Adsense . In this sense, YouTube itself teaches its courses . Some estimate can be made with the toolSocial Blade . Of course, the content should not be violent or foul .

YouTube's top positions usually correspond to gamers, youth / teen humor, and children's channels. If you have between 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers, you already have some potential to start earning a salary. Everything is based on satisfying a demand, getting many visits, and a lot of work.

But there are other ways to make money on YouTube, such as collaborations with brands, affiliate marketing, get sponsors of my channel, crowdfunding, memberships and sales of your own products.

As for Spanish-speaking youtubers, El Rubius , TheGrefg , Wismichu ,  and many other Spanish youtubers earn enough money , figures of several thousand euros per month. All these are estimates, since YouTube prohibits publishing the profits obtained through the channel. In addition, revenue may decrease depending on the cost of advertising. Not everything that glitters is gold .

But we must not see only the money they have earned, but the effort they have made, the hours of work, the problems they have had and the sacrifices they have had to make in their lives. Sometimes failing in investments , such as Vegeta777 . Not everything is rosy in the world of successful youtubers.

In any case, make money with YouTubeIt is not easy , nor is it achieved overnight, but it is not impossible either, what matters is that you enjoy what you do , that you live it, that it be your passion. And only with this, without asking for more, will you be closer to success.

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