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YouTube's Complete Guide

Choose a beautiful name first, the name is a lot. So first think of a name that no one has used before. The name can be taken on any subject, be it cooking, games, health or any other subject. But be careful once you fix the name of your channel you can never change it again. If you need to think a lot of time, think then decide the name of your YouTube channel. However, the name must be a name so that the name of your channel is very easy to remember. Never use names with numbers even by mistake. You can go to this site and check which name you give. Site address - Go to this address and check if your name is correct?

Choose an Email We all know you need an email to open a YouTube account for your channel. And for that you must use Gmail. So first you need to open a new Gmail account. The account must be verified. And remember to keep it in your account with 2-step verification. Then no one but you will be able to access this account.

Copyright and fair uses

Avoid Copyright When you create your YouTube channel you are YouTube's partner. And don't upload any videos that are copyrighted while you have a partner. For example, copying the music of another's song and using it in your video, program of any other TV channel. You can use your videos by selecting songs from some of YouTube's own song tracks. Never copy, because YouTube knows where you use it from. So be careful. Even then, if you upload a video like this, they will warn you a few times, if the number of your copyrighted video uploads is high, they will ban your account.

What programs and software to use

You must use good software to edit the video. You will get many video editing software for free, but you must buy and use the software that you do not use. And video editing is a very easy job if you can learn this job with a lot of patience.

You can also try the editing software that you have. First edit the video you made with your mobile or video camera, then upload it to YouTube.

Select Intro

You choose a nice intro for your channel. Remember that a lot of you will depend on this intro. You have a lot of time on your hands, slowly build your intro. Intro time is tied at 10 seconds. In these 10 seconds you need to create a beautiful intro to your channel. Create a logo for your channel, then you will get many templates from Google for intro; Select a template and create a 10 second intro with the logo with video editing software. You can create this intro with the core software of video creation, but remember that your intro should be in video format. No matter which video you upload from now on, this intro can be viewed before it starts. After intro you will upload it inside your channel's in-video program - you will find the in-video program in your channel's dashboard's channel settings After going here, you will see some pictures like this, among them Add a branding intro.

Audio Editing Tips and Tricks

Audio editing is very important for your video. And depending on the audio editing, YouTube may or may not allow your video to be monetized. I will tell you some tips, if you follow them properly, I hope you will get a good result from YouTube.

A. First and foremost, make sure that the audio file you create has no background noise. Voice recordings - AC or fan sounds are often heard, try to avoid such noises.
B. A good video can be lost due to a bad audio. So try to give good audio. If necessary, make your own audio. Never use other people's audio. There is a lot of software available online for making audio; You can use them.
C. Listen to your audio yourself a few times, then add it to your video if you like it.

The best free audio editor :

  • Audacity
  • Ocenaudio
  • Free Audio Editor
  • Acoustica Basic Edition

Make a beautiful logo and a cover photo of your channel If you are good at graphics design, make a nice logo and a cover photo of your channel. You can use Photoshop and Illustrator to create covers and logos.

Titles, descriptions and tags

Titles Titles, descriptions and tags are the most important part of a video. No matter how good your video is, it has no value without these three. Out of thousands of videos, people will see your video only when your video has a combination of these three. Create interesting titles by doing keyword research at the beginning. And you need to do keyword research to create your title. Let's see what are the ways to do keyword research.

Keyword research

Method-1 You can search on YouTube by matching your desired video. For example, if your video is about money making, then do a search on YouTube. Now see what the results show, you can buy your title from here or you can make your own from all these titles.
Method-2 And to be a little sure, use You can go to this link and enter your desired keyword in the link below. Search.
Method 3 Search for the title you want to give on YouTube, and see which one is the first. You can create a title around it. Not just the title, take a look at what tags are used in the video, and what is written in the description. You can use them in your videos if you want, but make it your own.
B. Describe the description in such a way that your description must contain a representation of the title and tag. Be sure to include a link to your channel when describing. Replace your channel link within your description. The bigger the description, the better for you. Add more to your video Facebook fan page, Twitter account and all the other social networking sites you are connected to.
C. Tags to create and publish a lot of your videos. Only by completing this last step is the work done. Commaway, but 10 to 20 tags of your video; And try to make the tags related to your video.

“bangla comedy,
bangla funny sms,
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(tags are repeated in the bottom of the description)

Make a video

So far, I have learned the rules of how to upload videos on YouTube. Now let's make the video that you will make up.
1. Cameras and Lighting Many of us do not know much about the use of cameras and lighting. We can take a course on camera and lighting in a short time. It will do you a lot of good in later life. There is a lot of work to be done behind making a good video. And if you have a good idea about lighting, you can make a good video. So to make a good video you must keep these things in mind.
2. Encoding When making the video, pay attention to its encoding. If you do not select the encoding correctly, your video may not be live on YouTube. Another thing is if you can't do the encoding properly, then the resolution of your video will be so low that it will be unsuitable for uploading your video.

Increase your channel's subscribers

Tument on other YouTube videos that have millions of visitors every day. Make sure the tuition is written in such a way that it will be written that you will subscribe to his channel instead he will subscribe to your channel. Be sure to include links to your other videos in the description of the videos you upload. Also ask your viewers to subscribe. If possible, ask your viewers to subscribe to funny jokes. Many people think that if there are many videos in the channel, there are many more subscribers. This is a misconception. If you upload a few show videos that are of no use, you will never get a subscriber, but rather lose a subscriber. Because no one wants to fill their iTube account with other people's videos. Sell ​​a day to upload videos; And a specific time. Because your subscribers will remember that day, and will enter your channel at that particular time to watch your video. Whenever you maintain a schedule and upload your video, Iftube will bring your video to number one in its search results. But one thing to keep in mind is that whatever you upload, it will benefit everyone. When your video is useful to someone, you will benefit from your video. That means money will start coming from your video then. Another thing you can do is increase your channel's subscribers. That is, you can contact other YouTube channel creators and tell them that you will put their channel's subscriber box in your video, in return they will put your channel's subscriber box in their video. This will benefit both parties.

Secret formula

I will now talk to you about a secret formula that you can use to easily increase the number of subscribers to your channel. I use this formula myself. Suppose your channel has 150 subscribers. Now find another channel that matches your channel's video with 250 to 300 subscribers. Send him a message saying that you have created a video that says this channel is very good. And by subscribing to this channel you can get even better videos. You now want to upload this video to his channel and to your channel. When you upload this video to your channel, you will use the link to that channel as a link, and the owner of that channel will use your link. By doing this you can get 100 to 200 subscribers from a minimum of one channel. So now you have a total of 250 subscribers. Now you will find 300 to 500 subscribed channels. Do the same here. This way you will find more subscriber channels as your subscriber grows. In this way, your subscribers will surely exceed a few thousand one day.

Increase your channel friends

Accept as many friends as you can on your channel page. Exchange massages with them. Be friendly with them so they can subscribe to your channel. If you have a channel, subscribe to it. This will benefit you and both of them, both of them will increase the subscribers of the channel.

Tument on other channel videos

Tument on videos from other channels to increase viewership of videos in your channel. Be sure to ask them to subscribe to your channel with the link when you do tument. Because the more tuments you do, the more subscribers your channel will get and the more video viewers your channel will get.

Video embed code

If you have a lot of Twitter followers, or a lot of Facebook friends, then your channel is great. Good news for you if you have 50 Facebook friends. Because these are your real friends. There is no gain with a fake friend. You share your video on your Twitter and Facebook, then you tell these 50 friends to take a few seconds out of the day for you. They will watch your video for 30 seconds, like one by one, and tument one by one if possible. Every day you will also bring new videos for them. In this way, join the groups that are on your video related Facebook. Share your video there. This is how you add at least 10 friends a day to your account. If the number of your Facebook friends exceeds 5,000, then the number of viewers of a video link of your channel will also increase. Where your video used to have 200 views per day, your number of views will increase to more than 1000. You can do the same thing on your Twitter account. You can also share your video on other social networking sites. If you have your own website, you can also embed the video there. You will also get good viewers from here.


Annotation is a link to another video of yours. Be sure to use annotations in each of your videos so that any of your viewers can find out about your other videos while watching your current video. When a viewer sees your video, if he clicks on the link you annotated, a new window will open and he will be able to watch the video. After uploading your video, you will get these options as soon as you go to the video manager. From there, if you click on the info and setting button of the video, you will reach the annotation page. You can then add annotations from here.

Video submission time

Time is of the essence for your channel. Make a note in a diary of what time each day you upload your videos. Never upload a video at 3pm. If possible, upload the video in the morning. The target audience will always think 18+. One more thing to keep in mind is to put the date of its creation in the description of your video if possible. There are more viewers on YouTube on Sundays, you can upload your videos keeping this day in mind if you want.

Try to give the video first

If you want to make your channel popular, always try to give the VDT you created first. If you can do that, then of course YouTube will show your video first in its search results.

Choose good pictures

Choose a good image for your uploaded video to attract your viewers. The cover photo of your video will not attract viewers if it is not attractive, and viewers on your channel will not grow if viewers are not attracted. So if you want to increase the subscribers and viewers of the channel, choose a good picture
Learn How To Rank YouTube Videos - YouTube Video Marketing Mega Tutorial
If you want to bring a website or a specific page first in Google's search results, you have to do search engine optimization, just like you have to do YouTube video optimization if you want to bring a video first in YouTube's search results. In many cases, it is seen that after a new video is published, it is showing in the top search results of Google, but it is also disappearing very fast from there, it is only due to the lack of proper optimization.
I don't know very well about YouTube video optimization, I'm studying for my work and so I'm sharing something from there for everyone. I hope you find it useful. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

YouTube Video Optimization Tips

The following facts are useful only when your video can give value to the viewer. The video should be beautiful and informative.
"Onpage Optimization" and "Offpage Optimization" are important to bring YouTube videos to the rankings. Let's see how to do YouTube optimization.
These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.
Some things that you should not forget

* Do not download and upload someone else's video. Nor do you publish copyrighted videos.
* After uploading the video on YouTube, you should avoid the trick of increasing the view by yourself while logging in to the same account. There is a possibility of eating channel ban!
* Maintains a certain ratio of likes / dislikes along with YouTube views. Don't forget to try to do these things yourself. By doing these, YouTube can ban the whole channel
What is a multi-channel network or MCN? How to easily work in MCN?

What is a multi-channel network or MCN?

The short form of the term "multi-channel network" is "MCN". This is called "YouTube Partnership Network" in the language of search engines.
The "Multi-Channel Network" or "YouTube Partnership Network" is an organization that works with video platforms like YouTube.
Basically, “Multi-Channel Networks” or “YouTube Partnership Networks” are affiliated with multiple / multiple YouTube channels around the world to support content creators / YouTube publishers, products, cross-promotion, programming, management, funding, / Sales, Audience Development's support offer and high CPM in channel videos. They exchange percentage of revenue by displaying advertisements.

How to easily work in MCN?
1. If the thumbnail of the channel's video is copyrighted from another's video.
2. When attaching the same type of thumbnail to multiple videos.
3. If the video contains adult or ugly thumbnails.
4. If you play someone else's video on your own channel without permission (in a word, you can't steal someone else's video and play it on your own channel).
5. If the channel has one or more of the same type (Copyright Strikes, Content ID Claims, Community Guidelines).
. If the channel's home page does not have the channel's video and its playlist sorted consistently.
. If you keep hidden the total number of people who have "subscribed" to the channel.
. If there is no channel logo and channel art.
9. If the channel videos contain some unique content as well as some copyrighted content.
10. If you turn off the option to comment viewers on channel videos.
11. If the channel does not have a minimum of 10 subscribers and a minimum of 1000 views in the last month.
12. If there is no social media link and website link in the right corner of the channel's home page.
13. If the channel's video is adult or ugly.
14. If the channel has invalid click activity activity.
15. If you use the "Adult or ugly" tag in any of the videos in the channel, such as "HOT", "SEX", etc.
16. If the "About" section of the channel does not contain a description of what the channel is and what the topic is.

How to get 10,000 views on YouTube channel very fast

Today I will share with you how to do ten thousand (10,000) views very fast. Many people may be surprised to see the new policy of YouTube, there is nothing to be surprised. You know what For this method, those who are real YouTubers will survive, and the rest will fall. Thanks to YouTube, because now there is no fear of losing any channel. Now let us know about the new policy of YouTube
What to work with:

On YouTube you can work with many topics or nice, but not all topics or nice viewers. There are some topics or niches that have very few viewers and there are many topics or niches that have a lot of viewers. I will name 2 topics or nice ones that will be a viewer if you work with them.

1. Technology: From the beginning of human birth till today, people have no shortage of interest in learning about technology. So if you make a video about technology, people will watch it. However, do not take any new or upcoming news.

2. Recent News: Everyone wants to know about the latest news or events. If you make a video with the latest news, people will definitely watch it.
Now we are talking about how the viewer will come
For viewers, those who can do SEO, they will do SEO, and those who can't do SEO, they have no choice but to share on social media. If you can, share it on all social media.
But I just told you how to increase viewers by sharing on Facebook-
First join the 10 best technology and news related group pages and 10 like pages on Facebook with over 100,000 members. If you don't like and comment on their posts, they won't let you share any link after you join.
Then you can make 2 videos every day about technology or the latest news and share them on 10 group pages and 10 like pages on Facebook.

Let's take a look at what happens-

You joined 10 group pages and 10 like pages for a total of 20 pages, but were not allowed to post on 10 pages from here. You posted 10 pages… 10 pages × 1,00,000 members = 10,000,000 total members. If even 0.1% of the total 100,000 members watch your video, then you will have 1000 viewers every day and if 2 videos have 2000 viewers, then in 5 days it will become 10000 viewers. If it is even half then it will take 10 days.

Video Making Ideas - Strategies To Make Money From Videos
We all already know that you can earn money from YouTube for the benefit of online. There are a lot of posts about this every day so I'm not going about that.
You've already joined your YouTube channel as a partner to earn money and maybe even add AdSense. But the results are the same. Your video has no views. Your earning has stopped. Why not?
Did you make the video with something exceptional in mind? You are doing the same to everyone as everyone else is doing. The result must be zero. Let's think about making some creative videos.

Various techniques for creating creative videos

Capture Attractive Moments of Wedding - You can capture interesting moments of marriage at wedding. Marriage means a lot of memories. Many beautiful scenes will come in front of you. You can also capture those scenes on your mobile phone. Consider adding something creative to your video to make money from video content.
Shoot the beautiful video with the bride and groom. Marriage is a beautiful background of passion and family reunion. There is no song, dance, laughter, tears in today's marriage. Many children also attend the wedding, capture their smiles.
Will it cost you a lot of money to make such a video? There are many interesting scenes in the marriage of Bengalis. If you concentrate, you will capture the most beautiful moments in your hands. You will definitely get such video views.
Tip: They will do whatever it takes to get the child to act. You just pull the scenes out of them.
Capture Dangerous Moments - Sad but true people are eager to watch such videos. Got news of a fire somewhere? What is going on politically? Snatcher caught? There is a lot of demand for these scenes. At the moment these videos are shared and spread everywhere.
Tip: If someone is in danger, rescue them first. It is not good to be commercial all the time. There is no point in commercializing humanity at all.

Chatting moments in college or university - you can keep a hidden camera in your pocket while chatting with friends. Absolutely able to capture natural scenery. Telling friends they might not be able to create such a scene. Moreover, if you find someone like you among your friends, then you should make various awareness short films. Not something very difficult. Dare to try. Moreover, games and competitions are held in various events in school and college. You can also contain them.
Tip: Publish the video later with the advice of those you captured. If anyone agrees, delete the video.
Record video songs - There are a lot of small and big artists around you who know good songs but they never got a chance to come to the media. Find them. You will also find the voices of many beggars which will fascinate you. Why are you late? Let's work with them.
Tip: You can make money with their videos, so give them some money.
Create ads - There are many organizations around you that can't afford to advertise. On the one hand, the promotion of domestic products is your income. You will find many such scenes sitting in the tea shop in front of your neighborhood. You can also capture the scene of hawkers selling products. You can also make videos about the quality of different products. There are many products we use every day that we can use to make videos. For example, make videos on furniture made in attractive designs in furniture stores.
Tip: Promote more domestic products.
Travel Story - Went on a trip somewhere? Keep the video camera on. Show people scenes that make them interested in traveling. Tell us in your video what preparations should be made to travel to these places. If there are any insecurities in those places, be aware of them. Mention the best time to travel.
Tip: There are many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and mountains around us in our country. Make videos with them.
Homemade - There are many viewers of homemade videos these days. You can also make videos of fun meals, videos of the situation you face sending your child to school, or videos of a birthday party.
Eight YouTube Video Creative Ideas - For Those Who Want To Take YouTube Professionally
Eight Creative YouTube Video Creating Ideas For Those Who Want To Take YouTube Professionally
The videos that we naturally make to create videos are usually limited to tutorials, prank videos, or other people's videos. For the newcomers, at first it seems that making a video may be a lot of labor and costly work. …… (I didn't say anything else.

Think about what you can do better. Dance, song, picture aka, microcontrolling, cooking, cosmetics, bicycle stunts, or daily movie, news, sports updates. You must be interested in one of these things. You can select it and make a video on it.
You can ask the question, what is the benefit?
Brother! The same thing came back. The video creation will definitely be better if you make your channel the subject of your interest. No need to upload videos every day. Upload good videos once a week or twice a month. Do SEO. After six months there will be no shortage of subscribers.
Eight YouTube Video Creative Ideas - For Those Who Want To Take YouTube Professionally
Now let's talk about work. I will present to you eight different video creation ideas for new and experienced YouTubers from my point of view. And the funny thing is that video recording enabled without a smart phone and video editing software will not cost anything to work with these ideas. Just watch high CPC and how many more videos to make?
So let's get started… ..
ভিডিও Video on origami type things - Origami means making folds of birds, boats, flowers with this type of paper without just folding it. Also don't throw things away (plastic bottles, old pens, You can make a number of creative videos on how to make usable things using cartoons, discarded boxes).
পারেন You can make videos on housework - such as book barking, how to clean dim mirrors, cooking, sewing, gardening - you can make videos on these topics. Many people find these things on YouTube. That means you will get a good number of subscribers.
Painting - Painting does not mean painting. Painting is a huge thing. If you can draw well, you can upload your own videos on your YouTube channel on 3D Paint, Illusion Paint, Formal Paint, etc. If you present these videos in some creative and easy steps then this may be your main field of work and income.