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Facebook Marketing

"Facebook" is a website of the global social intercommunication system. Mark Zuckerberg, Saverin, Dustin, Chris Hughes started the journey on February 4, 2004. As a result of extreme patience and practice, Facebook has an average of 1.5 billion active subscribers per day. Understand that the best social network in the world is now Facebook.

Facebook is no longer limited to just exchanging pictures / videos, messaging. Facebook is now the best medium for advertising. The best platform to develop yourself, Facebook has given innumerable opportunities to make the business from small to large. With a little effort, with the help of Facebook business, you will get the taste of success very easily, in a very short time. Ads No longer need TV / radio / magazines / posters / leaflets to deliver specific messages to your customers.

Facebook Marketing 

In the same way that we usually see advertisements on TV / radio / magazines / posters / billboards / leaflets, in a more modern way with the help of technology, the desired goal can be reached in a very short time only through Facebook marketing.

Currently, Facebook has become the largest community with 205+ crore users.

Direct communication between buyer and seller in Facebook marketing, so the marketing strategy is much simpler.

There are 22 million Facebook users in our capital Dhaka alone. Even several years ago, so many people did not have a mobile phone. But now rich / poor people are using mobile phones. Again, many people understand the internet means Facebook.

People don't have time to watch TV anymore, again many people don't spend Rs 10 for a newspaper, because with the change of age, with the touch of technology, all the newspapers are getting news on Facebook every minute. There are family, entertainment and friends on this Facebook.

It is not possible to reach our traditional ad TV / Radio / Magazine / Poster / Leaflet to a specific class or age but it is again possible only on Facebook. In Facebook marketing, professions, languages, interests, specific areas, men, women, businesses, students, etc. can be categorized by filtering. Due to which advertising can be easily delivered to specific customers through Facebook marketing.

Why Facebook Marketing 

In the above discussion, you have learned a lot about why you should do Facebook marketing. The number of pictures uploaded on Facebook every day is 300 million. The time span of each visitor is 20 minutes. 5,10,000 comments per minute, 293,000 statuses, so far 16.25 million local business pages have been created. 40% of people have business tools. Consumers are rapidly going digital.

Nowadays, people spend more time on Facebook

The best platform to target advertising

More results at lower cost, three times more than traditional aid

Very fast advertising campaign

Increases brand awareness

Increases website traffic very easily

Facebook marketing increases earnings, sales, buyers

Facebook marketing is measurable.

Increases customer attribution

Increase buyer repeatability

Facebook marketing can easily create engagement

Increases word of mouth and referrals

Helps extensively in SEO rankings

Facebook marketing is budget friendly.

An easy way to show ads in the form of locations. Deliver ads to targeted customers. Age, gender, category can be selected. It is possible to reach more people in a short time. It is possible to see how many people have seen the advertisement. There is a facility to view the detailed report of the advertisement at the end of the advertisement.

How Facebook Marketing ?

Facebook is now used more for professional needs than for personal use. Everything on Facebook pages, groups is now being managed for professional reasons. Facebook is surrounded by multidisciplinary business. The demand for Facebook marketing will gradually increase over time. Those of us who are using Facebook professionally need to know how the Facebook algorithm works.

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Facebook marketing can be divided into two parts

Unpaid (individual marketing)

It can be done from your own account, you have to be active regularly, you have to share different types of articles and videos regularly. Must be joint in different groups.

Paid marketing

It is a comprehensive marketing strategy. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Lead collection

Lead care

Sales funnel

Content development

Understand the behavior of potential customers

Newsfeed algorithm

Target the right audience

Re-marketing technique

Monitoring monthly marketing reports

Sort of marketing plan according to the report

Analyze the competitors

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