7 ways to avoid hacking - How to prevent hacker attacks

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7 ways to avoid hacking - How to prevent hacker attacks


Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or computer network without any legitimate permission. Those who do hacking are hackers. ... There can be many types of hacking. If you use your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, various electronics and digital devices without legal permission, it also falls under hacking.


A hacker is a person who is involved in security / insecurity and is particularly skilled at detecting vulnerabilities in a security system or is able to infiltrate or otherwise have an in-depth knowledge of another computer system. ... Black hat hackers who are known as black hat hackers.

7 ways to avoid hacking 

Hacking seems to have gotten a lot easier lately. Nowadays, everyone's online account is more or less at risk of hacking. And the problem is, only they can tell you the best way to escape from hackers. Recently, CNN published seven valuable tips given by hackers to avoid hacking. Since the hackers themselves gave this advice, the media has claimed that if you follow it, you will be safe online.

The phone's Wi-Fi is off

Do not turn on the phone's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth all the time. Hackers tend to look for such opportunities. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on all the time, even strangers try to see what's in the phone.

What's the problem with running all the time? The problem is, hackers can find out which networks you were active on before. Hackers used to get the trap of cheating from the previous network. Hackers create new networks in the guise of previous networks to lure your phone to a previous Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. Once inside the network, hackers infiltrate a large number of malware on the phone and unknowingly steal information from the phone, continue to do things like surveillance. So turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed.

Use two levels of security

Now it is not right to feel secure with just a password. Passwords seem to be hacked almost all the time.

Use two-step authentication or two levels of security. Many websites or services now offer two levels of security. This two-tier verification process requires the user to use a regular password on his account as well as another code on the smartphone and tab when logging in. It provides an extra level of security. So as long as you have a mobile phone in hand, you can be sure that no one else can access the account. Many services like Apple, Google, Facebook, Dropbox have this two level verification process. Whenever you try to log in to a new device, you will be asked for a secret code after entering the password. You'll just get it on your phone right away. If the hacker knows your password, you will not be able to hack the account until you know the code on your mobile.

Smart password

Use long and complex passwords on accounts or websites that contain sensitive information. Complicate passwords with letters, symbols, numbers, etc. Use a different password for each website and use Password Manager to remember passwords. In this case ‘laspass’ or ‘password safe’ can be useful. Change your password at least once a year.


Use HTTPS while browsing each website. You can use the 'HTTPS Everywhere' tool to use HTTPS. This tool encrypts all the information in your browser. If you only use HTTP in the address bar, anyone can monitor your internet browsing.

Wi-Fi setup

Enter the password for Wi-Fi setup. Do not use the default password. Select WPA-2 when providing security encryption. Most routers offer Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) or Wireless Protected Access (WPA) by default. Eliminate this encryption at any cost.

Wi-Fi is not hidden

During your home router settings you are asked, ‘Hide the SSID?’ If you select ‘Yes’ to hide your Wi-Fi, your mobile phone or laptop actively scans to find the home network. Your device continues to scan to get the network all the time even when connected. Ben Smith, a Wi-Fi hacker from a secret US government project, said: "When it comes to security, you hide your SSD and surrender to five-year-old technology."

Hurry to buy internet convenience products

Many people rush to buy new internet products when they come on the market. Technology companies do not pay much attention to privacy and security in the way they rush to market new Internet products. Hacker Stanslav said: "It simply came to our notice then. So new products with internet access should be bought to see if they are safe.How to prevent hacker attacks

How to prevent hacker attacks

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