How to protect imo account from hackers

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How to protect imo account from hackers.

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About Imo

There are various mobile applications online for exchanging messages and talking in audio-video calls. Imo is at the forefront of some of the most popular messaging applications.

IMO  software is a little more popular in our country. More or less everyone uses this app. However, many people are heard to say that they have been hacked emu.

Their claim is that someone is trying to hack IMO account and take money from people on contact list. So many people think the question is what to do if the IMO is hacked? How is IMO hacked?

Imo can be hacked?

Let's find out what hacking is. Hacking is a process where someone enters someone else's account or network or computer without any valid permission.

However, what happens to us is that when we open our Imo account, someone else uses that number and logs that Imo account to his mobile through PIN verification.

It is not a simple process to hack any Imo  id. And the one who does this is not an Imo  hacker, he is a fraud. You will also find various tutorials on Google and YouTube.

Some of the headlines are "Imo hacking software, Imo  hacking method, Imo  ID hacking rules" and so on. However, it is never possible without Imo hack code number.

So the way to survive the Imo hack is to make us aware that no one else can use our number in any way. Then the system of hacking Imo of cheaters will be stopped.

However, it is true that not everyone has equal knowledge about these matters. So many scammers can resort to this scam or hack others' IMO . In today's post, we will discuss what to do if someone's Imo account goes under someone else's control or Imo  ID is hacked. If you or someone you know has an Imo hack, learn from this post to help them get that account back.

What to do if Imo ID is hacked:

Suppose someone using your mobile number has logged your Imo account on their mobile through PIN verification. He can see what you are texting from his mobile. Maybe he is texting someone else on your behalf.

Now let us know how to solve it. All you have to do is to remove the Imo account from the settings of the emu account logged in to your phone and log in to the cheater's mobile. Let's find out more about this.

know if your account is logged in someone else's mobile

  1. Enter your Imo.
  2. Go to the More option from Explore.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Go to Imo Account Settings.
  5. Go to Manage Devices.
  6. If your emu account is not logged in to someone else's mobile, then only the name of your device will be below the text 'You Can Log Out Device Of The Phone In This List'.

And if someone else has hacked Imo and logged in, then the text will show the name of all these devices.

If someone else logs in to your Imo account, delete it as follows:

01: If you see the name of any device other than your device in the list, then click on it.

02: Click on the delete option there.

03: Now a code will come in the message to your mobile number. And if you put that code, your account will be removed from that mobile forever.

And if it so happens that you do not currently have the number that you used to open your Imo  account. Then first you have to change the old number and add new number.

How to protect  imo account from hackers

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