YouTube Complete Guide 2022


YouTube Complete Guide 2022

Dear viewers, this article will be very important for those of you who want to use YouTube, because you will be able to see the complete contents of YouTube through this article.

Creating  YouTube channel

Dear viewers, you can create your own YouTube channel, but if you don't know how to create a professional youtube channel, if you don't know Airtel you will know how to create a professional youtube channel, you have to have a unique and preferred name. The YouTube channel will quickly become known to the public and you will be able to achieve success on YouTube very quickly so be sure to check the name of your YouTube channel before opening the YouTube channel and then open the YouTube channel.

First, you need to create a Gmail to open a youtube channel. You must know how to create a Gmail. I was talking about how to create a Gmail. If you have a Gmail then you log in to that Gmail. A screenshot has been provided for your convenience.

The first time you go to YouTube, you will open the Gmail login. A channel can be created automatically. Of course, you can use this option to create a channel with your favorite NMNM key. You can use this option to edit the names. Can decorate.

You can see in the screenshot above that the channel name and description is a very important issue because depending on this description your channel can be basically a bank. You must try to write your description neatly and interestingly.

YouTube Video 

Dear viewers, after you have created the channel beautifully, now when you upload videos to your youtube channel, the content of the videos you upload to your youtube must be good if you want to get success from youtube. It will be good for you because when you make a video if the quality is not complete then how will the viewer watch the video.

For this, you must focus on the video content. You can make your video as beautiful as you can be known to the people and you can be presented to the audience in a very beautiful way.

What is YouTube Creator Studio?

Dear viewers, YouTube Creator Studio is a topic where you can easily control your youtube channel, especially for your convenience, I will share some screenshots that will be good for you, if you can control the youtube channel through full compression youtube, especially You can see everything including the title, description, and analysis through this app and this creator of the treaty.

The screenshot you see above is the YouTube Creator Studio homepage in which you can see the Facebook Watch Time and the Subscribe Account here.

Also if you want to edit your youtube video and do seo then you can do SEO with this option especially you can see in the screenshot above how I edited my video and giving the titles and descriptions there are many more things here like You can add such things through this option.

Analyze the screenshot you see above. You can easily search all the information in your youtube channel with the names of your youtube channel, see your videos and how you are dancing in your video, you can control everything through this youtube creator studio. Apps.

Income from YouTube

Dear viewers, in order to earn income from your youtube, you must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch times on your youtube channel. This is the first condition on youtube. You can easily make a good amount of income from YouTube, but it is better to say one thing, the better you are, the more your income will increase and you will be able to achieve success very fast from YouTube.

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