How to get traffic to a new blog

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How to get traffic to a new blog

Disappointed with not being able to find a way to get visitors to the blog site, many have even been forced to give up blogging. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to get visitors to the blog site and share some tips that if you follow, you will never have to think about getting visitors again.

Ways to make money with blogs

While searching for ways to get visitors to the Google blog site, I did not skip reading any such article. There are many ways to say that in those articles, but I could not find a way to bring visitors. Everyone is sharing so many ways but they themselves are not getting visitors in these ways. And those who are getting a lot of regular visitors never share how they are getting visitors.

One of the major problems with many new and old blog sites is the lack of visitors. I have researched and found some ways that if you follow regularly, you will definitely succeed in blogging. Of course regular. Since you are writing for visitors, visitors will come to your site.

Now let's explain step by step how to get visitors to the blog site-

Articles: Visitors will come to your blog site only to read articles. So you need to write high quality articles as per the demand of the visitors. You need to write your article in such a way that the needs of your targeted visitors are not incomplete in any way.

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As an example, I read the writings of some of the sites I visited to find ways to get visitors to the blog site and I did not get any practical results by applying them in practice. As a result, I no longer have confidence in those sites.

I made two or four insults in my mind and decided that I would never forget the name of the site again in the future.

What is the way to increase the visitors to the blog? Learn how to increase traffic

On the other hand, those of you who have read my article will find all the ways to get visitors to a functional blog site, then you will be happy and satisfied with me. Remember the name of this site, save it in the browser, suggest it to someone. That is to say, when we are completely satisfied, we don't have to say anything else. I hope you understand how important articles are to get visitors.

Another major challenge for those who are new to blogging is finding content ideas. So start blogging on a specific topic. Of course, there is something about which people are interested. Simply put, with examples. Because it is difficult to find a blog content idea. I have also written articles on this subject. You can read it if you want.

Suppose our notebook. The main purpose of our blog site is to benefit people. Provide simple solutions to problems for which no practical solution can be found. Now see if your problem is not getting visitors, then I have to understand that you are also having problems with coming up with blog content ideas. In the same way, every problem is associated with many more problems in different ways. So I have to think about all the problems you may have and give an easy, beautiful and practical solution. Then our notebook will get a place in your favorite list

Ways to make money with blogs

Then it is clear that the way to get visitors to the blog site and the key is the article. If you want to know more about the article, be sure to ask questions in the comments.

Facebook Sharing: Before you write an article, find out where the visitors you targeted are on Facebook. Deliver your article to them. Share links only for targeted visitors without sharing links anywhere. If your writing can really satisfy someone then they will voluntarily share your article. Whatever you do-

Targeted visitors are added to groups, pages, and Facebook where they are active.

If there is any post related to that article, please share the link in the comment.

 Post to timeline Post to group and page and invite targeted visitors.

Facebook groups do not approve of sharing links, it is completely wrong. If your article is useful to everyone in the group then your post will definitely be approved. I myself have gotten a lot of good visitors by sharing posts in several groups. Things that can't be done-

→ Share the link by commenting wherever.

Share the link in the inbox.

Never bother anyone with these. Then people will have a bad attitude towards your site. Always keep in mind that your writing should only reach those who really need it. Your purpose is to benefit the people, not to offend anyone while doing good.

For this, you have to create some Facebook IDs and share regular links in them. And add your targeted visitors to these IDs.

In this way, you will easily get up to 100-500 visitors every day in a brand new condition. Your visitors will continue to grow as you continue to post and share.

Most visitors have to take from Facebook. There are many good aspects of this, for example, you can also earn income from Facebook using instant articles on Facebook. That's why you need to get 1500+ visitors from Facebook every day.

And in the new situation, there is no other way to get visitors except your Facebook. You can boost your post on Facebook by spending a little money. You can reach 30-35 million visitors for just ২০ 20.

Google, Bing, Yahoo: Search engines are the most effective way to get visitors. If you do a good job in the above two steps, it will not be difficult for you to get ranked in the search engine. Visitors' interest in posts shared on social sites is a good signal for Google to rank. In order to be ranked in search engines, you need to know keyword research.

I know you can't do SEO so well in the first place. If you blog in Bengali, keyword research is more difficult. I will share some practical tips. If you follow these, you will be able to choose good keywords. Moreover, the notebook website has shared how you can bring your article to the 1st position on the 1st page of Google. If you read these, you will be dragged to the 1st position of Google search page.

Well, now do a Google search for the topic you will be writing about. You will find related keywords like the picture below. Use ‘keyword everywhere extension’ in Google Chrome browser. Here you will find some more keywords. Write articles with selected keywords from these. If you want to get visitors from search engines, you have to learn SEO. It is not difficult to learn SEO by doing other things.

Blog Commenting and Guest Posting: You can bring visitors by posting guests on big blog sites like Techtunes, Somewhere in. Use your site link with the post. Therefore, your post should be written in such a way that visitors are interested in visiting your site.

Find relevant sites with your site. Comment on the link of your post in the guest post on their site or in the posts related to the post on your site. Comments must be made in such a way as to increase the interest of the visitors to visit your site.

YouTube: Make a video on the type of content you are posting on your blog and upload it to YouTube. The easiest way is to make a video with a slide show using a screen recorder. Give the link of your blog site in the video description. This way you will get a lot of visitors. Moreover, you can also earn income from YouTube.

Read this post to know how to download and use Best Free Computer Screen Recorder Computer Screen Recorder

Branding: The more visitors your website grows, the more visitors it will grow. When your website becomes popular, you no longer have to look for visitors. Visitors will come to your site on purpose. This is why your site needs a beautiful name. So that visitors can easily remember.

Visitor Interest Research: Now you regularly monitor Google Analytics. Research what kind of posts your visitors are reading more. Then post relevant articles with those topics. Read the comments of the post regularly. If your visitor wants to know something, write an article about it. Send the link of the post to the visitor by email. Always give utmost importance to the interest of the visitors.

Web Push Notifications: Use push notifications to capture visitors. In this way, as soon as you update a new post, the notification will go to the visitors' mobile. To do this, go to your WordPress dashboard, install and configure the One signal web push plugin.

Site Loading Speed: The loading speed of your website should be good. For this use for improving website speed you can use wp rocket plugin on your wordpress site.

10. Patience: You have to work with patience. Don't give up hope easily. If you continue to work regularly with patience, gradually the results will start to get better.

Dear readers, you have to give regular posts to increase the visitors. Remember, the more posts, the more visitors. Suppose you get 500 visitors in one post. If the post is 10 then visitors will come close to 5000. If you regularly write good quality articles, visitors will come to your website.

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You are indeed a valued reader of MR Laboratory. Thank you so much for reading How to get traffic to a new blog article. Please let us know how you feel after reading this article.

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