How to do Affiliate marketing on Amazon, A to Z guide 2022

Are you certain to do affiliate marketing on Amazon? I appreciate you because you choose the easiest. How to do Affiliate marketing on Amazon, A to Z

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How to do Affiliate marketing on Amazon, A to Z guide 2021
How to do Affiliate marketing on Amazon, A to Z guide 2021  

Are you certain to do affiliate marketing on Amazon? I appreciate you because you choose the easiest and fastest way to have a platform of revenue. You may earn money even while you are sleeping.

 In this article, I am going to make you a successful Amazon affiliate. So are you super excited? I heard you say yes!

Let’s get started…

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing tactic of earning money by promoting any company’s products or services when drive a sale. The revenue comes as sailing commissions of sold products or services.

It has a great beneficial value for both company and affiliate marketer. The company grows its sales and marketer benefited from the commissions of driven sales.

What is the Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon affiliate program called “Amazon associates” is the best choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers as it's totally free for all. According to this program, an affiliate marketer advertises the products of and crating links technically on their sites. 

When consumers click and buy any product through their links, they earn commissions as referral fees. Those commissions come from Amazon directly. 

It’s time to become an Amazon affiliate. Are you ready? Let’s check down below and follow those easy steps. 

How to become an affiliate of Amazon  

Here is given the process step by step and you must follow. 

Step-1: You must have a website. So you have to be the authority of a website anyhow. 

Step-2:  Create an Amazon Affiliate account on the platform.

Step-3: Fill up entire form with genuine information.

Step-4: Explain your activity and traffic of your website 

Step-5: Choose your payment method which can be credit card.

Step-6: You will find a dashboard and collect the unique associate ID that given from Amazon. Now it’s time to create link.

The concept is too simple, isn’t it?   

Let’s discuss what should or should not place on your website. 

Amazon affiliate requirements

Your site must be free from promoting obscene, violent, sexually explicit, discriminatory, or fake material as an affiliate.

You must not make any false and deceptive promotion on your website.

Do not use the Amazon affiliate link in offline promotions like via E-mail, E-book or privet groups.

Do not use link shorteners. I mean, Affiliate link always should be clear and understandable that you are linked up with Amazon. Don’t use the link as button or hyperlink.

Your website should have privacy and policy page which display the required privacy laws.

Do not use cookie install software and plugins. And never force the visitor to click on the links.  

There are some other requirements, terms and conditions should follow as an affiliate. You may find in details in Amazon affiliate program’s website. 

After finishing all of the process now we have to think about the earning process

Make money with Amazon Affiliate marketing

So far, you have got the main point of the earning of Amazon affiliate program. Yes! You are absolutely right, its referral fees. Now check the full process step by step.

Step-1: Make a high Quality niche research, analyze your recourses and choose the best niche.

Step-2: Write Posts on your niches. Post can be the review of products or comparisons of two or more products. 

Step-3: Don’t be tired. Keep the consistency. Try to publish post in each and every week.  

Step-4: Post should be user attractive, user friendly, informative, authentic and SEO optimized also. 

Step-5: Now post the products links on your blog post technically.

Step-6: Try to reach your targeted audience with your posts. You may share in your social media or promote your website by hiring a promotion expert digital marketer. 

Done! When they click on your given links and parches product you will get the commissions.

Congratulations! You have done everything on your website. Now it’s time to get payment as an Amazon associate. 

Amazon affiliate payment method  

You will get payment from Amazon as deposit on your bank account directly. You also use Amazon gift card or check by E-mail as alternative payment method. 

As an Amazon associate, you will get paid monthly but your earning transfer will take sixty days.

A question can be traverse around your mind that when your paid will start? Actually a terms is here, after applying to the Amazon Associates program, your account will be approved for 180 days. During that time, you have to make least one sale; otherwise your account will be marked as closed. So you will start your paid after 180 days if you able to sale at least one product. 

You don’t like this rule, do you? I know you say “no I don’t” So you should work a little bit heard. As an affiliate marketer money is our motivation. So let’s check the earnings.

Amazon affiliate earnings 

If you think deeply you will find, the earnings will depend on your work, experience, and time spent on work. Obviously, some other factors matter on earnings as Amazon provide commission different rate in different categories. For instance, Amazon coins have 10% commission; Digital music has5% commissions; and PC/PC accessories have 2.5% commissions. 

Anyway how much money you can expect from Amazon? I swear! You may earn $100-$25000 in a month. Let me explain.

Suppose, you have a post where the focused keyword is a long-tail keyword. The search volume of this keyword is 10k. You are on the first page of the SERP. Logically you will gain 2k of traffic. After everything of sorting 50 people buy a product of $100, using your affiliate link. Now if your product commission is 3% then you will get 3*50=$150. You earn $150 per month only from one blog post. 

Make sure your traffic and quality of post otherwise, you can’t earn even $0.1.   


The Amazon affiliate is the best way to have a passive income. So just select a niche and make your career. Though everything is known to you so far, start right now! 

Best wishes for you! 

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