Best online shopping sites in Bangladesh

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Best online shopping sites in Bangladesh

We are all under house arrest because of the coronavirus. But even though we are under house arrest, our necessities are not under house arrest. This means that new things are needed every day. But all the shops are closed due to lockdown. And this time the online shopping centers are relying on. But many people do not know the names of the online shopping centers or are hesitant about which one to buy. So today I came up with 18 online shopping centers for you. Here are just the names of the e-commerce sites and what kind of products are available. Besides, we will provide links to these sites. You can go to the site and see the details. The best online market in Bangladesh

1. Ajker deal: 

Ajker deal marketplace img
Ajker deal marketplace img

Ajker deal is one of the leading online markets in Bangladesh. On this site you will find almost everything. And everything is sorted into different categories that make it easier for buyers to find any product. 1000 products are added to this marketplace every day. You can pay on this site through Cash on Delivery, bKash, DutchBangla or MasterCard and many more. And many people are forced to buy things online at higher prices, but in today's Deal Marketplace, if you take more than the price written on the cover of a product, you can complain and in that case you will be refunded extra money. Even if you want to sell a product, it may be the best medium for you. Because there is also an opportunity to sell panoy here. Click here to shop from this online market.

2. BD Shop: 

bd shop marketplace images
bd shop marketplace images

Another one of the online market place in Bangladesh is BD Shop. This site is mainly known for electronics. But here you will find several more materials besides electronics. Notable among which are Garments Materials, Jewelery, Nakshikatha etc. The marketplace also has a variety of lifestyle items such as watches, sunglasses and more. And there are about 24 types of systems for the payment of their products. So there is no pressure to pay. Click here to shop directly from this online market

3. Daraj: 

daraj marketplace images
daraj marketplace images

Daraj is one of the best online shopping market in Bangladesh. Here you will find everything from different types of software to rice and pulses. Different materials for lifestyle, what electronics take the door! It is currently the International Online Marketplace. Apart from Bangladesh, they have branches in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. And their other advantage is that you can make cash on delivery payment. They also have payment facilities like Visa, MasterCard or bKash. So it goes without saying that you can order a product from the drawer. Click here to visit Marketplace

4. Chaldal: 

chaldal marketplace  images
chaldal marketplace  images

Hearing the name, you must have understood that rice dal is available here. Yes, in this online marketplace you will find everything you need, from rice to pulses. Everything is arranged separately on their site from the materials to keep the house clean and tidy. Which will help you find the product of your choice. Click here to go to online market

5. Pikabo: 

pikabo online marketplace image
pikabo online marketplace image

If you are looking for electronics products, then Pikabu is the best solution for you. Here you will find everything from essentials like watches, smart phones, laptops to products like hair straighteners, hair dryers for your hairstyle. Also if you want to buy a TV, fridge or AC you can do so from this online marketplace. This marketplace is also full of many other electronics items. Their shipping charges are also very limited. Only 40 rupees in Dhaka and 80 rupees outside Dhaka and you will get the product you ordered in just 3-5 working days. So if you buy electronics, you can order from Pikabu now. Click here to visit Pikabu Online Market

6. E-Valley: 

E-Valley marketplace images
E-Valley marketplace images

You may not be online and have not seen e-Valley ads. Although this marketplace is not very old, it has already been awarded the Fastest Growing Online Market. Here you will find everything from your daily necessities to motorcycles, DSLR cameras. However, if you buy anything from this site, you must buy more than 500 rupees. So if you want to buy any product worth more than 500 rupees, you can go to this site. Click here to visit the site directly

7. Priyashop: 

Priyashop marketplace image
Priyashop marketplace image

Another notable marketplace among the online markets is This market place has all the daily necessities including electronics, fashion items, garments, baby toys and caring products. Here you can clear payment through Visa, MasterCard, bKash. Click here to visit this online shopping mall


eghor marketplace image
eghor marketplace image

What kind of house is available in the name of the house? Yes, here you will find cooked food, groceries, first aid kits, gift items, electronics. In a word, you will get everything you need in a room. And if the product is credited, there is also a refund system here. Click here to visit this online shop directly

With the help of Ighar Food App, Ighar customers can now easily order food from their nearest restaurants. At present, there are many restaurants connected across a wide area of ​​Ighar. Join us now to order the food of your nearest restaurant Install Eghar Food App.

9. khaasfood : 

khaasfood marketplace image
khaasfood marketplace image

Compared to popular online stores, Khaasfood stands out with its unique yet useful products. It is easily noticeable by their marketing technique is that they are actually very committed to providing the best possible quality of products to their customers. Concentrating mostly on organic grocery items, at Khaasfood, you can find many different types of items like milk, honey, sugar, puffed rice, flour, nut, various forms of oil and masala, Jam & Jelly, foreign dates and even dry fish.

You can get a free home delivery option for shopping worth more than 1000 TK. Besides, you can get the most out of your shopping by adopting their free items offers and package purchase offers.

Shopping here, you can pay via bKash, credit cards, and other bank channels or cash on delivery. You can get an easy refund if you find your products anyway damaged.

10. Rockmary: marketplace image marketplace image 

A book of words is a friend of danger. So I will talk about the site of other things and not about the book, how is it! If you want to buy books at home, is for you. From here you can buy any type of book of your choice. It could be a detective story, a story, an educational or religious one. So in order to eliminate the boredom of quarantine leisure time as well as increase your knowledge base, order the book now or not. online book market link. click here

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11. Shadmart

Shadmart provides customers a hassle-free shopping experience. They ship products internationally and locally. Shadmart does not have showrooms in Bangladesh. However, they have an experience center where customers can go and check available products. The customers can visit their experience center to determine product quality and durability.

Their website showcases products such as men’s and women’s clothing, household essentials, electronics, home electronics, office supplies, automotive products, and more. They have products from internationally renowned brands like Bosch, Dumex, Prada, Reebok, etc. They do not store products in Bangladesh, and they ship them directly from China. Once you select a product and complete the specifications, their team in China reaches out to bring your product to their China warehouse. The quality and color of the product are carefully matched with your order by the China team. After your product is ensured, they ship it to Bangladesh. The products take 8-10 business days to reach your doorstep. 

As they ship from international sites, they accept payment from local debit/credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Union Pay), bKash, bank transfer, and online banking systems. 

12. Repto

Repto is a high quality online courses selling site. You can learn and develop your skills by taking courses from Repto. It has courses for digital marketing, graphic design, academic, English language, life style, soft skills, video editing and more.

Repto also has a job portal that helps you get your dream job. It offers jobs from popular companies like Chaldal,, Shohoz, Styline, etc.

You can also make money by selling your own courses. If you have any skills that you want to teach others, Repto is the place to help you on that.

So overall, Repto is a e-learning marketplace for buying and selling online courses.

13. Jogaan

With the tagline “Digital Deshe, Digital Bazar”, Jogaan is trying to digitalize the way you buy your grocery. From cooking items to stationeries, Jogaan has almost everything you need in your day to day life. And the great part is, they always offer discounts and sales.

Jogaan promises you to deliver your products within three hours with both cash on delivery and online payment options. It’s very easy to order in Jogaan. Just send a picture of your grocery list and they will take care of the rest.

Jogaan is the right place for your daily, weekly, and monthly bazar.

14. ShoppersBD

Launched in 2014, ShoppersBD is also becoming a growing concern for the online users. From clothing to electronics, from home appliances to beauty products, all you want is here. The website interface is not so impressive as the categorization is slightly backdated. Moreover, a few options such as return policy, terms, and conditions, don’t work.

ShoppersBD offers a wide range of payment methods as Visa, MasterCard, Brac Bank, DBBL, City Bank, bKash, Cash on Delivery, etc.

shoppers by


Shoparu is a Grameenphone initiative that aims at providing best online shopping experience to the online shoppers of our country. You will find products of different varieties from Cloths, books, daily needs, health and fitness, computer and accessories and many more.

The site is elegant and clean, and it makes any user comfortable with the navigation within minutes. The item pictures are bright and enlarged so that you know what you are buying.

Shopnaru has a return and refund policy. If you claim a valid refund or return issue, then it will be returned and refunded within 15-30 days. Payment for products is easy. You can pay through different credit and debit cards, bKash, Visa, American Express, Mastercard. You can also pay cash on delivery.

16. sMarket

sMarket is a sister concern of It has a wide variety of everyday home products such as groceries, cosmetics, frozen food, cleaning products, accessories, herbs, spices, and more.

It has a great number of discounts and deals. Plus, it has seasonal offers too, such as Eid offers. Customers can adjust their price range and filter products to choose budget options for their daily needs. sMartket has an impressive number of payment portals, including American Express, VISA, MasterCard, bKash, and more.

They deliver products within 48 hours. As they have exemplary vendors, you can definitely try out their services for your next grocery order!


So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t sneaked into any of the online shops lately, have a look at one of these websites and start ordering. Coming days, shopping will surely become more and more online.

You can start browsing around with as it has been the most popular one till date. Just go to, choose the product you need, click buy, and then proceed to check out. Fill up all the address they need to ship the product. Get your product home delivered. Enter into the next generation life.

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