How to be successful by outsourcing?

 How to be successful by outsourcing?

The term outsourcing is no longer a new term. Many young people in our country are now taking outsourcing as a profession. Many people want to engage in this profession by learning something through training and friends in different organizations for outsourcing, but it is not possible to get a job just by opening an account in Upwork or any other marketplace. Opening an account is nothing more than the initial stage of starting work. Previous episodes have discussed how to be successful in many areas, including graphics, programmers, and database administrators. This episode discusses how to be successful by outsourcing.

Freelancing or outsourcing
Population is the power base of a country. Population is not a burden for any country. The economic, social progress and development of a country depends on its manpower. On the contrary, millions of unemployed people in our country are looking for job opportunities. If we can't give jobs to this huge public, these efficient people will not be a possibility for us but a burden. Those who are involved in various types of criminal activities will be forced to do so. Looking at the huge population of China, it can be seen that a significant number of them are self-reliant. The biggest example of success is China. The main reason for this is that they are efficient, not dependent on the salaries of their government or various institutions. Most people are small entrepreneurs. Our Bangladesh is also a populous country. This is a big positive aspect for Bangladesh. But we are not able to make proper use of that positive aspect. We spend most of our lives studying and playing sports. But then as an educated person we look dependent on government jobs. Our country expects a lot from an educated person. As an educated person in the country, you have to be a potential entrepreneur without being dependent on others.
According to many, those who are doing well in this profession with low social status have been able to overcome this barrier. Many people do not find a girl in marriage. Because, parents want a secure job. A few days ago, fraudulent companies like Dolenser or Skylancer created a negative attitude among the common people in this industry. The main reason for this is that we go to work without being clear about our ignorance, the result of which is never good.

That kind of work is available
You do not have to be a software engineer to do outsourcing. You have to be proficient in a certain job, maybe you are a good graphic designer, you can do very good programming work or maybe you can do good marketing. In this way you have to be proficient in any one job. Outsourcing can be started only if you have some general knowledge of computer. Many people do virtual offices, such as checking e-mails, replying, drafting something, creating presentations, working in an organization as a virtual executive.

What are the qualifications for a job?
You have to prepare yourself for a certain task. For example, if someone is good at programming, he must have a good idea about the various details of programming. The client will check and sort through various questions before giving the job. So in order to present yourself, you have to be proficient in that subject. It is very important for designers to have a good quality portfolio or work sample.

Where to get work
Several web addresses are mentioned below. These are quite popular. The youth of Bangladesh are doing very well.

There are many more marketplaces where you can work.

The way the interview is conducted
Clients communicate via Skype or social media for interviews. Clients often want to look at interviews or job portfolios before hiring. Many times the client also communicates only through e-mail.

How to withdraw money
Different payment systems on different platforms. When opening an account, you have to decide what the payment system will be. Money can be withdrawn through MasterCard, PayPal or direct bank account. Charges are deducted depending on the payment system.
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