What is project management?

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What is project management?

Project management is the process of achieving the objectives and success of a project using various processes, knowledge, experience and skills. A project manager uses various tools, techniques and methods of project management successfully. And the success of the project depends on using these things efficiently. A project manager can change the current state of the organization and improve the organization by completing different types of projects in an organization. For example, opening a department in a new corner of the organization, arranging for the production of new products in a corner, arranging services in a new corner, etc.

The importance of project management

Businesses benefit from a variety of benefits due to effective project management systems. E.g.

The success rate at work increases.

Business objectives can be achieved.

Appropriate measures can be taken to solve any such problem.

Business risks are greatly reduced.

Risk can be predicted and risk transfer or mitigation measures can be taken.

The right quality products can be produced at the right time.

Quick action can be taken to solve any problem.

The success and failure of the project can be predicted.

Action can be taken against the failure of the project or the project can be closed.

Satisfaction of stakeholders (individuals affected by the project) can be achieved.

Some organizations may face various problems if they do not take proper project management measures. E.g.

Not being able to complete the project on time.

Excessive budgeting.

Results are not up to standard.

Inability to properly deal with risk.

To work again.

Working outside the project scope.

Damage to the reputation of the organization.

Not achieving the purpose of the project.

Failure to achieve stakeholder satisfaction etc.

Role of Project Manager

The main manager of a project is the project manager. All project activities are usually handled under the Project Manager. However, the role of the project manager may vary depending on the organization. A project is handed over to a project manager on behalf of the organization for proper completion. And all the responsibilities are given to complete the project. The project manager uses various resources (human, instrument, material, etc.) of the organization and tries to complete the project successfully using his own intelligence and skills. Before starting the project, the project manager determines the purpose of the project, the time required to complete the project, the results obtained from the project, and the institutional support that will be needed to complete the project. The Institute of Project Management has set a standard guideline for completing projects efficiently and successfully. The project manager can successfully complete the project by managing the project according to the guidelines. However, it is not necessary to use all the guidelines in one project. The project manager will determine the guidelines to be followed for the successful completion of the project according to his requirements, this method is called project tailoring. Another important task of the project manager is to maintain close contact with all stakeholders involved in the project.

Project manager skills

PMI has presented the required skills of a project manager with a talent triangular. A project manager must have three skills in order to work efficiently.

Proficiency in managing technical projects.

Leadership skills.

Skills related to strategic and business management.

Technical project management skills refers to the ability to manage projects efficiently using a variety of project management tools, techniques and methods.

Leadership skills mean the ability to guide, motivate, and control the project team in a variety of ways.

Strategic and business management skills refer to different types of knowledge, skills and experience related to business management. Adequate commitment and knowledge of business improvement and welfare must be present in the project manager. The project manager must have the expertise to take appropriate measures to make the organization profitable by increasing the business value in the project. The proper combination of qualities described in the PMI Talent Triangular will turn a project manager into a skilled and successful project manager.

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