10 ways to grow your tiny Business with Instagram

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10 ways to grow your tiny Business with Instagram

10 ways to grow your tiny Business with Instagram

If you've created an Instagram account for your small business and are using it to get new followers (and clients), you are undoubtedly looking for new ways to increase your efforts on this highly visible social media platform. And, because Instagram interaction is fifteen times higher than Facebook, it's the platform on which a lot of small businesses will grow from startups to thriving businesses.  

Here are seven methods to use Instagram to expand your small business, engage with your target market, and gain followers.

1-Connect it to your other social media platforms.

You might be able to make some additional money and gain new followers if you have an Instagram account that is linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Others will be able to watch your Instagram stream, sort a photograph, treat it, or follow your entire account if you do it this way.

2-Learn about hashtags and how to utilize them.

Learning how to employ appropriate hashtags for your business gives you the freedom to make decisions that aren't constrained by your present subscriber base. When posting, you will be able to use up to thirty hashtags and up to ten for Instagram Stories. The key is to make sure you're not using the same hashtags again and over, but rather that each post is labeled with the right hashtags.

3-What’s your story?

What’s your story?  Stories are short films that fans read in order to pique the attention of others and provide further evidence for the entire. For example, a brewery might post a fast Instagram story on the brewing of a greenhorn IPA to generate excitement among fans and eventually get them to work at the bar to drink it (with a few friends).

Stories are a fantastic way to show off your personality while also interacting with your audience. Stories will support hashtags, @ mentions, and location tagging, as well as more elaborate options like GIFs, polls, countdowns, and questions, all of which can help you grow you’re following. 


Influencers are those who will utilize social media to attract clients and increase revenue, as their name implies. Influencers can aid your business in a variety of ways, so it's critical to understand Ambassadors, sometimes known as influencers, are in high demand. There are many websites to help connect producers with influencers; alternatively, you can approach them and offer them their free articles or services in exchange for their willingness to promote your business on their page.

Even if your business is unfamiliar with Instagram, this marketing tactic is unquestionably effective. According to a survey conducted by Instagramming teams, influencer advertising is worth $5-$10 billion.

5-Get to acknowledge your followers

You should be able to start collecting comments on your posts as the number of your subscribers grows. Please contact me! If you receive important feedback in the comments section, an open and honest answer — whether it's praise or criticism — may make your organization appear more approachable and genuine.  

Of course, angry or uncourteous disagreement is common, and you'd want to record and eliminate it as soon as possible. Also, don't feel compelled to answer to every bereaved remark, as this may come across as twisted and artificial.

Also, keep an eye on your alerts to see if any customers have highlighted articles about your product, identified your company in a photo, or left unsolicited reviews on their personal pages. 

6-Exclusive contests

Exclusive competitions are fun because they allow you to engage with your existing subscriber list while also encouraging entire loyalty to your product or service.  According to statistics, Instagram accounts that hold contests earn 70 percent more followers than those that don't. Furthermore, these posts garner more likes and comments than typical ones; 91 percent of Instagram posts with 1,000 or more comments are thought to be contest posts.

What are the implications for your company? Choose an associate degree-related item or service that might be used as a giveaway for the number of recipients you choose (one is ideal, otherwise you will choose a handful).  In the middle of a caption with clear rules, including an eye-catching image of the article (or a graphic explaining the service). Encourage followers to tag a fan in the comments section to engage with them (including each follower and also the friend). 

Another option is to urge followers to publish something and mention your company in it, resulting in a degree entry. Customize the foundations as much as you'd like, but be prepared to swiftly expand your following and overall presence.

Make your biographical information more accurate. If you spend enough time on Instagram, you'll almost surely come across a message urging you to visit the "link in my profile. So, what does it mean? The highlight of your business history should be a fascinating photograph of the most manufactured product, the face of your company, or another image that shows the soul of your company.  

After that, you only have 150 characters in the Instagram bio to define your business. Furthermore, the bio section is the only place on your Instagram profile where you may engage with your followers. Additionally, the bio part of your Instagram profile is the only place where you may link to your sales page or general website, so take advantage of it. The company also has another benefit.

7-Take a chance with your business.

Instagram acknowledges the value of the platform for businesses and has provided an Instagram option for them. Instagram already has twenty-five million business profiles, with various advertisers using the platform to promote their desired items and designs. In contrast to a personal page, a corporation profile: 

Visit Instagram, where you can tag your products in each post if you already have a private account? Visit searching on Instagram, where you'll really tag your merchandise in each post you've already a private account? Release some opportunities reserved for business promotion, as well as interacting with each post-visit searching on Instagram, where are you really going to tag your merchandise in each post for which you already have a private account? It's simple to convert a personal profile into a company profile.

8-Use the content to kill him.

Your content should be as distinct as your business, which necessitates some talent in addition to your job postings. Each post should entice your followers to learn more about your organization, with the goal of creating a coherent whole through a range of social media updates. What does this mean, exactly? 

The foundation of Instagram marketing is a visually appealing image or video clip that your followers haven't seen before. Consider a content "theme" when writing your articles, which can be as simple as a matching color palette or a series of multi-part articles. Instagram also features a number of other tools, such as Boomerang, Layout, and Hyper Maps, that can assist users in creating incredible content.

9-Authenticity always wins. 

You've put your heart and soul into your business, building it from the ground up with your sweat and tears. The person at the center of it all, you, should be reflected in your social media content. Attempt to avoid overthinking or overproducing each item. Favor spontaneity, the uniqueness of your employees, the tone of your business, or the Zen of your creative environment.

10-Wrapping It Up

Be yourself, let your light shine, and remind your audience why you were born. Followers can be converted into leads, which can be converted into sales, money, and profits with a well-developed social media marketing strategy. If you haven't already, start using Instagram as a low-cost marketing tool.


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