How to restore deleted groups and profiles on Facebook. । Facebook Tricks - MR Laboratory

How to restore deleted groups and profiles on Facebook. । Facebook Tricks

    How to restore deleted groups and profiles on Facebook. । Facebook Tricks
    How to restore deleted groups and profiles on Facebook. । Facebook Tricks

    Why did that happen?

    Over the last few days, Facebook has disabled many large groups.

    As well as the ID of the group admin.

    I think this was a security flaw in Facebook. It will be fixed very soon.

    However, there is nothing to worry about, not only you but many people in Bangladesh have this situation, the largest group in Bangladesh was Evergreen bangladesh, there were over one crore members in this group.

    Many more such large groups have been deleted in the last few days. That's why I told everyone on my Facebook to keep the group archived. This will keep the group safe. You can still see that many groups have been archived.

    All you have to do is bring the group back.

    And this is my tutorial for those who have lost their group.

    Today I will show you how to recover lost Facebook profiles and groups.

    You first visit the link below. Then give whatever you want to give here.

    As I have given.

    Report an Unavailable Group or Event

    click here


    Report an Unavailable Group or Event-MR laboratory


    Here first select the group then, give the link of your group which is called URL. Explain your point well in the description, why your group has deleted without giving you any warning message.

    Explain well. Write in all English.

    What I wrote.

    "Dear Facebook"
    My Facebook group has been deleted. When I logged in to Facebook I got the notification.(I attached in the attached screenshot)
    I want to clearly ensure that my group didn’t violate any terms of Facebook. And in terms of supporting terrorism(reason for the group has been deleted ) I 100% ensure that we didn’t post anything related terrorism.
    Maybe it’s a bug /loophole of Facebook or I don’t know the actual scenario but maybe scammers and spammers posted something inappropriate to my group and reported those posts to Facebook.
    Maybe Facebook’s automated bot deleted the group without validating the actual scenario.
    I also want to mention that many popular groups from Bangladesh also deleted for the same reason.
    Please fix the bug/loophole as soon as possible and recover my group back to me.
    MD Mijan Ctg 
    Then, if you visit the group, you will give the skin shots to the writings that show.

    Go to Choice a file and select it.

    After writing everything, you will see again that everything is fine. Then send it.

    Wait 24-48 hours.

    How to restore Facebook profile.

    If you log in to your Facebook account, your account has been dissable.

    You can see a link called Click the help center. Visit that link on your mobile. Then go to Contact us, fill up everything and then send.

    If you can't find it, visit this link.

    Click this link

    Enter the email address that was added to your account.

    Take a picture of your ID card. You can scan.

    Give as you understand well. You must give real ID.

    So that the date of birth, your name, and address are all just right.

    My Personal Account Was Disabled - MR laboratory

    Scan and submit any one of the IDs from the list below
    Birth certificate
    Driver’s license
    Marriage certificate
    Official name change paperwork
    Personal or vehicle insurance card
    •  Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
      Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
      Tribal identification or status card
      Voter ID card
      Family certificate
      National age card
      Immigration registration card
      Tax identification card

      If you do not have one of the above IDs, scan and submit any two IDs from the list of the following ID types.

      Bank statement
      Transit card
      Credit card
      Employment verification
      Library card
      Magazine subscription stub
      Medical record
      Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
      Paycheck stub
      School ID card
      School record
      Social Security card
      Utility bill
      Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
      Company loyalty card
      Family registry
      Religious documents
      Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional
      Professional license card
      Polling card
      Health insurance
      Address proof card
      Social welfare card

    After sending, check the email after 2/3 hours.

    Thanks, hopefully useful.

    Stay tuned for any new tutorials.

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