Duplicate Content-Checker। Plagiarism-Detector

Duplicate Content-Checker।  Plagiarism-Detector ।  plagiarism-checker সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত
Duplicate Content-Checker।  Plagiarism-Detector ।  plagiarism-checker সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত 

This is something that many people need to know, especially those who have hired a paid author on a blog site, which means buying content for money. And for those who want to bring their content to the rank and need, when your content is 90% and more unique then Google will index it well. Everyone knows what Google index means. As much as you can make your content unique, Google will work to bring it to the rankings. Many people say that I write so much content but my site does not get rank, if your site has more than 50% copied content then how come, again many people can not write content and bring it to the rank, the reason is that their content is common. Done - I mean they are writing content but it is matching with other sites, so if you check the content is unique with plagiarism-checker then Google will index your site's content will come to your site's content rank. Note that Google does not index copied content. Now those who write content themselves and are not unique will follow the tricks, let's say you write a line that says duplicate in plagiarism-checker, you will remove the line and express it in a different way.

1. Learn how to create unique content
2. How to understand if the content is a copy

If the words 1 and 2 are different here, then I can use either one. I can use any one as a title for this post.

By this I mean that if a text line is asked to be copied in plagiarism-checker, you will write that line differently. Hopefully I understood.

Now many question how these tools can be used. plagiarism-checker There are many websites online, out of which I will share the links of 5 good sites among you. Which I have used myself. You can use the site you like at your convenience.

5 Best plagiarism-checker Online 

https://www.quetext.com/      (limit 500 words)

http://plagiarisma.net/    (limit 2000 words)

https://www.duplichecker.com/ (limit 1000 words)

If you want to check on some sites here, you have to register. And some sites can not be checked for 500 words.

Here are 10 tips to make Google a better website

1. Refrain from copying content.
2. Add at least one picture to each post.
3. Use alt, title, attribute with the image that you will add to your site.
4. At least 3 links to your topic related sites (External linking)
5. Keep a link to your post for at least 3 hours. (Internal Linking)
. Use at least one h1 tag and two h2 tags.
. Create a social account with the name of your site and post some of your posts in those accounts.
. And you have to submit it to Google search console. (Watch the video for)
9. Use some of the most searched keywords related to your topic.
(This site can help you with this)
10. Try to write more than 500 words for each content.

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Duplicate Content-Checker 
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