Why do people need computers?


Why do people need computers?

The computer is said to be a tool for the work of the brain. Just as there are hammers to overcome the limitations of the power of the hand, so there are computers to overcome some of the limitations of the brain. We are fascinated by the beauty of what we can do using computers. But the computer itself can't actually do such a complex job, only a few simple things can do, our computer brain sniffs as much as our brain can do. So where is the bravery of the computer?

The limitation of the brain is that even simple things he cannot do very quickly; When he came in large numbers, even simple tasks overwhelmed him. For example, if you ask him to remember the names of many people or many telephone numbers together, he will dance. The brain often fails to memorize a useful word in a crowd of memories. When even simple arithmetic becomes too long, the brain loses its temper. This is where the computer comes in.

The human brain has its limitations, but it can deal with complex things by keeping them complex. That way he can play with the information in his head and consider it. When two people talk, or exchange ideas, there is no need to break each other's words into simple or basic words. In the case of computers but its just the opposite. Computers can be given a lot of complex information, but in the end the computer takes it as a collection of very simple information, working with it in that state. Giving us results, of course, brings back that complexity so that it fits into our thinking system. However, the simple information that can be broken down into a large number of computers can hold together, they can also play very quickly to do something. There is no such thing as a lesser memory or less ability in a computer, because the computer works mechanically. Computers can remember a lot of information at once. He does not lose sight of any of these until he is deliberately deleted.

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