What to do if your career suddenly disappears?


What to do if your career suddenly disappears?
What to do if your career suddenly disappears?

What to do if your career suddenly disappears?

Could your career really disappear? Yes, according to a study by Oxford Economics. In a 2019 research report, the global economic forecasting agency said that automation would eliminate millions of jobs in the next decade, especially in the manufacturing and service sectors, and that software, advanced robotics and other technologies would take the place of humans. Because it is possible to work with these technologies more cheaply, faster and computer controlled than human workers.

But robots are not the only threat to your career. Other risks include the economic downturn and outsourcing. These two issues can create a volatile environment for workers in general or in certain industries.

If you feel that your life is in danger, then you should focus on what to do next rather than worrying about why this is happening.

How to create a plan that will help you survive when changing careers?



# 1. Assess the situation in the cold head

If you do not have enough money in your bank account to run a few months of expenses, determine your position without blaming yourself. Find out if there will be any compensation for losing a job from the company where you have worked before. Also, make sure that you are eligible for any assistance from the government, such as unemployment benefits. Create a budget based on your own expenses, calculate your income and expenses, and identify any shortcomings.


# 2. Find a way to make money without sitting still

It is best to look for ways to make money in the short term quickly rather than waiting for a new full-time job after becoming unemployed. When the future of your profession as a whole is uncertain, it is much more important to try to earn.

As well as long-term planning, try all possible ways to find a way to make money fast. Such as:

Temporary employment: To meet the economic crisis and remain active in the job market, one should be involved in temporary employment.


Gig Work: Many types of temporary job offers like customer service or virtual assistant are always open. Try to take advantage of all the temporary job offers. The advantage of these is that they can be done at your own convenience and in addition to other tasks or responsibilities.


চাক Jobs in organizations that employ skilled people in various fields: Don't lose your job and think that the skills of this job will not be of any use to you or you will not get a new full-time job. Rather, keep in mind that many of the skills you learned in your previous job can be valuable in other jobs and careers. So look for a new job or career that will take the old skills to work.



# 3. Find an interim solution

If previous skills or work experience do not come in handy to fill the career gap, you can take training to acquire a new skill. You can start a well-paying job in a new job by completing a certificate program or course, such as web developing or technician training. These courses usually take just a few months to complete and cost much less than a bachelor's degree from an educational institution.


# 4. Make long-term plans

You can be admitted to a university in the long run to get an additional degree or certificate. Or you can develop your skills for a new career while doing a job. No matter where you go, making a career plan over time will pay off.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a career:

• Self-assessment: In order to choose the right career, you need to know and understand as much as possible about your interests, qualifications and values. Everything needs to be evaluated as well. For this you can take the help of a career counselor or you can take a free self assessment test online.

• Research: After making a list of all the possible professions for you, you need to do research on them. Use a variety of resources to learn more about potential career successes and research them.

Revelation or empirical research: Try to learn more about what you would like to do in real life. That’s why talk directly to the veterans through your professional network and seek their advice.


# 5. Always prepare yourself for something new

If you want to survive in this environment of uncertainty about your career, prepare yourself for a sudden career change as well as a gradual change in yourself. Because there is a need for it in the long run.

The skills you need for your current job may not be useful tomorrow. So the best strategy is to keep on acquiring new skills. So keep trying to enrich yourself by acquiring new skills throughout your life.

In general, every career changes. So be prepared for any change.

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