What is system software example


What is system software example
What is system software example

What is system software example

I have already told you about the application software in Moni, and through today's article you will know, "What is system software (What is system software in Bangla)".

Through the article you will know what is system software, features, examples and functions of system software.

System software is software that manages and controls a computer's hardware.

And because of these system software application software can run and work on the computer.

Speaking of straightforward and simple examples of system software, the operating system is a great example of this. That is, the Windows or Mac operating system that you are using in your computer system.

Because, an operating system or OS (OS), manages every program of the computer.

System software is a computer program that is created or designed to run (RUN) hardware and application programs.

System software can be considered as an interface between hardware and user application.

So let's go, below we don't know in detail, what is actually meant by system software.

System software is the basic software that creates a platform for other software to work.

System software is some of the programs whose job is to run a computer system and make it work.

It is this type of software that controls and manages computer hardware and helps guide them to work.

Therefore, it is not possible to imagine a computer device without system software.

System software basically helps to run the hardware and application software in a computer device.

In addition, this software works to manage the entire computer device.

If we talk about the example of system software, then different operating systems such as mac, Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, BIOS, Drivers (Bluetooth, WLAN, Audio) etc. can be taken as the main example.

In addition, various game engines, search engines and software as a service applications can also be included in the system software.

Mobile and computer systems are managed and controlled through system software.

This type of software basically runs and works in the background of the device and helps to maintain the necessary functions.

Because of this system software, higher-level application software can perform their work efficiently.

Since system software works primarily on a computer or mobile device, this type of software is called "low-level software".

A platform is created by the system software so that the application software can work on the system and communicate with the users.

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Let's know in detail how many types of system software and what they are.

Types of system software - Types of system software in Bengali

If we talk about the types of system software, then the system software can be divided into 5 different parts.

And remember, they control the process and work of computer hardware.

  •     Operating system
  •     Device driver
  •     Firmware
  •     Translator
  •     Utility

Operating system

An operating system is a very important and necessary type of system software for any computer device. In fact, it plays a major role in connecting the user and the computer.

The main function of the operating system is to convey the user's instructions to the computer and to convey the answers, solutions or messages given by the computer to the user.

At the same time, it is the job of the operating system to start, monitor and finish user-created programs.

Simply put, an operating system is a medium by which a user can present his complete instructions to computer hardware and obtain output from them.

An operating system is the first installment of a computer system.

Examples of operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Device Drivers

Device driver software is the system software that is some computer program that helps to manage or control a particular type of device (device) connected to the computer.

You can also say that a device driver provides life between different computer devices and peripherals.

Drivers allow all components and external add-ons connected to the computer to work on their own.

Mouse, Keyboard, Soundcard, Display card, Network card, Printer, etc. are the names of some of the devices that need a driver to work.


Firmware is a type of software that is basically embedded in a piece of hardware.

This means that this type of software is embedded in flash, ROM, or EPROM memory chips.

It manages and controls all the activities of any single hardware.

You can think of firmware directly as "hardware-software".

Translator / Programming Language Translators

These are some of the special intermediate programs that are used to translate high-level language source code into machine language code.

Translating is important because a computer can only understand and follow programs written in machine language.

For example, Java, C ++, Python, PHP, BASIC, etc.

Language translators are mainly divided into compilers, assemblers, and interpreters.


This language processor is used to convert assembly languages ​​into machine-level languages.


This language processor is used to convert high-level languages ​​into machine-level languages ​​at the same time or simultaneously.


This language processor is used to convert high-level languages ​​into machine-level languages.

However, in the case of language conversion, the line-by-line process is used here, which slows down the execution time.


Utilities are those system software that are between system and application software. These are small programs that are mainly for computer diagnostic and maintenance tasks.

Their work can be at different levels and different from crucial data security to drive defragmentation.

Utilities are basically some third-party tools that come bundled with the operating system.

Examples of some utility software are Antivirus, File Management System, Disk Management tools, Disk cleanup tool, Backup utility etc.

Features of system software - (Features of system software)

  1. There are a lot of features of the system software, but below we just know about some of the important features.
  2.     If we talk about the speed of this type of software, then their speed is much higher.
  3.     They are directly connected to the hardware and remain alongside the system.
  4.     System software is written in low-level language so that CPU and other hardware can be easily understood.
  5.     The size of the system software is relatively small compared to other applications.
  6.     Designing these types of software can be a daunting task.
  7.     System software cannot be easily manipulated, as they do not interact directly with the user and are written using complex programming languages.

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