what is express wifi by facebook


what is express wifi by facebook
what is express wifi by facebook

What is Facebook WiFi, why and how?

Are you a business owner who provides free WiFi? Do you have a Facebook page? If you run a small business and want to give your customers free WiFi access, what is the best way to do it? You can set up a guest network using your router and hopefully your data will be safe from hackers or very interested customers. So Facebook WiFi is a functional option for you. Wondering? The check-in initiative, including Wi-Fi for Facebook, is part of a larger plan in the local market that encourages merchants to create and maintain pages on social networks. So let's not know today what is Facebook WiFi and all the detailed information about this

What is Facebook WiFi?

Facebook WiFi is basically free internet shared with Facebook. So whenever someone visits your store they can access the internet and browse social media, also a person can open “Find WiFi” through the Facebook app. You will be shown all the places around you that have / support this facility. Facebook WiFi turns your router into a WiFi hotspot, prompting WiFi search customers to check-in and like your Facebook page before using the web for free. It shares offers and announcements with your customers. So Facebook WiFi opens the door to increase engagement on your Facebook page and build a closer relationship with your customer.

Advantages of Facebook Wi-Fi

Marketing your business: Facebook advertises in the WiFi directory. When customers check-in by tagging your business, their friends and networks can see this information, which helps you reach a wider audience and more potential customers.

Page engagement: By connecting your guest to Wi-Fi, customers are able to get online without having to enter a long password on their smartphone. Customers will like and check-in on your Facebook page. After customers check-in, your Facebook business page is shown, where they can send messages to your business, share photos, or leave reviews.

Improving Page Rank: Check-in and engagement increase your page activity. Which improves the position of your page rank in the nearby tabs in Facebook search and mobile apps.

Customer Insights: See customer insights. Such as your business connection number and check-in.

Easy set-up: Set up your existing Wi-Fi router so customers can quickly access the Internet. Customize options such as setting a secure password, the length of the session, adding multiple routers, and a limit on how long a customer can stay online. No one wants someone to make a mistake in your cafe or store and buy just a coffee for the home office and all day long and using the toilet, heating and lighting. And keep in mind that Facebook provides uninterrupted access to WiFi which is why very few customers will ask for your WiFi password.

Advantages of Facebook Wi-Fi

 If you have a physical location business like a store or restaurant, you can set up Facebook Wi-Fi to get more customers. Most people can configure their routers to give them an access point by following the instructions on their Facebook page, only some or newer models of routers support it. Facebook Wi-Fi allows customers to connect to your business guest Wi-Fi after they check-in to your business on Facebook. Check-in shows up in customers' newsfeeds, which is also visible to their friends and your Facebook page. Even if a friend has been to the place before, he can see it on the page. Using Facebook WiFi to connect with your customers will allow them to connect with your business. You can even check your ongoing promotions via Facebook WiFi and your customers will like your Facebook page. This will help you spotlight your business to find other customers near you or your customers Facebook friends. This will help you grow your business by marketing. You will also benefit from aggregate, anonymous demographic data such as age, gender, and interest of customers who sign in to Facebook Wi-Fi, and then you can use that data to engage the target audience by running that Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook WiFi setup:

Before you start, find out what you need to set up Facebook WiFi

You need to have a business page on Facebook.

You must be the admin of your Facebook page.

Your business page must have a location or address listed in your business information.

You must have a router and your mobile phone that is compatible with Facebook Wi-Fi.

You must be connected to the Wi-Fi network for which you are trying to set up Facebook Wi-Fi.

Set up Facebook Wi-Fi:

 Facebook Wi-Fi is easy to set up. 20 minutes or less. No technical skills required. To set up Facebook Wi-Fi:

Connect to Wi-Fi: From Page Settings, connect your Facebook page to Facebook Wi-Fi and select your settings.

Customize settings, such as skip check-in, session length, and more. If your customers don't need to check-in to your Facebook page to use your Wi-Fi, you can select the Skip check-in link.

Check your Facebook Wi-Fi by connecting your device to Wi-Fi and wait for the Facebook login screen to appear. Then check in and ask to connect to Wi-Fi.

If you want to change the Facebook Wi-Fi settings for a page, open the settings for the page. Then select Facebook Wi-Fi.

If you can't find Facebook Wi-Fi on your router's settings page, it may not be supported on that router model. You can buy a router that supports Facebook Wi-Fi. Or, you can contact a local technician for help.

Routers that support Facebook WiFi:

  1. TP-Link
  2. Intelbras (Brazil and Latin America only)
  3. Netgear
  4. Ubiquiti UniFi
  5. Meraki
  6. D-Link
  7. Zyxel
  8. Aruba
  9. Ruckus
  10. ASUS
  11. Open Mesh

In this age of current technology and marketing, Facebook WiFi is one of the most important part of Facebook marketing. If you are worried about the security of your information, you will be surprised to know that Facebook users are very much aware of security. Even in the stores where customers take advantage of WiFi, their information i.e. all the information of web browsing will be kept secret. Only the owner of that business will be able to see his user ID, name and some basic information. This keeps the information of both the customer and the owner secure. So you can launch Facebook WiFi facility today to expand your business. This will promote your business and reduce the cost.

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