water pollution paragraph


water pollution paragraph

Water Pollution Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Here are some short paragraphs on Water Pollution for SSC and HSC students. The paragraphs describe the problem of Water Pollution. You know Water has become a part of our life. So paragraph on Water Pollution is very important for SSC/HSC level students. You can write this paragraph for the following headings:

  1. What is water pollution?
  2. How do people pollute water?
  3. How do mills and factories pollute it?
  4. What is the result of it?
  5. What should we do to prevent it?

Water Pollution Paragraph For SSC Exam 2021

Water is one of the important elements of the environment. Life is impossible without fresh water. So water is life. But polluted water is harmful to health. We pollute water in many ways. Farmers use chemicals, fertilizers, and insecticides in their fields. The chemical, fertilizer gets mixed with rainwater. It causes serious water pollution. Mills and factories also pollute water. They throw poisonous waste products and toxic chemicals into rivers. Open Latrines on rivers and canals also pollute water. Water vehicles also pollute water.

Man throws human waste and food waste into rivers. Polluted water creates many people to die because of water-borne diseases. Our farmers should lessen the use of chemicals fertilizer to prevent water pollution. We should make the people conscious. We should educate them. Mills and factories also should stop throwing toxic chemicals. We should not make open latrines on the bank of the river. We should not throw human waste and food waste into rivers.

Water Pollution Paragraph For HSC Exam 2021

The process of making water dangerously dirty is called water pollution. The water-filled with filth and germs is call polluted water. Polluted water is harmful to the human body. Water is being polluted continually by human beings in many ways. Farmers use chemicals, fertilizers, and insecticides in their fields. Those toxic chemicals get mixed with the water of the rivers, canals, and ponds through rain and flood. Thus the surface water resource is polluted badly. Again mills and factories throw their toxic chemical wastes into rivers and canals.

In rural areas sanitary latrines and drains standing on the river banks are also responsible for this problem. The villagers often throw the dead bodies of animals and rotten plants in the river which ass to water pollution. Steamers and motor launches pollute water by dumping oil and throwing dumps into water. By drinking polluted water people get affected by various water-borne diseases. Cholera, dysentery, etc break out in an epidemic form.

The government should not allow mills and factories to discharge chemical waste indiscriminately. Public awareness should be raised. We should train people how to keep water pure and clean. We should always remember that pure water is essential for your life. Through proper management of waste, we can get rid of water pollution.

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