watch video and earn money 2021


watch video and earn money
watch video and earn money

I will describe your 20 websites or apps. From where you can easily earn money by watching videos. The easiest way to earn money online is by watching videos or ads. There are many such sites or apps. From where you can earn money by watching ads or videos.

Watch Video Money Income 2021 (Details)

The amount and quality of earning money by watching videos is very low. Then I will discuss sites that are hundreds of times better than other spamming sites on the Internet. So that you do not have to admit spamming in this regard. So let's start without delay.

How to earn money by watching videos?

First let me give you some ideas. What is the way to make money from these websites? These sites show you sponsored videos. Or an application that runs for a certain amount of time. This is how income can be made. 20 legit websites that will pay you. Let's talk about them.

You can get the link of the sites by clicking on their name. There it is.

1. National Consumer Panel. Online surveys, short video platforms.

It is a company that collects data related to various data usage of customers. Means collecting information. For this they provide surveys in the form of surveys or videos. You can earn money here by filling them.

Before that let me give you an idea about video survey. Video Survey is a survey system where you can earn money by watching videos. At the same time it is possible to complete the survey. And he is known about different products in the video. And through this, basically the site users are paid. It will collect various information from you by completing all the surveys that are available here. And will pay appropriately instead. It's not like a data entry job. Rather it will collect various personal information from you.

Using its app, you can scan various products through Android or iPhone. Or you can use this site's own app here. The more surveys you complete here, the more you can earn. It has its own app. If you complete the survey from there, you can earn income. From here you can earn NCP points. He can redeem the points later for gift card or online cash.

2. Make Money on AppNana

Apnana is such an online platform. Where there is a system to redeem points instead of watching videos. This is a popular online application. Which can also be downloaded from the Play Store. Here you can redeem Amazon Gift Card, Google Gift Card by accumulating points.

You can redeem the points by watching a 20-30 second video. Here you can also earn money through friend referrals. When someone will accept your referral. You can take 2500 points at the same time.

Apnana's minimum pay-out is $2. You can redeem PayPal or Google Gift Card. In the last blog I showed you how to create a PayPal Business Account.

3. SuccessBux. Easily earn money online by watching videos.

Success Box is an online website. This is another free website. Watching the video will give you the opportunity to earn money. This website only appeals to regular users. By running any video here, you will not be able to go to useful work. Instead, you have to click on the video from time to time.

Here are some ways to make money. First of all, you can earn money by watching videos here. You can also earn money by listening to online radio. Also refers. Again, you can earn money by testing or reviewing other people's products. If you listen to any radio for 10 minutes here, you will get $ 0.005.

Here are some paid memberships. If you buy them with money, you will get 100 percent income from your referrals. This website is for you if you have good referral talent. Here you can withdraw a minimum of 1 dollar. The way to withdraw is PayPal or Payza.

4. Swagbucks: The best online video-survey platform

Swag Buck is an international quality survey site. If you can learn to complete the survey, you can earn a lot of money by completing the survey online. Launched in 2005, Swagbach is a California-based company. Which pays to see the ad online. Ah no, it pays dollars. Swagbuck is the oldest and most popular site in the online world. It has a good reputation. They really give you the opportunity to make money. People who watch or watch their videos earn money.

They pay to watch different types of videos. Pays. It could be a YouTube video or a video from a different site. Sometimes it is even possible to earn money by watching TV on a particular site. Or if you watch any of their own videos, it will give you a chance to earn money from there. Since this is a survey site. So by completing the survey here, looking at the ad online, there are many more ways to earn money. They even offer different discounts when shopping online. Earnings can be made by using discount coupons.

Swagbuck has given its users a total of $ 275,000,000 in cash and gift cards. In addition to watching videos, they will pay you for all the work online

1) Online shopping.

2) Complete online survey.

3) Fulfill their offers.

4) Web browsing.

5) Search something on the website.

6) Different online or on your mobile. Installing type games.

7) Play games.

8) Using the app on their mobile. Etc.

You can earn SB points by watching some videos here. The categories for watching videos are: Fashion, Travel, Food, Health, Cooking. Income can also be earned by surveying politics and sports. 50 SB points are given for the first time you sign up here. You can redeem these SB points as gift cards. How to redeem a gift card is stated at the very bottom of the blog. Swag Buck has been paying for almost 13 years. Best Tree VPN to make Swagba work better.

5. iRazoo: The income will be as desired

There are two ways to earn extra money from here by completing surveys or watching videos.

You can save points by completing the survey here. You can earn by sharing your opinion. You can earn money by playing any mind-favorite game. Here is the i-resu search. Where you will get 25 points for each search.

You will collect 3000 points. And you can redeem the gift card immediately. Here you can redeem Google Gift Card, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy Gift Card.

6. Dollartune: Earn dollars by watching videos

Dollar Tune is a recent organization. Which also withdraws money in Paytm. But development does not pay. However, the gift card allows you to redeem.

Here too you have to earn with points. If you watch videos of different categories, you will be able to get points at different rates.

More than 1 lakh users work on this platform. Various big companies sponsor here. For example: Nissan, Big Bazar, Fbb, Raymond etc.

7. InboxDollars

InboxDollars and a higher paid site. You can earn money by watching videos here. Payment is made to watch the ad again. Here also the opportunity to watch videos in different categories. It sounds like spam, but it's true that the first time entry bonus is 5. All you have to do is watch a short clip of the video.

Here payment is made through PayPal, gift cards.

8. My Points: Popular PTC site

A popular application site like My Points and others. This app will ask you to complete the survey. Will ask you to search the web. Dollar payment is given instead. Also paid for email reading here. Paid mail will come to your email address every day. You can also earn income by reading them. Ad Watch is a popular way to earn money here.

By picking a specific topic, he will be able to earn more than 500 points daily on that topic. You can also earn money by watching Ed and Hollywood news.

A discount coupon is given as a welcome bonus the first time you sign up here. Which I can use to shop.

9. Paid2YouTube: An online platform

Paid2YouTube is another online platform. Which pays its users to monetize a specific YouTube video. Here you have to watch with any YouTube video advertising. Click on the ad as much as possible. The more you can earn.

You can also earn money by referring friends here. Again, the videos that are commonly seen here, can be earned by rating them. You can also earn money by commenting or subscribing to videos.

Watch as many commercial videos as you can. There will be just as much income here. You can earn দেখে 0.005 by watching each video here. Come on in, take a look. Whenever you can earn 10 dollars here. You can withdraw it on PayPal. And after that, you get 0.01 per video. If you make a comment, you will get  0.10. You can get again 0.35 by subscribing again. It's not spamming. There is no spamming on my site.

10. Ibotta

Ibotta is one such site. Which will give you real money for daily expenses. Here you have to earn it. Here you can earn money by looking at the ad. The app will not send you any junk or spam links.

You can also redeem cash coupons with simple answers here. You can use it later to buy and cut something.

I personally like Swag Bak among these sites. It pays to watch movies or videos in different categories. In this way, money can be earned by watching videos here too

11. CreationsRewards

CreationsRewards is another website that pays for online surveys, videos and website searches and even games. This site provides online revenue for fulfilling various tasks and offers.

It is possible to earn money online by referring friends here. Like other sites, it provides movie trailers. Where income is possible. Here you can earn money by completing any video or simple task. Here you can redeem your reward points in the form of gift cards.

12. MyPoints. Promo codes, rewards, paid surveys.

Although a survey site. However, there is an opportunity to earn money by watching YouTube videos. You can earn money by watching your own video here. Gift cards can be taken by redeeming those points. The use of gift cards is a lot like dollars. Gift cards store dollars. That dollar can be used to purchase a variety of products. For example, you can shop using Amazon Gift Card. Similarly you can take any product or any service on Google using Google Gift Card.

You can earn 500 points per day on this site. What's more interesting is that here you can earn money by watching any funny video. That's why you don't have to watch any boring videos. There are various funny videos, or there are funny videos. You will be entertained by watching them.

Not only earning money by watching videos, but also by shopping, playing games, even reading the emails given to them. This site has been their journey since 1996. And the site is still running. Without any problems.

13. EarningStation

The best site to watch videos on YouTube is Earnings Station. The popularity of this site was once so high that all users worked here almost every day. It is possible to earn money by watching any YouTube video here. But at present you have to sign up on the site using VPN. And is to work. Because its region or area is towards North America. Citizens there can work here.

Not just by watching videos, but by completing surveys here, you can earn money by playing online games.

You cannot access the site without using VPN. And can't work. Because this site has been opened for the residents of America.

14. Perk

This site will give you the opportunity to earn great money by watching short videos. There is no need to watch long or boring videos here. You can earn money by watching short videos here. Here you can earn in the form of points. Money payment can be taken by redeeming those points.

 In addition to video, there are other ways to earn money here;

1) By shopping online.

2) Every week special problems or puzzles are asked here. Income can be earned by finding the answer.

3) You can earn money by going to this site and browsing different websites.

4) By downloading the various applications given to them and using them, it is possible to earn a decent income.

These come regularly in any popular or new movie. If you see them, then it is possible to earn income. The most interesting thing is that you can earn money by playing quizzes here. The park site withdrew 51,000,000. That means it has spent so many dollars among its users. In fact, the site has withdrawn about 51 51 million from its users. And so far the site is working pretty well. You can watch your favorite TV show here. And it is possible to make money by looking at it.

15. App Trailers

Seeing the name, you can understand that it actually shows trailers of different applications. You can easily earn good money by coming here and watching the trailers. The various hot apps in the online world that are regularly released in the Play Store have different trailers. They are shown here. You can add points here by watching the online trailer. He can redeem the points properly and get cash through PayPal or Payonar. Not only this, you can also redeem the gift card immediately. Without any hassle.

How to redeem a gift card:

If you get enough points from the site from which you will redeem, apply for redemption. They will send the redemption code to your email address within 3-4 days. If this is a Google Gift Card, go to the Play Store and redeem using the code. And if it's Amazon, go to Amazon's app and redeem it. If you like it, you will read some more articles. If not, he was invited to come again.

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