Want to know how to hack wifi password?


Want to know how to hack wifi password?
Want to know how to hack wifi password?

Most likely you have come up with this post by searching on Google 'How to hack wifi, how to hack wifi password or how to hack wifi password' or there are many questions in your mind about how to hack wifi password. Here are seven ways to hack WiFi password.

Ways to hack wifi password

Can WiFi really be hacked? If so, how? And if it can't be done, why can't it be done? In other words, today I will talk about everything I know about WiFi hacking. So without delay, let's get started.

Warning: Ways to hack wifi password

'Never use apps that are available for Wi-Fi hacking in the Play Store. Wi-Fi hacking is not possible with these, in addition, they are mostly malware, which exploits your curiosity to make money with their own advertising, moreover, your personal information can be stolen without your knowledge. So don't run after all these apps unnecessarily! '

Can you really hack wifi password?

Let me say at the beginning, if you hope you can hack someone's wifi password after reading this post, we are very sorry. Unless you are a skilled hacker, there is no way you can hack a WiFi password. As soon as you hear this, you might ask, how did your friend claim to have hacked the 5 minute WiFi password? Before you know it, let's know the security of WiFi password.

WiFi security

In the beginning, the security system of WiFi was WEP which is very low quality. Then the WiFi password could be hacked using ordinary free apps. But now there is WPA, more advanced WPA2 and the most advanced WPA3 security in WiFi, which is not possible under any circumstances. Because, its passwords are encrypted, and if you hack a WiFi password in any way, the WiFi password you get is an encrypted password that can't be decrypted in any way, and even if it can be decrypted, it can take you years.

So how do friends hack wifi password?

WiFi password can be hacked if the router has some vulnerabilities. One such weakness is WPS. Suppose you want your friend to connect to your WiFi, but you don't want to tell your friend your WiFi password. In that case you can tell him what is the 8 digit secret behind your router as a key! It serves as an alternative to WiFi password.

Is there a real way to hack wifi password?

Now your friend's claimed hacking method is that he is using an app that is either a brute-force attack or a dictionary attack by constantly trying to connect by generating one key after another through a combination of 8 digits. It can take years to find out the WiFi password in this way, but if the WiFi security is low or the password is less strong then in some rare cases it may be possible to hack the WiFi password, but there is always no guarantee, no !! If there is a possibility, I would say that even if it is hacked in only 5% of cases, it may be a WiFi hack, but it is not possible in the remaining 95% of the time. So there is no point in wasting time trying in vain, because most WiFi will not find such a weakness at present.

What to do to prevent WiFi password from being hacked

Disable WPS from your router's admin panel.

Enter a strong password.

Change the default password in the admin panel.

Lastly, don't waste your precious time by searching for 'How to hack wifi password' on YouTube or Google.

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