The importance of digital marketing | importance of digital marketing ppt


The importance of digital marketing | Why do digital marketing?
The importance of digital marketing | Why do digital marketing?

Digital Marketing - There is a saying, "Promotion is Promotion".

But over time, that is likely to change. The result of which is digital marketing.

In a word, digital marketing is the marketing or promotion of something through digital. We are all familiar with the term digital marketing but why do digital marketing? Or what is the importance of digital marketing? These issues are not clear to us.

In today's article on Banga Wiki, we will discuss the reasons for digital marketing.

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Why do digital marketing?

  1.     Customers are going digital
  2.     Digital marketing can be done at low cost
  3.     Marketing in a short time
  4.     The market can be easily tracked
  5.     There are benefits to working with trending issues
  6.     Easily build relationships with customers
  7.     Competitors can capture the marketing strategy

digital marketing

The main reason for digital marketing is that customers are becoming more and more digital. What kind of product do consumers want to see before buying? What are the qualities? What are the benefits of consuming the product? Who else provides such services? What is the difference between these products and them? The consumer can easily use his mobile phone or computer to know whether someone he knows is using the same product or what the general public is reviewing using this product. Do a Google search for the product.

They at least watch videos on YouTube before taking your service. Then you understand why you have to do marketing through digital means. Moreover, there was a time when posting / miking was the best way of marketing if you wanted to set up a business or take an initiative. But now you can't spread your business by posting or miking.

Now with digital marketing you can let more people know about your services. Now there are about 20 crore or more active SIM connections in Bangladesh, there are about 3 crore Facebook users. Then understand how much technology people are moving towards day by day.

You can reach about 10-12 crore people by sending bulk SMS to this 200 million SIM number and you can easily reach this huge community of Facebook. So it goes without saying that if people were not digital then the word digital marketing might not have been born.

Digital marketing can be done at low cost

What I was saying at the beginning of the article was "spread by propaganda". However, in the age of digital marketing, it can be "spread at low cost". Reaching out to a large community at low cost is why digital marketing is becoming so popular day by day.

Suppose you have a showroom in Jamuna Future Park, think about how much it would cost if you wanted to promote all over Dhaka! But you can do this easily through digital marketing.

Especially if you open a Facebook page and promote it, you can do good marketing at a very low cost. Now the biggest platform is YouTube, in this case you can choose it and use it properly, you can do digital marketing at a nominal price.

Marketing in a short time

The subject of marketing is very closely related to time. There is a thing called timing of marketing, let's say you market winter clothes in summer, it won't happen anymore.

But you can not reach the customer within the specified time when you do marketing in analog method, but if you do the marketing of digital marketing through bulk sms, email, facebook ads then you can reach the instant customer.

Market can be easily tracked

Another important aspect of digital marketing is that you can easily track and analyze the market. This means that through digital marketing you can easily understand what customers really want. You may not know what customers want so easily in analog mode.

Suppose you have an online Facebook-based shop selling your shirts, where customers can find out what they really want in post comments, inboxes or reviews. Also through digital marketing you can do marketing by tracking specific place, profession, age.

Moreover, you can easily understand whether your marketing policy is working properly or how successful you are.

There are benefits to working with trending issues

Many of the things that happen around us are trending. Most people follow that trend, especially through social media. And if you can work according to that trend then it will be good for your service, enterprise or business.

A few days ago, when the song 'Babu Khaicho' went viral, everyone was talking about the same thing. One thing you may have noticed is that many companies have used the word babu khaicho in advertisements. This is the marketing strategy.

There are different types of trends at different times. If you want to be successful in marketing, then you must adopt strategies according to those trends. Which you can easily do through digital marketing. Google Trends tool is very effective in this case.

Easily build relationships with customers

Another way to be successful through digital marketing is to reach the place of trust by building communication and good relationship with the customer very easily. You can't easily build such a good relationship with a customer without digital marketing.

Suppose you regularly talk to customers on Facebook, live, read their comments, then reach their place of trust. In this case, Facebook page, YouTube channel can play an important role.

The marketing strategy of the competitors is easy to grasp

If you want to make a profit in business, you must keep an eye on your competitors' marketing policies. This will help you understand what you need to do to survive in the competition.

In the case of digital marketing you can easily get an idea about the marketing policy of your competitors, also you can understand what you should do to get good results from your competitors.

Suppose you limit marketing to promoting / boosting a Facebook page. But your competitors are doing regular live on the page as well. So now you should be more interactive and live host.

This means that through digital marketing you can know about your competitor's marketing policy and your position. This allows you to outperform your competitor by taking the right action if you fall behind.

Last word

There are many reasons why digital marketing should be done. However, these were some of the important issues that led to the need for digital marketing. Digital marketing is a very promising and fruitful sector for a developing and fast digitizing country like ours.

If you like the article, you can share it on your social media. If you know anything about digital marketing, let us know in the comments.

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