The caretaker bangla pdf download


The caretaker bangla pdf download
The caretaker bangla pdf download

The caretaker bangla pdf download

There are three characters in this play.

1. Aston II. Mick 3. Davis. Aston and Mick are two brothers. Aston is Mick's older brother. Davis is a vagabond. He has no home of his own.

Original play:

The play takes place in a room in a house in west London in the 1950s. The time is winter. At the beginning of the play, Mick is seen sitting on a bed in the room. The sound of a door opening and closing from outside the stage actually made him leave the room. Mick's brother Aston and vagabond Davis enter the house this time. Aston saved Davis from a fight. The fight took place in a cafe where Davis did minor chores. She gives Davis clothes and shoes and a place to stay the night. Davis says whatever comes to mind, he starts to complain against some of the blacks in the neighborhood and against people of other races. Aston Davis, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He speaks much less. Davis says he has to go to the CIDCAP to get his identity documents.


The next morning Aston says Davis was making noises in his sleep at night. But Davis denies it. Aston gets ready to go out and tells Davis he can stay here. Wanderer Davis says he will try to find a job. After Aston leaves, Mick arrives and has a scuffle with Davis. He asks Davis what he means.

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Mick continues to ask Davis all sorts of strange questions and tries to talk to him about various things that cause the old man to fall into an awkward situation. Eventually Mick tells Davis he can rent the house if he wants to. When Aston returns with a bag of Davis luggage, Mick leaves. Aston asks Davis if he wants to be the caretaker of the place. Davis is reluctant at first because he has a lot to do but later agrees.

Mick then intimidates Davis in the dark room with a vacuum cleaner. Mick then asks Davis if he wants to be the caretaker of the place. When Davis wonders who the real owner of the place is, Mick lies to him that he owns the place. When Mick wants to see Davis' papers, Davis promises to go to the seed cup and bring his papers.

The next morning, with the excuse of bad weather, he no longer wants to go to the Seed Cup. Aston tells Davis how he used to have hallucinations and how he was forced into an psychiatric hospital to receive an electric shock. She can't think fast now. She thinks that if she had found the man she had suffered so much. Now Aston just wants to create a seating area in the home garden and nothing more.

Two weeks later, Davis complained to Mick about Aston. One night when Aston forbade Davis to make noise from his sleep, Davis erupted in anger and ridiculed Aston for treating him with an electric shock. Aston calmly tells Davis he can't stay like this anymore and he has to leave. Davis curses Aston and says he'll talk to Mick about it.

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Davis talks to Mick. He wants to get Aston out of there. Mick pretends to agree with her a bit and then starts asking Davis about her claim to be an experienced interior decorator. Davis doesn't understand Mick's words because he never claims to be an experienced interior decorator. He tries to correct Mick's words. Speaking of which, he called Aston crazy and told Mr. Davis to leave. Mick gave him some money as wages for all the work so far.

Aston comes home and the two brothers laugh together. This time Mick leaves the house and Davis asks Aston for help again and says he will be a good man. Aston just says you make a lot of noise. As Davis begins to protest, Aston remains silent. The drama is over.

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