Stock Menegment Software


Stock Menegment Software
Stock Menegment Software

🔥 Easy store management software.

Customer Receipt Print: With this software, you can easily print a receipt for your customer. All products will be pre-entered in the software. At the time of sale, you can only select the products through the POS machine and make a cash receipt or memo. It will be much faster and smart to give cash receipts. The customer will have a positive idea about your organization.

Online Database: No more old accounts. The entire business account is now online in one software. So there is no fear of losing or losing the account book. The entire database will be protected in the online cloud. Our double protection will be auto backup every day on your database main server as well as another remote server. If data is lost from the main server for any reason, it can be restored from another server. So your database has 100% security.

Dynamic dashboard

-You can manage the whole software through easy and dynamic dashboard.

Easy invoicing system.

-You can manage the whole software through easy and dynamic dashboard.

Receipt printing.

-You can print the receipt through Pause Printer or any ordinary printer.

Stock management.

-You can manage the stock through parsing and sale and view the stock report.

Accounting system.

-Daily sales reports, the deposit-cost calculations can be obtained through this software. With this you can easily calculate the monthly/annual profit and loss calculations from this software.

Whatever you can do with the software:

Stock Management Software


01. POS (Point of sale)

02. Add Purchase

03. Manage Purchase

04. Stock Manage 

05. Add Product

06. Manage Product

07. Add category

08. Manage category

09. Add Brand

10. Manage Brand

11. Add Expenses

12. Manage Expenses

13. Add Payments

14. Manage Payments

15. Add Customer

16. Manage Customer

17. Add Suppliers

18. Manage Suppliers

19. Report: 

20. Daily Report

21. Monthly Report

22. Summary Report

23. Due Customer Report

24. Software Setting 

25. Daily Backup

26. Damage

27. Return 

28. Top Customer Report

29. Low Stock Report

30. Purchase Report

Demo :

Detailed on  video:

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Stock Menegment Software
Stock Menegment Software



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