qr code scanner online shopping


qr code scanner online shopping
qr code scanner online shopping

Excellent all use of QR code in e-commerce business

qr code scanner online shopping

Simply put, Quick Response Code or QR Code is the modern version of barcode. Conventional barcodes can only contain a limited amount of information. But QR codes can hold a lot of different types of information. That is why the use of QR codes has increased in almost all industries in the last decade.

It is estimated that by 2022, about 5.2 billion discount codes will be created using QR code technology. In addition to discount codes, there are many other uses of QR codes in the e-commerce industry.

Interesting and promising use of QR codes in the e-commerce industry

As QR codes have more advantages than barcodes, its use has increased at various stages of the e-commerce industry. Let's take a look at the most interesting and potential uses.

# 1. Provide links to online shops in printed advertisements on paper

Shopping can be done by clicking on digital ads such as search engine ads or ads on social media. Clicking on these ads takes customers directly to the product shopping page or to sign-up for an upcoming product launch. But this would not have been possible with offline advertisements like newspaper and billboard advertisements. However, now it is possible to easily bring customers to online stores and web pages by scanning the QR code given in the printed advertisement.

# 2. Product Review Collection

Many of the customers who shop online do not give product reviews. But one of the biggest ways to gain the trust of online customers is through product reviews. It is especially important to have product reviews on e-commerce sites. Because a large number of customers shop online after seeing the product reviews.

The QR code can provide links to product reviews on product packets and encourage customers to upload product reviews. For this, customers do not even need to visit your e-commerce store. Customers can scan the code and go to the product review link and upload their review directly.

# 3. Inventory management

In the case of e-commerce business, dynamic QR codes are used to accurately register inventory in product warehouses and to store products. Compared to regular QR codes, these dynamic QR codes are updated regularly and include links or URLs. This URL contains complete information about the QR code. As a result, it is possible to change the information even after printing the code. This type of QR code is very effective in inventory management.

# 4. Shipment management

Customer orders can be tracked by scanning the QR code labels on the product packets at various checkpoints during product transfer or delivery. Also, instant reporting of lost products can ensure safe delivery of those products and data entry can be done automatically.

Many delivery and courier companies, such as USPS, are now relying on QR codes to deliver goods safely. The use of QR codes basically results in the loss or damage of only 1% of the entire USPS invoice and the remaining 99% is safe and intact.

# 5. On navigation

Large e-commerce chains that have offline branches are successfully using QR codes for navigation. Since QR codes can contain geolocation, they can be tracked through a mobile navigation app such as Google Maps to deliver products to different locations in the e-commerce organization. This method helps to enhance their experience by delivering the product to a place close to the customer.

#6. Video marketing

Video is the most effective media format in the world of marketing. Products can be made more attractive through video marketing. Many e-commerce brands can add scannable video links to their product packaging, billboards, offline stores and other means of marketing through QR codes. Scanning QR codes will increase brand recognition when customers watch videos.

#.7.  Increase mobile app downloads

E-commerce companies that want to expand the reach of their mobile applications can bring customers to their respective mobile application stores through QR codes.

QR codes can redirect URLs from desktop to mobile as easily as payment transfer. The biggest advantage of this is that customers no longer have to go to the app store to find your app. Thus Android and iOS, the same QR code can be used to redirect any device user.

#8.  In contactless delivery

Due to restrictions on movement during the epidemic, e-commerce companies have had to resort to contactless or non-contact delivery methods. As it is safe and reliable, the use of this method is expected to continue after the epidemic.

By using QR code for contactless delivery, customers can accept the delivered product while maintaining social distance. It also eliminates the need to use paper. Customers can also upload delivery notices directly to the cloud server through the link in the QR code.

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