nurani namaz shikkha bangla pdf free download


namaz shikkha bangla pdf
namaz shikkha bangla pdf

namaz shikkha bangla pdf

Millions of Duroods and peace be upon the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to whom Allah has said, "And We have sent down to you the Qur'an so that you may make clear to the people what has been sent down." (Surat an-Nahl: 44) In this verse, the Prophet (sws) has fulfilled the responsibility given to him. Prayer is one of the duties entrusted to him, which he has accurately described through his words and deeds. He even showed the prayer one day and said to the Companions, "The purpose of showing the prayers to the Ta'imahs is so that they may perform the prayers in imitation of me." (Bukhari Muslim) Rasulullah (g) has given the good news of Paradise to the one who prays like him, Allah has made prayer obligatory. Who performed ablutions for the five daily prayers and performed the prayers at the appointed time, bowed, prostrated humbly and humbly; He is promised forgiveness by Allah. There is no promise for those who do not. He can forgive or punish him if he wishes. (Abu Dawood) This hadith shows the importance of prayer in the life of a believer. In this book, we have clearly pointed out all the mistakes that people make while praying.

Most of the topics of discussion in the present library have been compiled from the Beheshti Jeor of Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanbi (Rah). And the rest has been collected from the daily life of Islam written by Hazrat Muhammad Nasir Uddin Albani and translated by Hazrat Maulana Abu Naeem. Our efforts will be successful only if the readers can benefit by studying the library.

In the end, the prayer in the court of the great Rabb Alameen is that he forgives its mistake and gives the gift of Tawfiq to all of us, including the readers, and the means of salvation in the hereafter. I wish the publisher of this book a bright future and good fortune, may Allah grant him the grace to do more and more such service. Amen, Ya Rabbal Alamin.

I haven't read the book personally so I don't know if it's wrong.

Those of you who will read it will know it well from the scholars and act accordingly. I am free from responsibility for the mistake. And if anyone finds any mistake in reading or finds any mistake in this post, let me know, I will verify and correct it, God willing.

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"Shame is a part of faith. Shame is the adornment of a believer. Once this shame is broken, there is no difference between human beings and animals. It is possible for those who become shameless to express all kinds of indecent behavior. It is being done, especially to make the girls of the new age of ignorance shameless, they have come down with a towel tied around their waists, it seems that the fall of the world has already sounded.

Sex for life; Not life for sex. The way sex is being highlighted, sex products and utensils are being brought to the touch of the hand, it will not take long for this society to be attacked by the wrath of Allah.

Although sex-worshipers look and hear like human beings, their condition is like a futile act. Whatever else they do, it is impossible to establish religion. Those who find sex in everything, those who want to break the barrier and win the victory of sex, they are more beautiful in hell.

Paradise is covered with disliked things and Hell is covered with desirable things. There are many free sex slaves in today's society; But real self-respecting women are rarely found. As long as mothers are not like Khadija, Aisha, Khansa, Khawla and Rabia; Until then, Saifullah will not come out of their womb in any way. Since the mother is the first school of the child, so holy milk cannot be expected from an impure vessel, nor can any expectation be formed from these ignorant women to lead the Ummah.

Every child is born with the innate ability to accept the truth. Then her parents changed her instincts. The mother's influence on girls in particular is quite noticeable. It is possible to produce pornstars from the house of a shameless mother; But a majestic woman like Rabia Basri is quite a difficult thing to average.

Give me a mother like Sumaiya, I will give you a child like Ammar. "

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