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Link Your Site On our blog । backlink । SEO
Link Your Site On our blog । backlink । SEO 

Hi everyone, I am Author Of MR Laboratory,
I want to my website link include to another website.
Because I want to increase the views for my blog, as well as connect my friends from near and far to each other. The website  has a lot of views every day.
To understand more, please read clearly below.

What are the benefits your blog for this ?

Firstly, Blog Links helps your blog to become more popular and have a strong position on Google.
Secondly, linking together helps the admin gain more experience, as well as helping each other in the process of using Blogger.I will never put a link to your blog with the following content:

Benefits of Backlinks

High quality backlinks are a major piece of Google’s algorithm and they will continue to be, as they can be the deciding factor that pushes a website to the top of the search results. While link building efforts are done solely for search engine optimization purposes, they are beneficial for several other reasons.

Google is constantly rolling out new updates and data refreshes in order to penalize low quality websites that use spammy link building techniques to manipulate the search results. When building links a great rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “What would Google say if they were doing a manual review and they saw this link?”

Would they see it as non-spammy and something that actually provides value to the content?

Would they feel that it wasn’t overly optimized anchor text?

Not only does this help you stay out of potential penalty trouble, but it also helps to ensure your links will provide value to you in other ways in the event that Google wakes up one day and decides to not reward high quality links. Not many people think of the benefits of link building outside of the SEO benefits. Here are five additional benefits that high quality links can provide.

I will never put a link to your blog with the following content: 

  1. Blogs that contain pornographic, sexually explicit or 18+ videos.
  2. The blog that copies content from other blogs.
  3. Copies the blog post from another blog and does not include its credit.
  4. A blog created less than a month, views less than 100000 .
  5. The blog has stopped working .
  6. Reactive or politically inappropriate .
  7. Blogs with domain names such as, .tk .ga .ml ... I will not link .

Some requirements when linking

Before commenting on this page, you have to put Our link on your site first
Must set the right title, description, and link pointing to
If you remove my link on your site then I will remove your link on the mrlaboratory™ site as well.
I will link to you on mrlaboratory™ and you will link to on your website and do so will not be detected by google as intentionally exchanging backlinks affecting backlink quality.

How to My Website Link Put On Your Blog?

Including anchor tag

MR Laboratory - Technological Tips and Tricks
<a href="">MR Laboratory </a>
  1. Display name: MR Laboratory
  2. Description: MR Laboratory - Technological Tips and Tricks
  3. Link Blog:

Note: First add my link to your site and then comment on this page.

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