Isn't Your website SEO growing? This blog is for you!


Isn't Your website SEO growing? This blog is for you!
Isn't Your website SEO growing? This blog is for you!

Isn't Your website SEO growing? This blog is for you!

 We are living in the age of information technology in the 21st century. This age of ours is the age of competition. Who can go ahead of others? In our age we all rely on information technology. We use this website to publish and retrieve information. And the websites are also giving us information for their financial interests. When we search any information in Google, the thing that comes in front of us is the advertisement. Yes! They are taking money from us by showing this advertisement.

We also have a lot of websites. We are ordinary people, their websites are not very big. These are in a range. But the problem is that the number of visitors to our website is very low. The reason is that the ranking of our websites is far behind. SEO is much less. The more people our website reaches, the more its SEO will increase. And if SEO increases, our website's ranking will increase by leaps and bounds. Today I will show you in this post how we can increase the rank of our website by SEO. So friends, let's not talk about work anymore.

Sharing via social media-

Currently we spend most of our time on social networks. We have become a lot more virtual dependent. And this is a huge platform for us to increase the SEO of our websites. We can market our websites on these sites. This will increase the view of our website as well as the ranking will come to the fore.

Facebook: Currently, the number of users is more in this Facebook. We can share the links of our websites in different posts on Facebook. Or we can boost it by sharing the links of the website from 

Tweets: Another popular site is Twitter. Through this we can also share the link of the website.

Use of backlinks

We can use backlinks to different blogs on our website. Many people do not know about backlinks. Backlinks are used if you need a link to another website on your blog. This is basically a backlink. We can easily increase the SEO of our website by inserting backlinks to links to other big websites.

Writing content

The main attraction of a website is its content. Users will visit your website by looking at the aspect you are writing on. If your content agrees with the standard, then your website's SEO i.e. ranking will increase automatically. The formatting of the writing and the khakinata influence here. These are the things to keep in mind when formatting

 Internal link

  1. The number of words
  2. The main title of the text
  3. The size of the characters and
  4. Images used in writing

Some more technical issues

In addition to looking at these, we need to pay attention to some other aspects. One of them is the speed of your website.

Last word

So friends, if you pay attention to the above things, then the views of your website will continue to increase, that is, the amount of SEO will increase. We have to go ahead of them. Then we will be successful. So far today friends. All will be well.

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