increase online revenue using customer data


increase online revenue using customer data
increase online revenue using customer data

7 ways to increase online revenue using customer data


If you run an online business, one of the most valuable things you have is your customer data. There are many ways to use customer data in digital marketing to re-engage existing customers and get new customers.

First of all let us know what kind of data you will need from the customers and how you can collect it.


# What to collect and why

Most of your customer data needs to be collected through lead ads on your website form or on advertising platforms like Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. The most important data point in customer data is the email address.

You can use customer data for a variety of purposes. For example, this data will be used to create different types of advertising strategies on different digital platforms. Here are some ways in which using customer data can help you increase your revenue online.


# How to start using data

Remarketing is the easiest way to start using data with a target list created for customers. This data can be used in 6 different ways.


# 1. Think anew about who to campaign for

Remarket to users who have added your product to the cart or who have expressed interest in your organization but have not yet received your product or service. As a result, when customers browse the Internet for more details about your offer, they will remember your organization first.


# 2. Tell customers who are buying products or services about other products as well

Has a customer purchased something that has more 'add-on' products in your organization for use? Then you can market directly to those users, so that they are encouraged to buy or upgrade another product of yours.

One of the best ways to increase your income over time is through direct marketing. Because you are selling to people who have already bought something from you. If they already enjoyed the product they purchased, they will be more interested in upgrading.

Be sure to include these ads so that they understand why they should buy the product differently. In this way you can also give them a discount code when selling products for the first time. This can be a great way for customers who are already associated with your brand to better identify your brand.


# 3. Bring back old buyers

Is your product or service something that users might be interested in repurchasing? If you have a list of customers who have bought products from you in the past but haven't, since then try to re-engage them with your brand. Target them with specific types of ads.

You can target these customers through channels like search, display and social media. Through search ads, users will only see those ads if they search for your product or service. But through social media, you can also target customers who think once they buy your product. This will give you the opportunity to promote your brand in front of people who may have forgotten what you offered.

# 4. Some customers also need to be excluded

This strategy is for businesses where a customer will only buy the product once. You can exclude such audiences to save money. Because those who have already bought your product and those who do not need to buy, you will not benefit from showing ads and paying them unnecessarily for their clicks. Exclude such customers from all search or social media platforms.


# 5. Create and target similar audiences

Facebook has a tool called 'Look-Like Audience'. And Google Ads has a tool called 'Similar Audience'. Using these two tools, you can upload a list of your customers and find new audiences with the same features as those customers and create a list. This is a great way to find the expected audience. Because with this method you no longer have to scrutinize the features of the right audience. This will save you a lot of time and money.


# 6. Search targets with multiple keywords

You can add more keyword combinations to search for remarketing. In this case, you can engage the audience in the campaign by uploading your list in Google AdSense. Then adjust the Flexible Rich setting in "Targeting" for the campaign. This means that you will only show ads to specific audiences from the campaign. Once Audience Targeting is set up, you can add your keywords.

You can customize your bid in SEO for a specific audience or campaign. Customize bids with the audience in mind to make sure your organization's ads show up on your competitors' ads.

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