how to start writing a blog for beginners


how to start writing a blog for beginners
how to start writing a blog for beginners

how to start writing a blog for beginners

In this technology based virtual world we are in a competition to get ahead of each other. Who can get ahead of whom. In the same way the platform we use more now is a website. And to show something on the website you need to write a blog. And the more beautiful the blog, the more he can move forward. So friends, let's not be late, let's start today with the subject of writing this blog.

In order to have a successful blog, it is important to pay attention to what you are writing and how you are writing. So I will tell you 5 rules from my own personal experience that are very important for you to know before writing an article in a blog. Simply put, these 5 are the rules for writing an interesting blog.

1. Write the article as an expert

Remember, many people have already blogged about what you are blogging about. Once you do a Google search, you will find out how many articles have already been written on the internet about your choice.

So, now the question is, why should people read your blog or why should your article be shown to people in search engines?

A simple and common solution to this is to write whatever you want as a skill. I mean, write a word in detail knowing what you are writing an article about. You need to have full knowledge of your writing.

The better you can write about the article you write, the more you can explain these things in detail, the more visitors or traffic will come to your blog. Because people are getting to know everything about that topic on your blog.

For example,

If you are writing an article on "Android Mobile Root" then people will like your article when you explain everything about mobile root. For example, what is the root? What is the benefit of rooting? How to route? Many more.

In this way, people will find your article better than the articles written by others on the internet. Because you are solving all the questions they hope in an article.

2. Write a blog / article directly

Remember, if people who come to read articles on your blog do not understand your writing or have difficulty understanding them, then there is no point in writing your blog. You will never succeed in this. So, always write a blog in simple language so that you can easily understand what you have written. Also, keep this in mind so that you can write short paragraphs. The longer the paragraph you write, the more difficult it will be to read your article.

You can see this article of mine, I have written as short paragraphs as possible so that you can read and understand. Use commas with it.

3. Use Bold Heading, comma

You may have noticed in my article that I am using bold headings, commas everywhere. And you must use them in your articles. This makes it much easier to read and understand the article and is preferred by search engines such as Google search.

Remember to use an H1 BOLD HEADING, an H2 BOLD HEADING and a few (3 to 4) H3 or H4 headings when writing an article. This will make your article much more interesting and easy to read.

4. Use pictures in articles

You must use pictures in your blog article. But that's not any picture. Use images that match your article.

Remember, if you use pictures in a blog article, people will like your article a lot because it will have a lot to look at and more on that topic. If you explain using it, you will be able to understand your writing much easier from the article. A picture can explain a lot to us.

So, use pictures or screenshots in the article as much as possible.

5. Write an article in a regular blog

Even if it is less on your blog, you will write 3 or 4 articles a week and post them. What many people don't know is that if you don't write on a regular blog, you will lose the opportunity to get free visitors or traffic from Google search. Because, Google wants you to write and post new articles on your blog at least 3 times a week.

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