How to get website on Google first page


How to bring website to top list in google search list
How to bring website to top list in google search list

How to bring your website to the top list in Google search list !!

 Our world has become very much dependent on technology during this time. We spend most of our time with this technology. We do all the necessary work including entertainment using this technology. At this time our business has become a lot of online based business. Therefore, those of us who do business online must have a website. And the more this website grows, the more we buy. - Sales will increase. In real life, we use the market as a platform for buying and selling. In the same way, the virtual trading platform is the website. The more visitors to the website, the more popular it has become. For this, we need to bring our website to the top list of Google.

By looking at the title of today's post, friends may have understood what today's post is about. Yes! Friends, today I will share with you how we can bring our website to the top section of Google's search list. So let's not talk too much, let's get started.

Let's see in the form of flow-chart-

When a user asks Google something, Google tries to answer the user's question. The snippet blog feature is to bring your website to the forefront of this search list.

Suppose the user searches for "the rules of cricket". According to this topic, there are thousands of websites written on Google. Now the question is which website will Google show in the first place ?? Will highlight at first. In other words, by searching something on Google, the CO snippet feature is found at the beginning of the search list. We will now look at how to configure our website system.

How to bring website to top list in google search list
How to bring website to top list in google search list

If we look at the picture above, we can see that if we search something on Google, we can see it like this. First there is an advertisement of a company, then there is a map pack and finally there are regular organic results which are important for us.

Where we need to take care of more

Here are some things we can target to increase our web view. I am analyzing these in the form of points.

1. Set your target key word. Suppose you write a blog about cricket. Now if someone wants to know about cricket in Google, Google will try which article has the highest number of times. So we have to use the target words again and again to write on any subject.

2. The essence of the content that you will write on is analyzed in 50-60 words first. In this way, it will be easily worn in front of the user.

3. You can use more visual content in your writing. That means you will try to add many pictures or videos related to the blog that you will write on your website.

4. About 83% of the search list comes from HTTPS. If your website is not HTTPS type, now try to transfer it to HTTPS.

5. Try to make your blog easily available. In other words, everyone should understand this, even Google, and if you find any question, choose your blog first. This is a hidden trick.

6. Make the privacy of your link authority more hard. Upgrade the domain hosted on it as much as you can. This will make your website grow more.

Google Top List-

So friends, I hope you can do this properly if you follow the above methods properly. From now on, I hope you don't have to worry about Google's search list rankings. So far today. Until then, everyone will be finehow to get your website on google

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