How to create a backlink 2021 details


How to create a backlink 2021 details
How to create a backlink 2021 details

Dear reader, how are you? I'm fine.

Today I came up with a new post.

The post is, what is SEO backlink?

Ways to create backlinks.

What is SEO backlinks?

Those who are familiar with SEO must have heard the word backlink.

Backlinks are part of SEO's off-page optimization.

backlink is an English word.

Back in English means link on the other side of the back means connection.

Simply put, a backlink is a link from one website to another.

For example, if a link to our website is on Prothom Alo's website, then it is a backlink for our site.

How many types of backlinks? There are two types of backlinks

1. Dofollow backlinks.

2. Nofollow backlinks.

What is dofollow  backlink?

In fact, dofollow  backlinks can be called effective backlinks

Different search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) focus on Duflo backlinks.

dofollow   HTML code

What is a nofollow backlink?

Nofollow backlinks are not valued by search engines.

Nofollow frees the backlink site from spamming.

This is why almost popular websites provide nofollow links.

Such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Nofollow html code 

<a href=" rel="nofollow">facebook</a>

Why backlinks are important

There are different purposes behind creating a website.

All sites need visitors for whatever reason.

He opened a website and did not become a visitor, maybe no one wants that.

Creating a backlink ranks you in search engines and increases the authority of the site as well as getting visitors to the site.

So backlink is very important.

Now you may be wondering why search engines value backlinks?

It's a simple question!

Let's give an example from real life,

The candidate who gets the most votes in your constituency is elected.

This is how search engines select which sites should be placed at the top or bottom of the search results.

How to create strong backlinks

Leaving a link on a site is a good backlink, but not like that.

Backlinks have the same value as each item.

There are several things to look for when creating a strong backlink.

Which I will describe below with some details.

Website Authority:

Backlinks are strong if you take backlinks from good websites.

Suppose you get a backlink from a good website and your friend gets 100 backlinks from a very weak website.

Now maybe, your 1 backlink is equal to 100 of your friends.

Now imagine how much it cost your friend to get 100 backlinks.

Compared to real life, if the leader of your village supports you or loves you or keeps you with him, then you will surely have more power in that village than others.

On the other hand, if the common man of 10 villages is next to your friend, then your power can be equal.

So imagine it is difficult to get the support of the village head or it is difficult to get the support of 10 people.

Domain extension:

Get backlinks from good domain extension websites.

E.g. gov .edu .org etc. These are good domain extensions.

gov-government means government website, edu-education means educational website

Try linking to such domain extension websites.

Related content / sites:

If your website is a tech related site then backlink to another tech site.

It is better if you can take backlinks from related content.

For example, if I backlink to a website post on "Ginger Benefits", then search engines will not give much importance.

If I ask "What is a backlink?" If I link this post to this content then it will get good importance.

Anchor text:

Google attaches great importance to anchor text.

Enter your keyword in the anchor text. "Click here, what is the" not here "backlink?

Learn more ".

Ways to create backlinks

There are various ways to create backlinks to a website, but today I will discuss some simple ways.

Profile backlinks

This is a simple process through which you can easily get backlinks.

In the internet world, you may be involved with profiles. For example, your Facebook profile.

Has the facility to profile various websites on the Internet.

And these profiles require your personal information (name, address, contact, etc.).

Website link can also be given in it.

And this is how you can get a backlink. And this kind of backlink is called profile backlink.

Guest posting:

Posting on another website with a link to your site post is a backlink for your website.

Suppose you write on a website and post one on that site with a link to your website.

And this is the guest post backlink for your site.

We have also kept this facility.

If you have a Bengali website, you can take a backlink by posting on our site.

Contact us for this.

Forum posting:

As you may have noticed, questions can be answered on any website.

There are various online Q&A sites that offer links.

Backlinks are available on these sites with links to answers to questions.

You need to register on that site to answer these questions.

For example, Bangladeshi Q&A site in Bengali language

Many people may know this site.

But this site gives noflo backlinks so you won't get anything working.

If you want you can work on quara because this site is in the first position in the world in question and answer and this site has Duflo backlink.

Blog Comment:

Backlinks are available with links in the comments of the blog website.

But of course don't spam.

Almost good blog websites keep their comment approval system.

When commenting, read and comment well. Please comment in line with the post.

Make a big comment and give the link in the form of HTML link.

Definitely do the reputation of the post. If you comment in this way, there is a possibility of approval.

Social bookmarking:

There are various websites for bookmarking links on the Internet.

You will be able to see these links as well as the public.

Due to public viewing, you will get views on your site and Duflo will get a backlink.

All you have to do is sign up for the site first and submit the link.

There are several ways to create backlinks.

I like the above ways and I think it is easy so I have shared with you.

If you found the post useful, you must share it on Facebook.

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