hackers black book pdf free download bangla


hackers black book pdf free download bangla
hackers black book pdf free download bangla

hackers black book pdf free download bangla

Introduction to Information Security CIA - Magic Any book on information security is incomplete without these three characters. No, we are not talking about America's most famous spy agency. The three initials CIA (as many call it AIC) come from Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. In fact, combining these three is the main goal of information system security management. But why is there so much emphasis on just these three things to have so much?

Let us discuss the matter in a little more detail. 16 Ethical Hacking: Web Application Penetration Testing - Easy Lesson What do we mean by Confidentiality? That is exactly what is meant, but in the world of information security the definition is a little wider. Ensure confidentiality when storing data (data at rest) or in transit (data in transit) in such a way that the information does not get into the hands of anyone other than the person, device or system with prior permission, or even if it is lost. So that no one can understand the real meaning of that information.

This privacy is usually protected by access control (such as passwords) and encryption technology. By integrity we mean that no one in the middle has changed the original information without permission, that is, the original information has not been distorted and remains as it was supposed to be. At the same time, there should be a system so that if someone changes or tries to change it, it can be caught. Remember, Confidentiality means that the information is not sent to anyone else except the person to whom it is being sent, or even if it is, the original message cannot be deciphered.

Integrity is the information that is not distorted from the way it was stored or sent. It should be kept in mind that edit is a legal change, and corruption or unauthorized modification f aaa a fa is a mathematical process called hashing to prevent such invalid change of information, i.e. to protect the integrity of the information. Stays.

When it comes to information security, Confidentiality and Integrity are so important that often the availability or certainty of receiving information does not come to mind. But think about it, your information is hidden, it's not in anyone else's hands, no one could distort it, but you can't find it yourself or access the system, so what's the point of doing so much?

Availability is the name given to facilitating the actual or authorized user to view or use the information properly when needed. Usually data backup, replication (exact copy of original database, updated automatically every few minutes), load balancer (same application is hosted on multiple servers, automatically determining which user will be connected to which server), setting up multiple data centers in different locations etc. Relying on information

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