Free Fire owner name and country


Free Fire owner name and country
Free Fire owner name and country

Free Fire owner name and country

Thus, if we talk about online multiplayer shooting game or battle royal games, then the name PUBG comes to mind of each of us.

However, PUBG is not the only one in the list of such games, because you will get a lot of battle royal games like this.

And one of these games is "Garena Free Fire".

PUBG game has been banned in many countries, so now everyone is looking for a game like PUBG.

And to be honest, the gameplay and every other aspect of the Free Fire game is completely the same as the Pubji game.

Whatever it is, Free Fire Game is considered to be the best online multiplier game after PUBG game.

Maybe you played this game or are still playing, or maybe you heard about the game from someone's face.

In the case of Free Fire games, 50 players enter the playground together and try to kill each other in the game.

The person who can save himself at the very end wins that tournament.

So, I think it's very important to know every important piece of information about the history of such a popular and fun game, Free Fire.

And so, through today's article, we will know who owns the free fire game, who invented it, in which country it was invented, etc.

Who owns the Garena Free Fire Game?

The popular gum called Freefire is made by a company called "Garena" which was started in 2009 in Singapore.

The name Garena is a mixture of two words, one “Global” and the other “Arena”.

Since 2009, the company has been making a wide variety of games, and so far more than 30 games have been made.

Some of the other games made by this company are Arena of Valor, Headshot, Firefall, Point Break etc.

You should also know that the name of the founder of the free fire company Garena is "Forrest Li" and he came up with the idea to make the game Free Fire.

And if seen in this way, then the owner of this free fire game will be called Forrest Li.

Forrest Li is currently the CEO and Chairman of his company Garena.

Garena's first product was Garena Plus, an online gaming and social media platform.

This platform allows you to play games and chat online with your friends.

Before the Free Fire game, Garena was not as popular as it used to be, as the company was primarily known for its local games.

However, after launching the game Free Fire in 2016, Garena company has got a new identity for them.

Which country created Free Fire?

Free fire is a Battle royale game that is developed and published by both companies headquartered in Singapore.

So, if it is said in which country the free fire game was made, the direct answer would be "Singapore".

Freefire currently has more than 450 million registered users worldwide.

So, you can guess how popular this game is.

And everyone wants to know which country made the game so popular.

If PUBG is talking about wheat, then PUBG is made in South Korea.

Who invented free fire? Created Free Fire

The answer to these two questions is the same: Who created or invented the free fire game?

As 2017 approached, the popularity and popularity of battle royal games on the PC platform increased exponentially.

And the most popular battle royal game of that time was PUBG.

However, if we look closely, we can understand that at that time there was no battle royal game for the mobile platform.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Forrest Li, the founder of Garena Company, decided to create a Battle Royale game for the mobile platform.

The development of the free fire game began in the year 2017. Garena's two smaller companies, 111dots studios (Vietnam) and Omens studios (Netherlands), were hired to make the gum.

Shortly after that, the beta version of the free fire game was released. And finally, on September 30, 2016, Free Fire Gum was launched worldwide.

However, before the free fire, the popular Battle Royale game PUBG was released for the mobile version, although in the meantime, the free fire game has also gained a lot of popularity.

In 2016, these two Battle Royale games completely changed the attitude of gaming in the entire gaming world. Not everyone knows games like PUBG and Free Fire.

About 2 months after the launch of the free fire game, it was recognized as the best No. 1 game in 22 countries.

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