can a sim card be hacked


can a sim card be hacked
can a sim card be hacked

can a sim card be hacked

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In September 2019, security researchers announced the adaptive mobile security they discovered a new security vulnerability called Simjacker. This complex attack targets SIM cards by sending a spyware-like code to a target device using an SMS message.

If a user opens the message, hackers can use the code to spy on their calls and messages --- and even track their location.

Weaknesses work using software called S @ T Browser, which is part of the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) that many phone operators use on their SIM cards. The Simultaneous Toolbox Browser is a way to access the Internet --- basically, a basic web browser that allows service providers to communicate with web applications such as email, but now that most people use browsers like Chrome or Firefox on their devices, the S8 browser is too. Rarely used. The software is still installed on a large number of devices, although they are vulnerable to simjacker attacks.

Researchers believe the attack was used in multiple countries, noting that the S @ T protocol was used by mobile operators in at least 100 countries with a total population of one billion people, primarily in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. .

They also believed that the exploitation was developed and used by a specific private company, which works with different governments for specific demographic observations --- such as journalists and staff.

All types of phones, including both iPhone and Android devices, are weak. SimJacker even works on embedded SIM cards (ESIM).

SIM card swap

Another SIM card security issue you may have heard of is SIM card replacement. Hackers used a variant of this tactic to seize the personal Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in August 2019. This incident has raised awareness of how these attacks can be devastating. The strategy uses tactics and human engineering instead of technical weaknesses.

To swap a SIM card, a hacker will first call your phone provider. They will pretend to be you and ask for a replacement SIM card. They will say that they want to upgrade to a new device, and therefore need a new SIM. If they are successful, the phone provider will send their SIM.

Then, they can steal your phone number and link it to their own device. Move your SIM card without all!

It has two effects. First, your original SIM card will become inactive and stop working. And second, hackers now have control over phone calls, messages, and two-factor authentication requests sent to your phone number. This means they can get enough information to access your accounts and lock you out of them.

It is difficult to protect SIM card from switching because it involves social engineering. Hackers must convince a customer support agent that they are you. Once they have your SIM, they have control over your phone number. And you may not know that you are a target until it is too late.

SIM cloning

A lot of times, people try SIM swapping and SIM cloning under the same umbrella. However, SIM cloning is more manual than other options.

In a SIM clone attack, the hacker first gains physical access to your SIM card and then makes a copy of the original. Naturally, in order to copy your SIM card, the hacker will first extract your SIM from the smartphone.

They do this with the help of a smart card copy software, which copies the unique identification number --- assigned to you on your SIM card --- to their blank SIM card.

The hacker will then insert a newly copied SIM card into their smartphone. Once this process is complete, consider identifying your unique SIM card as much as possible.

Now, hackers can track all the contacts sent to your phone --- like they can change the SIM. This means they'll have access to your two-factor authentication codes, which will allow them to hack into your social media account, email address, card and bank account, and more.

Hackers may scam using the identity of your stolen SIM card where a unique phone number may be required.

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