blackberry honey benefits


blackberry honey benefits
blackberry honey benefits

blackberry honey benefits

Diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema, allergies, etc. are controlled by playing blackberries regularly.

Black cumin contains vitamins, crystalline nigellon, amino acids, saponins, crude fiber, proteins, linolenic as well as fatty acids, oleic acid, volatile oils, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Here are some benefits of black cumin:

1. Diabetes has become the most dangerous disease. Black cumin oil helps control diabetes. Drink half a teaspoon of oil mixed with one cup of tea every morning.

2. Blackberries work great for diets. Can be used in bread and vegetables. Many people eat it mixed with honey and water. Kalojira will get a lot of benefits by playing with oatmeal and sour yogurt.

3. Lemon juice and kalojira oil mixed together can solve many skin problems. Mix lemon juice and black cumin oil and apply on the face twice a day. Acne and blemishes on the skin will disappear.

4. Kalojira oil is said to be an old home remedy for headaches. Massage it into the scalp.

5. Blackberries can be heated with mustard oil and massaged into the knees or other joints. It will also help to get rid of joint pain.

. As black cumin contains antioxidants, it helps to protect the liver with its ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Blackberries can reduce the toxicity of chemicals. Protects the liver and kidneys from damage.

. Blackberries strengthen the immune system. Regularly playing kalojira keeps every part of the body fresh. It prepares the body to build resistance against any germs and improves overall health.

. To get relief from cold and cough, mix one teaspoon of black cumin oil with 1 teaspoon of honey or one cup of red tea with half a teaspoon of black cumin oil and eat it thrice a day. When the kalizira is tied in a thin clean cloth and dried, the mucus becomes liquid. In addition, mixing one teaspoon of black cumin with three teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of basil leaf juice reduces fever, pain, cold and cough. When the phlegm settles on the chest, apply a thick paste at the same time.

9. Blackberries are much more beneficial for those who suffer from asthma or shortness of breath. Put black cumin paste on the food list every day. Blackheads relieve asthma or breathing problems.

10. Regular kalojira blood circulation in the body is normal. This increases blood flow to the brain; Which helps us to increase our memory.

11. Regular feeding of blackberries accelerates the physical and mental growth of the baby. Kaloji also does a lot to improve the health of the child's brain and memory.

12. For those mothers who do not have enough milk in their breasts, their medicine is Kalojira. Pregnant mothers should take 5-10 grams of Kalojira every night before going to bed with milk and the flow of milk will increase in just 10-15 days. Besides, to solve this problem, it is better to play with rice by filling it with blackberries. In addition, 1 teaspoon of black cumin oil with the same amount of honey 3 times a day, even if you take it regularly, you can get 100% benefits.

In addition, regular blackheads get proper nutrition at the roots of the hair, resulting in better hair growth and hair loss. Many people have various problems like hair loss, weak hair, dry hair etc. In this case, using black cumin oil several times a week can eliminate hair problems.

It can be used in regular cooking. Drink boiled with water for better effect. If possible, chew raw every morning.

The secret weakness is not Viagra, but Kalojira Khan

Blackberries are not just small black grains, they have amazing energy. Since ancient times, blackberries have been a cure for various diseases of the human body.

Not only this, blackheads also cause hair loss, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, facial and beauty protection, fatigue-weakness, inactivity and laziness, loss of appetite and increase brain power and memory.

In addition, many seek the help of a doctor to increase their secret energy and take Viagra! For them, not Viagra, but a teaspoon of blackberries is enough. Because in black cumin this power is immense.

According to experts, black cumin contains phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates as well as various disinfectants. Black cumin contains anti-cancer carotene and potent hormones, various diuretics, digestive enzymes and antacids, and antacids.

Let's find out what are the other benefits of black cumin-

Headaches: For headaches, massage black cumin oil 3-4 times daily on both forehead, chin and around the ears. Drink one teaspoon of oil on an empty stomach for three days.

Sexual Weakness: Mix black cumin powder and olive oil, 50 g helenchara juice and 200 g pure honey together and eat one spoon after breakfast. This will increase the secret power.

Hair loss: Rub all the scalp well with lemon. After 15 minutes, wash with shampoo and wipe the head well. Then after drying the hair well, massage black cumin oil on the entire scalp. This will reduce hair loss in a week.

Cough and asthma: Massage black cumin oil on chest and back. In this case, it can be mixed with other massages useful for asthma.

Improves memory and improves asthma: Eat a teaspoon of honey with a little black cumin. It increases memory. Playing blackberries in lukewarm water for 45 days improves asthma.

Diabetes: A mixture of black cumin powder and pomegranate peel powder and black cumin oil is beneficial in diabetes.

Fat and heart disease: Regularly mixing blackberries with tea or drinking its oil is beneficial for heart disease as well as reducing fat.

Acidity and gastric: One cup of milk and one tablespoon of black cumin oil should be taken three times daily for 5-6 days. This will reduce gastric.

Eye problems: Before going to bed at night, massage black cumin oil on both sides of the eyes and eyebrows. Drink blackberry oil for a month with one cup of carrot juice.

High blood pressure: Whenever you drink hot drinks or tea, eat blackberries. Eating black cumin paste while eating hot food or rice will keep blood pressure normal. In addition, mix black cumin, neem and garlic oil together and use on the head. This can be done for 2-3 consecutive days.

Fever: Drink one tablespoon of black cumin oil with lemon juice in the morning and evening. And take a sip of black cumin.

Gynecology: To save childbirth and fetus, eat blackberry anise and honey 4 times daily.

Beauty enhancement: Mix olive oil and kalojira oil and apply it on the face and wash it off with soap after one hour.

Arthritis: Massage black cumin oil on back and other arthritis pains. In addition, every morning with honey, blackberries are good for health.

Strengthens teeth: Use a mixture of yogurt and black cumin twice a day. This will stop the feeling of tooth decay and bleeding.

Lose weight: For those who want to lose weight, a mixture of warm water, honey and lemon juice becomes important in their diet. Now sprinkle some blackberry powder in this mixture. You will get great benefits by drinking.

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Honey and blackberries in the Qur'an and Hadith

In the eyes of Islam, Muslims have been giving importance to black cumin since the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him). A hadith has encouraged them in this regard. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in a hadeeth, “Pay attention to black cumin. Because it contains cures for all diseases except death. Sahih Bukhari. Herbal use of black cumin:

 Insomnia: Mix one teaspoon of black milk with a glass of hot milk mixed with honey and drink it before going to bed. This will eliminate insomnia and get a lot of sleep.

 For headaches: Mix equal amount of black cumin powder and half amount of hot cloves and half amount of fennel together and take it with skim milk during headache. And it is beneficial to massage the affected area with black cumin oil.

 To retain youth and elegance: Soft blackberries should be mixed with dilute vinegar and one teaspoon of wheat powder. This mixture will be massaged on the face in the evening and washed off with warm water and soap in the morning. Do it more than once a week. Better results can be obtained if black cumin oil can be consumed with a warm drink.

 Honey: In the light of the Qur'an, "And from the belly of the bee comes forth water of various colors, which is a cure for disease for man." Surah Nahl: 69. In the light of the hadith, Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW) said that the Qur'an is for any spiritual disease and honey is for physical diseases. Ibn Majah.

Use of honey: There is use of honey with different foods for sweet taste. We are all aware of the importance and benefits of honey. Honey can be taken for breakfast and light meals. Because honey contains calories, body temperature rises after eating honey. This protein is quite effective in increasing body composition and compensating for loss. Sweet magnesia and phosphorus help in bone formation in the body. Sweet calcium and potassium play an important role in keeping the heart active and various ACsDr. prevents diseases as a result of various biological processes in the stomach. Honey has a strong antiseptic ability, which is called inhibin. Honey is also widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Honey is used to make any medicine more effective and efficient. Honey is used as medicine in various diseases. E.g.

Honey to increase sexual energy: Drinking honey with hot milk to increase physical and sexual energy gives very good results. Chewing blackberries with honey every day or two teaspoons of ginger juice with honey daily increases sexual energy a lot.

 Burns: If you burn somewhere in the body, apply a little honey and mehendi leaves on the beet, it will cause burns and pain.

 Constipation: Mix one teaspoon of lemon and one teaspoon of ginger juice and two teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water to cure indigestion and relieve constipation.

 Blood pressure: Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with two teaspoons of honey and take it every morning and night to normalize blood pressure.

 Cough: Mix honey with ginger, betel, basil juice and take it two or three times a day to reduce cough.

Toothache: If you suddenly feel pain in your teeth, then soaking cotton in honey and putting it in the place of pain will reduce the pain.

 Use of honey in beauty treatment: It is beneficial to apply honey for long lasting facial scars and smoothness. When you are tired and exhausted from hard work and heat, drinking honey syrup mixed with lemon juice with hot water restores vitality and vitality in the body.

 Honey is widely used in the preparation of various medicines. All in all, there is no end to the benefits of blackberries and honey. Blackberries and honey are a special blessing given by Allah.

Benefits of garlic in increasing sexual potency:

According to the World Health Organization, if a man has less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of sperm, he may become infertile. Sexual problems are seen in men.

⇒ Male sperm problems occur. Sexual dysfunction is responsible for sperm.

Having low sexual energy.

⇒ Maybe light water-like material comes out instead of semen falling.

Semen becomes thinner. Garlic has many benefits to thicken thin semen.

⇒ Sexual desire is too high or excessive, too much of which can damage the male nervous system.

Garlic has many benefits in solving all the above problems i.e. increasing sexual potency. Garlic also has many benefits in making healthy semen. Garlic is called ‘poor penicillin’. Because it acts as an antiseptic. Studies have shown that eating garlic on an empty stomach acts like a powerful antibiotic. It works more effectively if garlic is eaten before breakfast. Eating garlic on an empty stomach exposes the bacteria and then they succumb to the power of garlic. This destroys the harmful bacteria in the body.

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