Android Mobile Tips | 11 Android settings


Android Mobile Tips | 11 Android settings change

Learn Android mobile tips. Like computers, Android mobiles also have many types of settings as well as apps. There are many apps and settings that are extremely harmful to your favorite Android phone. The same goes for apps. However, readers, today in this post I will mention some of the settings that you can change InshaAllah: your Android phone will work better and will be super fast. At the same time, you will get a peaceful experience using Android. So change the settings on Android Mobile Tips in time and find out 11 Android tips.

Stop unwanted Google ads Change the Android settings

If I ask others, which search engine do you use or like the most? I can be sure that all of you will agree with me on Google. Readers, we all visit hundreds of pages on Google every day for various purposes. The most annoying experience at this time is watching advertisements. You are reading important content or doing some work and at this very moment, the advertisement comes in front of you and destroys your attention and desire to work. To solve this problem go to settings and click on account and login to google. Click here to write the ad and go inside and opt-out of add personalization. From now on, you will no longer have to endure the oppression of ads.

Phone Security | Android mobile tips

I will discuss about security in Android mobile tips. Just because your phone is in sleep mode does not mean that the phone is locked at all. And if the lock is not right, anyone can freely remove data from your phone. Especially for those who live in a mess/hostel, a lock screen is a must. For this go to settings and go to the security option. From the Screenlock Settings menu, go inside by clicking on the marked part of the gear. From here you have to turn on the power button instant lock and at the same time set a time based on the working time on your screen and lock it automatically. I usually spend 2 minutes reading books on my mobile.

Google Unlock Screen Off | Change the Android settings

This time we will discuss Google Unlock Screen Off in Android Tips. Many of us are familiar with this feature of "ok google 'voice search. But many of us may not know that it can be used to unlock the screen. I have turned on the feature, they say "ok google" but the screen turns on. In fact, Google has not yet been able to control the device and the natural signal detection error. Go here. Click on the "ok google detection" section to disable the trusted voice section.

SIM card lock settings | Android mobile tips

This time we will discuss SIM card lock settings in Android Mobile Tips. SIM cards can be called the lifeblood of mobile communication. It also contains our various personal information. Account numbers, mobile numbers of many, balance money, internet data can be used by anyone if they do not provide security. To give this security to the SIM, go to settings and go to security. Here you will find a set up sim card lock option. Going to this part, first, you have to set the new pin with the default pin 1234. However, keep in mind that if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times in a row, the SIM will be locked, which you have to open with a PUK code.

Mobile Tracking | Change the Android settings

This time we will discuss Android mobile tracking in Android Tips. Google has launched Find My Phone to help you find out if your mobile phone has been lost or stolen for any reason. So if you get lost or stolen, you can use this option immediately. However, in this case you have to turn on the option. First go to Google Apps and go to Security. Go to the Android Device Manager option here and see if both options are turned on. If not, you have to turn it on.

Hide on-screen notifications Change the Android settings

This time we will discuss on-screen notification hide in Android mobile tips. Personal messages or emails are actually displayed on our mobile screens, which is a problem to show everyone. You can easily hide this personal information from the eyes of others. First go to settings and go to notification. Go inside by clicking on the gear part next to it. If you click on the lock screen option here, you will get 3 options. Hide sensitive notifications from here.

Nair Fair Communication | Android mobile tips

This time we will discuss fair communication in Android Tips. If you want to use the internet data of someone's mobile for free, you can turn it on. You will find this option in the current Android. To get it go to settings and click on my option or network and wireless option. Turn on the NFC option from here.

Online Data Alert | Change the Android settings

This time we will discuss about data alerts in Android mobile tips. You are using the internet on your mobile with your mind. This accident happens to us almost all the time and I get angry with the 14 SIMs of the mobile SIM companies. But you can solve this problem yourself if you want. Go to Settings and go to Data Usage section. Click on the gear in the Cellular Data Usage section here. Here you will get an alert power warning option before the data runs out and you can also set the date on which it will expire.

Auto-Correction | Android mobile tips

This time I will discuss auto-correction in Android Tips. Writing with a mobile keyboard often leads to misspellings in our posts or we are hesitant to spell correctly. Keyboard apps have auto-correction options to solve this problem. Google has also added this auto-correction feature. But sometimes this beneficial option also causes trouble. What you write may be different in AutoCorrection. To solve these problems, first, go to Settings and go to Language and Input. Go to Virtual Keyboard and go to G-Board. From here, enter the text correction and turn off the options that caused your problem.

Here are some free tips. Turn off Share Usage Statistics and Share Snippets by going to the Advanced option of G-Board Options. You probably don't want Google to store the words in your personal message on its server.

Data saving mode Change the Android settings

This time we will discuss about data saving mode in Android mobile tips. Turn on this option when you wake up thinking that your mobile data will run out very quickly. Turn on the data saver mode by going to settings by clicking on the menu of Google Chrome browser. This will compress and load all your browsed pages.

Chrome Flags | Android mobile tips

Let's talk about Chrome flags on Android mobile tips. In the search section of Google Chrome browser type chrome: // flags then in the search section of flags type home, enable it after searching the home option. Now you can see that your Google Chrome is getting a new search bar. You will also find various settings here that will make your Chrome more comfortable to use.

Readers, today's post is about how you can use your Android phone more comfortably. Let me know what you think of today's post. If you have any new information or problems, please comment.

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