Environment Pollution Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC

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 Environment Pollution Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC - mrlaboratory.info

Environment Pollution Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC - mrlaboratory.info

Environment Pollution Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC - mrlaboratory.info

Environment Pollution Paragraph

Environment consists of all around us. The elements of our environment are air, water, soil, forest etc. Fresh environment is essential for us. But polluted environment is harmful for us. Environment is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes air. Man makes fire to cook food, to make brick, to melt pitch, to burn rubbish and waste. This fir creates smokes and pollutes environment. Water is another important element of the environment. Man pollutes water in many ways. Unsanitary latrine causes environment pollution. Farmers use chemical fertilizer and insecticide in the field. These mix with water and cause water pollution. Environment pollution is a serious problem. We all should try to remove it. Awareness of people should be increased. We should plant more and more trees. The factories should not be allowed in the residential area. Government should take necessary steps to stop it.

Environment Pollution Paragraph for HSC

In primitive times, people were totally dependent on the environment. But with the growing civilization, people began to subjugate nature. Various discoveries of science and technology have given people happiness and comfort. But the misuse of the technology discovered is polluting the environment day by day. Environment is a collection of natural and unnatural elements around us. Water, soil, air etc. are important elements of natural environment. If the desired quality of the elements of the environment is destroyed due to natural or man-made causes, then the environment becomes unhealthy for humans or animals. This unhealthy condition of the environment is called environmental pollution. The natural causes of environmental pollution are storms, floods, tides, eruptions, earthquakes, etc. And the artificial or man-made factors are – population growth, toxic chemicals in industries

Consumption, use of fossil fuels in industries and vehicles etc. Due to these reasons, the important elements of the environment such as water, soil, air, etc. are constantly being polluted. Besides, the environment is also polluted due to the use of pesticides, powdered soap, plastic, etc. Sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CFC etc. emitted from industries and vehicles are damaging the atmosphere. The conscious people of the world are worried about the dire consequences of environmental pollution. Because the existence of human civilization is threatened due to environmental pollution. Therefore, conscious people of the world have woken up to protect the environment; Many environmental organizations are developing. In the united efforts of these organizations, the international community gathers in various environmental conferences to decide what to do to prevent environmental pollution. Like many other countries, the constitution of Bangladesh has also included clauses related to environmental protection. But it is not possible to prevent environmental pollution without making people at all levels aware about the environment.

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Environment pollution Paragraph for class 9,10 (SSC) 250 words

Environment pollution refers to the destruction of the basic elements of the environment such as soil, water, air and the normal structure of the organism. In other words, if the environment becomes uninhabitable for animals, it is called environment pollution. The environment is being polluted due to human negligence and lavishness. Environment pollution is mainly due to two reasons. One is the natural causes, such as storms, floods, tidal waves, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. The second is man-made which is artificial, such as water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, radioactive pollution, etc. Industrial wastes, toxic fumes from vehicles, etc are mixing in the air and polluting the environment. As a result of various fossil fuels, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. The water of rivers, seas, ponds and canals of the world is getting polluted every day. Industrial wastes, chemicals used in crop lands etc. are poisoning the water. Soil pollution is increasing due to unplanned urbanization, frequent dumping of garbage, use of toxic chemicals in land etc. In addition, loud car horns, indiscriminate use of mics, loud noises of factory equipment, etc. are the main causes of noise pollution. All in all, environmental pollution is now widespread. According to Bangladesh, the level of pollution in third world countries is even more alarming. The world’s climate is changing as a result of environmental pollution. The global temperature is constantly rising due to the greenhouse effect. The prevalence of various types of incurable diseases is increasing. Today, the environment of the whole world is under threat due to pollution. Our awareness is the key to protecting the environment. Reduce the use of fossil fuels and find renewable energy sources to ensure its proper use. The environment should be filled with greenery by planting lots of plants. Besides, public awareness activities should be conducted to prevent environmental pollution.

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