How to earn from Affiliate Marketing without a Website

How to earn from Affiliate Marketing without a Website - affiliate marketing without a website,how to do affiliate marketing without a website

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Affiliate Marketing has existed for more than a decade now. So, why is it only in 2022 that a higher number of people have started engaging in this industry? Why did this industry not become the go-to marketing technique some years ago? Well, we have the answer for you. Social media has become the number one money-making platform in the last decade. Anyone can become famous, can gain a following, and monetize their content. Affiliate marketing is one of the favorite ways for affiliate marketers to earn money from their content. The industry amounts to more than $12 Billion in 2022. This new arena of possibilities that the internet and social media have brought over us is giving an intense push to Affiliate Marketing.

How to earn from Affiliate Marketing without a Website

How to earn from Affiliate Marketing without a Website

Traditionally, Affiliate Marketing used to be done through blogs and articles on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all the other global search engines. Even though this phenomenon was still as successful a decade ago, more fields have emerged in the market, giving you the chance to earn a decent income even if you do not have a killer website. Today, we will discuss the top ideas and platforms where you can earn money through affiliate marketing. But before that, let us briefly discuss Affiliate Marketing and how it is more beneficial than other businesses in the market.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You need to know What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in simple words is an arrangement that allows a person to earn a commission by promoting products and services from an online retailer. Affiliate marketers share their links with their network through different online platforms and earn a good percentage of commission on every sale made through their links. That's how simple it is! They can do it part-time alongside their job or even turn it into a full-time opportunity. But doing it can sometimes prove to be a tough task for beginners. The competition is increasing by the day, which is why we will go through all the tips and tricks to help you get your first affiliate revenue in no time.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Flexible Work: 

Affiliate marketing beats the concept of 9 to 5 office work to create a flexible working culture. Marketers can work any time throughout their day according to their whims and choices and still make it big. They can even make an affiliate commission while sleeping, watching television, playing video games, or doing anything that lets them relax and enjoy. As long as their network engages with the links and products they provide, they can live an easy and flexible lifestyle.

Unlimited Earning Opportunity: 

You are neither bound by a salary with affiliate marketing nor have any compulsion to be affiliated with only a single brand. Affiliate marketing is a job, but the traditional ways of employment do not define it. You can earn an unlimited commission through affiliate marketing while working for multiple brands. All you need to focus on is creating a strong network and learning how to market your clients' products. 

Work from Anywhere:

 People have looked more into work-from-home opportunities since the pandemic. This new phenomenon has created a new working culture – Work from Anywhere. Just like timings, Affiliate marketing also gives you the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and still be able to earn money. You need a loyal community and a strong internet connection to start. You can be traveling, studying, or sitting at home idly and still earn money from affiliate marketing.

Sources to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

As we said, blogging and article writing is still one of the best ways to earn from affiliate marketing, and this is depicted by the fact that more than 4.4 million blogs are published daily on different platforms. But that is not our purpose for the day. So, without extending the wait any further, let us dig in.

Online Forums: 

Different people have different questions, and the main source for their answers is the internet, which is why many forums and online communities have developed over the years. Platforms like Reddit & Quora have become great places for affiliate marketers to answer people’s questions and interact with the public. People who like your answers and posts can easily follow your profile. When you get a good number of people engaging with your posts, that is when you can start mentioning affiliate products and services in the middle of your answers. You can even create separate articles and posts to promote your affiliates and charge a higher amount from the companies for the same.


Podcasts have blown up ever since the pandemic. Due to low production costs and a higher listener base, podcasts have become a great place for affiliate marketers to place their products. People can mention the company’s products/services at the beginning, middle, or end, along with its benefits, advantages, pricing, and much more. 


Instagram is one of the world's biggest social media platforms. With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, the application provides a huge opportunity for marketers to promote products and services to a very large and diverse audience to earn a handsome income. Instagram can help build a solid community of youngsters with great spending potential. It also provides you with different ways to post – photos, videos, reels, stories, and much more. You can create content that you are comfortable with and start earning money. Make sure to keep your content as unique and entertaining as possible to attract more viewers and followers to your profile. Once you build a decent number of followers on your profile, you can start collaborating with companies for sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Some best practices related to Instagram are mentioned below to help you.
Use Instagram Reels as your medium to connect with the audience. Being the latest big feature of Instagram, Reels get the highest push by the Instagram algorithm and have a better chance of becoming famous.
Be cautious while choosing a company to affiliate with. You should always affiliate with companies that relate to the type of content you are putting out. This helps in building customer trust and higher affiliate revenues.
Using hashtags will help you gain higher traction on the platform as your posts reach more viewers.


YouTube has existed for the longest time now. You could even say it is the oldest social media platform for affiliate marketing. YouTube allows people to create content on any topic they want – dancing, singing, cooking, teaching, or any other field and start earning. YouTubers can earn through sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing. One of the biggest features of YouTube is its recommendation algorithm which is simple and easy to master. Like Instagram Reels, YouTube has also released its short-type content platform – YouTube Shorts, which makes creating content easier and helps you make your content go viral.


Facebook is the world's biggest, most well-known social media platform. It has a monthly usership of more than 2.9 billion people worldwide and includes people from all ages, genders, locations, etc., which makes it the biggest market for affiliate marketers. Like any other social media platform, marketers can create content to build an audience and start promoting products to these people. Facebook provides marketers with useful insights and also has a way to promote your content to a wider audience. Through Facebook ads, you can reach a wider population not already in your following base and tweak these ads to help you in the best possible way by changing metrics like location, age, expectations, etc.


If you are not someone who is looking to create content, you can always use platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to promote links from your affiliate companies with your network. You can share links with your family, friends, or even strangers. These platforms provide a great opportunity to create groups where you can post links, and people in need can purchase through them. Telegram lets you create groups and channels for unlimited people, whether public or private. However, WhatsApp is limited to only private groups, which does contain its reach to a limited extent.

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Email Marketing: 

Email marketing is somewhat of a harder way to earn money through affiliate marketing. It includes creating an exciting email recommending your product to unknown people and hoping some of them would want to buy it. When starting email marketing, the best thing is to have a comprehensive list of cold email receipts and keep nurturing this list to promote to a wider audience. There are different ways to optimize your email marketing process to gain more conversions with minimum effort.

Best Practices to Follow


Whenever you create a post with an affiliate link and ask the public to buy products from this link, you should always mention that you benefit from their purchase. This helps create a loyal follower base on your profile, and your transparency will motivate the public to support their favorite creator. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook also allow you to add a tag that says ‘paid partnership’ at the top of your post.

Good Content: 

An affiliate marketer can succeed on social media only if they create good content that people like to watch and engage with. Creating unique and catchy content will go a long way in increasing your affiliate revenues. You can choose any field of your choice – finance, makeup, photography, video editing, dancing, singing, memes, etc. and start creating great content. Make sure to keep it relatable and simple.

Include a CTA: 

For people just starting with affiliate marketing and social media marketing in general, CTA refers to Call-to-Action. It is a very subtle practice of asking your viewers to act when they see your post. If you are marketing on YouTube, a solid CTA would include asking viewers to like, comment, subscribe, and share your content. This increases the number of new followers and viewers on your profile.

Simple Links: 

Whenever you provide users with an affiliate link, make sure that it is a simple and readable link for people to understand. Using code-oriented links can put off 

many prospective customers and lead to a loss of revenue. You can even create custom links that have your name embedded in the code to promote your profile.


When we talk about research, it is a two-step process. Firstly, you need to research deeply the topics you are preparing content on to provide the best information to your audience. Secondly, you must research companies that provide an affiliate program related to your content. This will help you compare your options in terms of quality, commission rate, and industry requirements and choose the one that works best for you.

Quality Products: 

Before recommending any product to your audience, you must ensure that the company provides its customers with the best products/services. You should also ensure that your clients have a solid customer care unit to address buyers’ concerns. Low-quality products will derogate your audience's trust and, in the long run, lead to fewer followers and decreased affiliate revenue.


Almost all social media platforms provide marketers with special insights to help them make better decisions. It is advised that you stay attentive to these insights that show metrics like engagement, reach, active time, best and worst-performing content, and much more to gather an idea of what to do to improve your content performance on different platforms.

Just Start:

 Last but not least, and probably the most important tip we can mention here, is to get started somewhere. There is no point in letting go of a wonderful opportunity for excuses like lack of equipment, low budget, high competition, or anything else. As long as you know what kind of content you want to create, you will have a way in front of you. Having patience and creating regular social media content will help you start earning as an affiliate marketer in no time.


There are several other ways for people to earn money through affiliate marketing, but the ones we mentioned above are the most trustworthy and give the best returns for your investment. So, choose the platform you think will work the best for you, follow the best practices and begin your affiliate marketing journey today.

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