Some popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks

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JavaScript is a very important and popular platform in the world of web development. JavaScript is the leader in creating dynamic and interactive web pages. JavaScript's scope of work is vast and varied due to the variety of libraries and frameworks.

Some popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Before learning about JavaScript libraries and frameworks, let's get familiar with the terms "library" and "framework".

Libraries and Frameworks

Libraries are generally used for a specific task or operation. It is a collection of code created by someone else with nothing to do. It is used according to its type of work. For example – by calling the animation library we can only do the animation work.

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Frameworks serve as the skeleton or basic structure for building an application. There are some built-in functions and codes. There is also a system to create functions according to your needs. As the entire control-flow is laid out, the developer has to complete the design by following the basic structure according to his work.

By using libraries, we can easily use custom made code in our work. No need to create new code for the same task. And with frameworks we get a structure for our designs that is easy to maintain. It's also easy to bring new upgrades into the works. Even so, the structure follows some general rules like other web pages.

The JavaScript language, equipped with a large number of libraries and frameworks, is used on nearly 90 percent of websites. Various libraries and frameworks of JavaScript are used for client side scripts, server side code, building various complex web applications, controlling dynamic and responsive tasks, etc.

The common structure of various frameworks makes them popular for a variety of tasks. Eg – Angular JS for client side work and Node JS for server side work etc. Also applications can be easily designed by calling various libraries.

Some popular JavaScript libraries


jQuery is a fast and feature-rich JavaScript library. It is used to modify or manipulate HTML documents, control various types of events, create animations, etc.


This library is used for front end development. This library is very popular for creating different types of user interfaces. This library handles the tasks of creating common VOs in the application, efficiently updating data as it changes.


Redux is an open source JavaScript library used for controlling application state. It is commonly used as a helper with React or Angular JS for creating user interfaces. Applications built with it exhibit static behavior, are easily debugged, and have flexibility of use.


It is a web video player targeting HTML5. This library can be used to play HTML5 videos, use modern streaming formats, use YouTube, Flash through plugins, etc. The ability to play anything and the use of plugins make this library popular.

Some popular JavaScript frameworks


It is an open source React front end development framework, with which various server side tasks are performed. It can be used to create static websites. It is basically a React based framework which helps in creating server side user interface.

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Like Next.js, it is also an open source front-end JavaScript framework. Here Model-View-ViewModel structure system is followed for user interface and single page application. Compared to other frameworks, designers can easily adapt themselves and easily change the appearance of the application.

Angular JS (angular.js)

It is also JavaScript based open source framework. This widely used framework for front end development is mainly controlled by Google and some corporations.

They are constantly working to make the framework more efficient for single page applications and to address various challenges. While HTML works very well for static documents, web applications face many problems when it comes to dynamic state control. In all these cases, Angular JS can be used to create dynamic workspaces, further enhancing the capabilities of HTML.


Express.JS is a popular framework for back-end development. It does not design the application but controls various logical functions. It is also an open source platform. It can also be used to create APIs. It is considered the standard server framework for Node.js.

JavaScript is a very reliable medium for front-end and back-end development. Everything from site design to logical design/framework is controlled using JavaScript libraries and frameworks. This ensures the safety and stability of the site as well as its external beauty and variety. Many organizations are also working on developing these frameworks and libraries. This will make the use of JavaScript more flexible later on.

Among the numerous libraries and frameworks in JavaScript, some of the most popular libraries and frameworks are described here. Using these libraries and frameworks will make your website attractive and diverse.

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