How to Use Instagram for Your Music Career

In this article you will learn How to Use Instagram for Your Music Career

How to Use Instagram for Your Music Career.

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How to Use Instagram for Your Music Career

In the present time, everyone is moving towards social networks to promote their content, same is for musicians. Many musicians have moved towards social platforms like Instagram and the ones who haven’t taken that step yet are missing a lot of opportunities. This platform is progressing and has left everyone in shock with its immediate progress and presence for users. As in the initial, it was just a photo-sharing app and now it's beyond these limits. Even entrepreneur musicians have started using it to get more audiences and succeed in their business. To even help more Instagram has taken steps toward the music world and introduced amazing features and tools to help you create more engagement. Using these features can be beneficial for both large-scale and cottage music entrepreneurs. You just need to learn the strategies and use them in the right way to make them beneficial. We have given some tips for you to help you take your music career to the top using Instagram.

How to Use Instagram for Your Music Career

You need to follow these steps to understand the strategies to grow your music career on this platform.

Set Your Instagram Account

As you would have gotten the idea from the title that first, you need to set up your Instagram account. Although creating an Instagram account is not a difficult process to settle as a business account is a bit tacky. You need to choose the profile picture that sets along with your business. If you are running a business then setting up the logo of your company as a profile picture would be the best idea. Instead of uploading any random picture and your picture, the brand logo or cover of a new album would be a good option. If your music brand doesn’t have a logo, it's better to create one so that your audience will recognize that logo. Then you need to work on your user name and account name if you are thinking that they both are the same. No, they are not because the account name is shown with spaces and the username appears at the top of the profile without space. If you want to space out words in the username, you can use a full stop or underscore. It's better to keep your account name the same as your user name.

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In the bio of your profile give a brief description of your brand, what’s the genre, and your industry. You can add the name of your new album in the bio that is going to release. You can also add a clickable URL of your website so that your users will give traffic to your website.

Bring Followers

Community building is necessary to make your account successful on Instagram and to build your musical career. To spread your voice, you need to have a good audience. And to build that community you need to apply several techniques. You can use hashtags to bring followers that have taste in the music that your produce. Followers who are following these hashtags will be directed toward your account. Hashtags are great search tools to bring the attention of the audience to a specific, service, product, or music. Just like we use keywords in SEO, it's better to use hashtags that are more specific and relevant to the type of your business music. Tagging your followers and asking them to tag their friends would also be a game changer for you. This will give your music a chance to explore new audiences, communities, or groups of people. Building a community of your need will give a boost to your music business.

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Create Amazing Content

When you create an Instagram profile, creating content and posting it is the most basic thing you need to do. That doesn’t mean that you should post random content, you must be careful and aware of what you are posting and how it’ll influence your audience. If you are releasing a new album or song, you should add links and information in your post regarding it. If you are not a singer and just a sound producer, you should add some of your music samples to your Instagram feed post. Collaborate with other artists and music producers, and promote the content that you are going to release. Start promoting your new content days before, and give its details including releasing date, promos, and others. You should post content that is relevant to your field and the type of music that you produce. Relevancy is the key to success.

Stand Out From the Crowd

 You aren’t the only one that is producing music and creating content on social media. Several musicians have made their name on this platform and they have made recognition and built a supportive audience. You need to come up with creative ideas and unique work for your music career. Your Instagram account should be attractive with compelling stories and interesting music videos. Some users even use quirky techniques like getting Instagram followers and likes to add a spark to their profile. But you need to work on different strategies to have permanent success. Analyze what sort of music your audience likes the most, then work on it.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a thing that has become popular in the past few days. It’s the strategy through which businesses or different users contact the popular influencers that already have enough following. These influencers with a large following can help you increase your music business community. They’ll provide reviews of your music and share them on their feed or stories, this will help you to get enough engagement. Musicians can send PR packages to these influencers for their help or you can make a contract with these influencers and pay them an appropriate amount to promote your music brand.

Besides these strategies, several others will also help you have a better music career. You can go posting your content in the form of Instagram ads, sharing with your friends, requesting them to promote, and sharing on other social media platforms. Be consistent with creating content and give attention to your audience. Hope these strategies will give more opportunities to musicians who want to build their careers and showcase their talent on Instagram. 


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