Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price | Drone camera mobile

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price | Drone camera mobile surprised the whole world. Today I will discuss about this phone. What's in this phone?

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Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price | Drone camera mobile

Vivo surprised the world with its drone camera phone. Today I will discuss about this phone. What's in this phone? What can be done with this phone.

Vivo drone camera phone

Drone camera phone: The Chinese motor manufacturing company Vivo has come up with an incredible technology to surprise the whole world. Leaving behind the giant companies like Apple and Google, Vivo has come out with a drone camera phone inside the phone and has created a frenzy among the technology lovers. At a time when Apple is busy with their upcoming phone iPhone 14 and Google with Android 13, Vivo has touched a surprising milestone in the smartphone world by adding a drone to their seat. How the smartphone camera will work, how powerful the camera is and how much money will be charged, our special event today is about the introduction of the connected smart phone. The use of colors can bring out the wonderful beauty of nature. The bird's eye view of a whole village or a small city can be captured perfectly with the help of a drone camera phone. In the current market, a drone usually costs lakhs of rupees. Many people can't buy hobby drones because they are expensive. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo is working with such a breakthrough technology that can be taken with a smart phone like a drone. The idea that never came to the mind of a world famous company like Google has now come to Bivo's mind. The drone is connected to the mobile phone. It is designed in such a way that the inner part will have a four-bladed fan with two cameras. The drone will come out automatically when given a command on the phone. The phone in the hand will then become the remote control of the drone. The drone can be flown using the remote. Apple, Google and other companies have come down to compete with the giant companies of Samsung. New features are being added to give more attractive phones to customers. But whatever the phone is, the main attraction for users revolves around its central camera. If the camera is free, many shortcomings of the phone can be avoided. Vivo has worked on this demand of customers. By adding a drone with a camera, Vivo is now viral all over the world. In the current smartphone market, secondary display, ultra display super AMOLED display, even pop-up camera and several other cameras were seen and Vivo is on a completely different path. They have added drones to the direct camera function which has already taken the popularity of the Vivo company to a higher level.

Let's take a look at what's in this camera, and how powerful this camera is. The phone will have a corded rear camera unit. The 200 megapixel primary sensor of these cameras has a 32 megapixel ultra-wide lens. There can be a 16 mega pixel white sensor and a 5 mega pixel depth sensor. Besides, the phone can be seen with a 64 megapixel selfie camera. Not only in the drone camera, the phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 5G processor as well as 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB and 512 2 GB storage respectively. And Android 12 will be available as the operating system of this phone. A 6000 milliampere capacity battery can be provided to keep the phone running for a long time. This phone will provide a minimum of 36 hours of backup on a single charge. And a charger with 65 watt fast charging capacity has been used to charge this battery at the fastest time. What will be the price of the new Vivo phone? As it is not yet in the market, Vivo has not yet made clear about its price. However, it is known from some reliable media that the price of the phone is around 1170 dollars. About one lakh taka in Bangladeshi taka. However, when will this phone with a drone camera phone come, there is now a discussion among smartphone users. How many years has this technology pattern accumulated Vivo? The company has not said anything about when the phone can hit the market. But it goes without saying that it is only released as a concert model and it will create a stir in the smartphone world. Any other company will come up with a drone camera phone if Vivo somehow pulls back from making the phone. Which will beat all the phones in the world.

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