Squarespace Vs. Web design agency: Which is Right for Your Business?

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Squarespace Vs. Web design agency Which is Right for Your Business

Leading and local brands are opting for digital platforms to expand their business. Subsequently, they design their websites using various tools. They use different marketing strategies to bring traffic to their websites. Currently, different websites and software offer their services for website development. Hence, website building is not a matter of contention for many entrepreneurs. 

People create their websites using different website builders, such as Squarespace. Many take assistance from Web design agencies. Here is a deep insight in the form of a comparison of these two platforms. 

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a platform that offers a person to build his personal or e-commerce website. It enables a person to modify his approach by customizing an online presence. This digital space provides variable marketing and appraisal tools to delineate your web page. Hence, a person acts as a website builder for his website. This way, without any skill and expertise, he can create an appealing and well-designed website. 

Squarespace offers a 14-days free trial for its users. Then they can make their monthly subscription at an affordable rate. It provides Business and Advanced packages for delivering practical website building tools. Hence, one can get immense advantages by subscribing to its monthly offer. 

What is Web Design Agency?

A web design agency has a team of professionals. They look after your website designs, themes, layout, color, etc. These agencies put effort into making your website visually appealing. Unlike web developers, their primary function is working on the website's appearance. This way, the web design agency works for the website design. 

However, there is a considerable debate about the efficacy of Squarespace or web design agency. Many are attracted to the templates and layout of Squarespace. At the same time, others want to hire an agency to accomplish the task manually and professionally. 

 Squarespace Vs. Web Design Agency

Squarespace and Web design agency both work on web designing and its layout. However, their working mechanism is entirely different. Some primary determiners will exhibit individual features that overshadow the other. 

Website layout

A website layout gives the first impression of your business, vision, and theme. Your website’s theme and layout are the initial determiners that will decide whether a visitor will keep surfing or close the tab. Hence, it must be powerful enough to attract the audience at its first glimpse. That’s why many leading brands consider this section of their websites. 

Both Squarespace and Web design agency perform this task efficiently. In Squarespace, pre-designed templates are available which allow you to choose any layout for the website. Its drag and drop feature efficiently customizes your layout. Further, you can add or delete any undesirable section. Unfortunately, there is a limitation to this. A person must choose the layout from those pre-designed templates, which becomes inconvenient for him. 

However, with a Web design agency, you can create your preferable design. This way, there is no restriction in web designing and planning. Many web design agencies are working proficiently and satisfying clients with their work. You can hire one for your business. It’s better to prefer local digital marketing agencies around you. A digital marketing agencies in Milwaukee or alabama or any local digital marketing agency will help you with web designing and development. Hence, you can get all your work done under one umbrella. 

Winner of this feature

A web design agency is winning it as you can create any design by hiring them. Agency is equipped with experienced and competent website designers. They are well aware of the latest trends. This way, they can create an attractive website layout. 

Mobile-friendly service

Many users operate websites on their mobile phones. That’s why mobile optimization is now a priority for many website owners. Many websites deflect their audience because they do not work on mobile phones.  Hence, they search for reliable alternatives that can optimize their websites according to User Experience. It positively impacts the viewers, and you can gain potential clients. 

Squarespace optimizes your website according to users' feasibility and convenience. This way, this website builder exempts a person from getting extra stress related to mobile optimization. It works by considering User Experience and implementing its results. 

However, a person can get a similar service from a web design agency. The agency, like Squarespace, also works on this principle of mobile optimization. Additionally, the agency knows how to create a responsive and mobile-friendly website. 

Winner of this feature

Both Squarespace and a Web design agency can optimize the website. This way, it makes the website mobile-friendly for the users. 


The budget is another determiner that will compare the price ranges of Squarespace and Web design agencies. Mostly small business owners prefer an affordable price range for website designing. Moreover, they want exceptional work at a low price. 

While considering the budget, Squarespace's price is affordable. This designing tool can start customizing for less than $50 a month. But Squarespace doesn’t take responsibility related to the website’s maintenance. That’s why a company must hire someone to fix those issues. Although its working fee is affordable, it can bring additional expenses.  

On the contrary, a web design agency is a fully functioning platform. It spares you from the need for website maintenance. Moreover, you can get additional services by having different and innovative sections on your website. 

Winner of this feature

Considering this feature, Squarespace takes the lead as people can avail of its services at a low price. Further, with little expenditure, anyone can create a website and initiate work. 

User Experience

Every website targets the User Experience. These websites try to incorporate valuable ideas and suggestions by users for a better experience. Unfortunately, with Squarespace, you cannot wholly follow your audience’s preferences and priorities. This way, you don’t know whether these layouts are efficient enough to appeal to your audience. 

This limitation impedes creating a web design in Squarespace that will work for the audience. However, a web design agency helps you in creating impactful website designs. Those designs will help you to attract an audience to your website. These agencies can significantly implement your ideas and visions into websites’ layouts and themes. 

Winner of this feature

A web design agency hires experts to do that job. This way, when you approach that agency, you indirectly work with those experts. Those professionals know what appeals to the audience on a website. Hence, by seeking their help, you can create a compelling and impactful website. 

Additional services

A person wants a fully functioning website, despite its efficient web design. The website needs different marketing strategies for its smooth running. However, Squarespace fails to provide those additional services, such as SEO. 

On the contrary, the web design agency can help you access all these services. These agencies are multi-functioning as they have different vital tools for the website. This way, you can avail of different services such as SEO, digital marketing, etc. 

Winner of this feature

Web design agency takes away the lead. The agency delivers additional features, such as SEO and marketing, for efficient website running. 


Squarespace and web design agencies both are powerful tools. They help a business by designing websites for them. Both have their pros and cons but on the contrary, Squarespace has vast designs that provides seamless User Experience but it does not contain additional services like SEO.

However, after evaluating the benefits to risk ratio, a person without perfect clarity on web designing should opt for a web design agency to design its website by Professionals, a web design agency has a competent and experienced team. They know how to optimize the website using different tools and tactics. 

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