Best UI Frameworks for your New React.js App

React.js is a library that no longer requires an introduction for anyone working in the front-end web development field. As per a StackOverflow Develo

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Best UI Frameworks for your New React.js App
Best UI Frameworks for your New React.js App

React.js is a library that no longer requires an introduction for anyone working in the front-end web development field. As per a StackOverflow Developer survey 2021, React.js is the top-ranked framework at present, with 40.41%. Due to such popularity, the developers have access to near-endless React.js UI frameworks

Developers use React.js to develop native or single-page mobile apps. In fact, top companies such as Salesforce, Reddit, Netflix, and others prefer it over the other frameworks in the market.

This post will discuss some of the best UI frameworks you can use for your new React.js app. However, before diving into that, let’s first know the importance of the UI framework in React.js.

Why use the UI framework in React.js?

Why use the UI framework in React.js

Using the UI framework in React.js saves time as you don’t have to create a custom UI for your app or website. UI frameworks enable easy integration and aid the developers in managing the content and data without any trouble. 
Besides, UI frameworks offer tools to make your app responsive, which is a boon for developers as they don’t have to write a lot of codes. 
A UI framework gives you access to pre-built elements, regular updates, detailed documentation, and compatibility with every OS and browser. Using such frameworks in React.js not only lowers the development time but also saves money. 

Top 5 UI Frameworks You Can Use in Your New React.js App

#1 : Material UI:


Material UI (MUI) is a famous UI framework that uses Google’s material design. The framework has all the components a developer needs and is extremely configurable with in-built UI themes. It has intuitive features like navigation tools, menus, badges, buttons, and pre-developed sliders. Hence, you do not have to spend time developing them.
With this UI framework, you can customize the size, color, and style of nearly all components, like carousels, date-time pickers, tooltips, etc. Moreover, it also provides several APIs and tools to assist in native mobile application development. 
A large active community of front-end app developers favors MUI. The framework assists new developers in understanding documentation and eliminating any doubts.

Key features:

  1. Very fast
  2. Works with all theme objects
  3. Responsive layout
  4. Switch between RTL and non-RTL
  5. UI consistency
Walmart, Nasa, JP Morgan, and Scale are some of the most popular companies using this UI.

#2 : Ant Design:

Ant Design -

Ant Design is an enterprise-grade UI designing language comprising high-quality React components that are TypeScript-based and demos to develop interactive and feature-rich UI. 
It has several customizable themes, development tools, and design elements. One of the best features of this framework is that it is simple to integrate its UI design elements. 
It features components such as icons, drop-down menus, breadcrumbs, grids, and more. In fact, the components of Ant Design can be used directly with React.js to develop an entire app. You could also personalize the components as per your design needs.   

Key features:

  1. Complete package of development tools and design resources
  2. Internationalization support for several languages
  3. Offers an enterprise feel and look
  4. High-quality icons
  5. Supports Internet Explorer 11 and modern browsers 
Alipay, Tencent, and Binance are some of the top companies using Ant Design for their projects. 

#3 : Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React -

Semantic UI React is a framework that aids developers in making pretty, responsive layouts with the help of HTML. The framework is a great choice for new React apps as it includes all the React components that assist in designing. Besides, it also includes an array of pre-installed components to help you understand and write semantically-favourable code.
Semantic UI React is independent of jQuery, thereby simplifying app development. 

Key features:

  1. Large collection of more than 50 UI components
  2. Developed with EM values for a responsive design
  3. Concise HTML
  4. Simplified debugging
  5. Better control to develop unique component functionality
Semantic UI React is used by companies like,, and Lumeneo.

#4 : Chakra UI:


Chakra UI offers an array of reusable, composable, and accessible React components that help develop React apps. The framework needs less time to write the code. 
The components in Chakra UI are very extensible and customized. Besides, Chakra UI facilitates the developers to make newer React UI components efficiently. The multiple color mode in the framework lets you alter the brightness or darkness as per your customers’ demand. 
As the framework is relatively new in the market, it is best suited for small and medium-sized app development requirements, allowing the developers to work using lesser components and latest features. 

Key features:

  1. Modular React components 
  2. The same React component can be reused multiple times
  3. Simple and easy to use
  4. Optimized production
  5. Accessible 
LUGGit, Bonton, and Orbital Chat are some renowned companies using this UI framework.

#5 : Fluent UI:


Last but not the least, Fluent UI is one best UI frameworks for React.js that uses the Fluent UI of Microsoft to develop rich and easy UIs for mobile and web apps. It is an amalgamation of various UX frameworks developers can use to develop top-notch cross-platform applications. They can even share the design, interaction behavior, and code with the help of these UX frameworks. 
The graphics and components of Fluent UI resemble the products under MS Office and are compatible with Office 365, OneNote, Azure DevOps, and others. Fluent UI’s default settings work best for most development projects.
The framework contains in-built components such as menus, notifications, inputs, and others for developing apps. Besides, the components can also be customized for a simple and easy development process. 

Key features:

  1. Powerful interface
  2. Cross-platform, open-source design framework
  3. Good default styling ability, without any code
  4. Uses CSS-in-JS for developing accessible components
  5. Can customize the functionality and look of the components
Fluent UI is used by companies such as Microsoft.

Choose the Right UI Framework for your React.js App

React.js is undoubtedly a widely used and famous technology for developing high-end UIs. Hire programmers in India who can utilize a UI framework that best suits their React.js app to develop intuitive and rich UIs. However, don’t make the mistake of blindly following the hype a few new trends create among developers. 
Before you begin any React.js project, ensure that you spend ample time researching the frameworks that best meet your requirements while you develop your new React.js app. 

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