Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer


Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer
Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

In this tutorial, we're going to talk about Houston maritime injury lawyer - JONES ACT A Houston maritime injury lawyer can represent seamen in various claims such as barge and cargo ship accidents commercial fishing accidents shipyard accidents. 

A maritime attorney is a legal professional who focuses on helping those who have experienced injuries, accidents, and wrongful deaths caused by recreational and commercial maritime accidents.

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The Jones Act is a law that enables injured maritime workers to secure the compensation they need for the full extent of their injuries. 


Maritime accident lawyer, Ryan DeHoyos, explains Texas offshore accident laws, The Jones Act and a number of other important factors you need to know if you’ve been injured in an accident in or around Houston, TX.

Different laws apply to maritime and offshore injuries compared with accidents that occur on land.

The “admiralty laws” that come into play with offshore accidents mean that if you are in the unfortunate position of being injured in a maritime incident, you may require the assistance of a lawyer who is fully conversant in these laws.

You have specific rights as maritime employees that affect the type of lawsuit you will need to file – and not all personal injury firms understand this well.

Maritime offshore injury lawyer, Ryan DeHoyos, has represented many victims who have been affected by such accidents in the Houston area.

The team at the DeHoyos Law Firm, PLLC can provide the support and expertise you need and help you fight for a fair deal either in or out of the courtroom.

Do you need an offshore maritime injury lawyer?

Offshore accidents present some unique jurisdictional challenges that accident victims on land simply do not face.

This can complicate personal injury claims. A dedicated offshore injury lawyer will understand the legal processes and, importantly, the right venue from which to seek compensation.

At the DeHoyos Law Firm, PLLC, we will conduct an independent investigation into the events that caused the injury.

Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer

If we find that the accident was due to employer negligence or defective equipment, for instance, we will start gathering the necessary evidence to support your claim.

We will identify the at-fault party or parties and begin the process of holding them accountable for your injuries. It may involve several liable parties who must each take a share of the fault.

From there, we will file the claim and handle all communications with the insurance company, saving you the time and stress of dealing with insurance adjusters.

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer

If you are offered a settlement, we can assess this to see if it is in your best interests. Often, early settlements from insurance companies offer far less than you are entitled to and, if this is the case, we will begin litigation so that you can claim your rightful compensation.

Houston Maritime Offshore Accident Injury Lawyer video

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